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  1. As much as I love music … and I mean just about any kind of music, concerts have never really been my thing. I have been to roughly 20 or 30 but mainly my appearances have been for the social side of things with a backdrop of tunes. Some of the concerts not necessarily even witnessing the band/s showmanship. I believe my first was Steve Miller at Pine Knob music theater in a northern suburb of Detroit … roughly 1989. It is an outdoor venue where the first 35 rows are covered with an overhead structure and has assigned seating. Behind that is a grass hill where it becomes first
  2. I was just starting to look at the LRS’s on Wednesday … thinking to myself “ you should go take a peek at these “
  3. S W E E E E T ! That thing means business.
  4. I like it … I may have to steal a page from your book and adapt a version of it for myself. So to that, Thank you sir! 😁
  5. nice rig! I am intrigued about the videos laying down vs. standing ... never dawned on me to do something like that. blue ray vs. dvd's divided up? divided by music / movies?
  6. Just Googled and took a brief peek … gonna have to do some research here, but thank you for the tip! Very intriguing
  7. I am not sure who Barry is personally, but I can certainly send him some much needed prayers!!! 🙏
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