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  1. Welcome to the site Anthony! Greg does fantastic work!!!
  2. I used Sweet BabyRays on most of mine ... and Open Pit on a few others (Not pictured due to my wife stealing those right away 😆. I didn't believe BBQ sauce was going to matchup well either Pat, but both worked well. I was actually surprised with the Open Pit. I only did a few with that because I thought for sure the Tangy would be weird.
  3. I used sweet white onions. I used a fairly thick bacon and would, for me, change to a thinner bacon. Definitely great flavor, it took a bit for me to get the bacon crispy through and through. (Although I use a fairly cheap electric smoker … so maybe over a flame might change my results). I will definitely do it again though. Thank you @Pat Adams! I always appreciate the sharing community. I tend to get caught up in the same things over and over … Change is good 👍
  4. Great minds think alike … or in my case, hungry belly!
  5. Man … once again, you guys all make me look like a rookie 😆 Not sure how adventurous y’all are … but for those looking to do a quick little smoke before some serious meat. I tried this recipe of Hickory smoked, Jalapeño stuffed Deviled Eggs. Man are they good!!! https://heygrillhey.com/smoked-deviled-eggs/ WARNING … if you are taking these to a party as your dish to pass, take ALOT … they go quick!
  6. Welcome to the forum 3p. we are always curious … what kind of Carver gear are we talking? 😃
  7. Happy B-Lated Birthday! Cheers to ya!!!
  8. Happy Birthday AndrewJohn! Love when they land on a Friday!!! Cheers to ya!
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