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  1. Welcome N58RG! I currently have a TFM45 at Nelion … and THANKS for the Reminder! I have two M400t’s that I keep meaning to email him about to get on their list.
  2. Welcome Chris! The C-19 preamp was my very first purchase and the start of my love for Carver gear!
  3. I personally appreciate you all posting a tid bit about Bill D, the picture, and even the obituary. It gives a new comer like myself a little more insight to the gentleman that is so highly regarded, respected, and the involvement he had in the Carver community and beyond. I learn a little more everytime I come back to visit and enjoy reading through the post (even if the technical side eludes me) RIP Bill! I wish I would have had the pleasure.
  4. Happy Birthday! Cheers 🍺🍷🍸
  5. Hi & welcome to the forum Jaws!
  6. Damn … always late to the party! Happy Birthday & New Year
  7. A very Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Wishing everyone a safe a happy holiday. Rob
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