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  1. Welcome to the forum 3p. we are always curious … what kind of Carver gear are we talking? 😃
  2. Happy B-Lated Birthday! Cheers to ya!!!
  3. Happy Birthday AndrewJohn! Love when they land on a Friday!!! Cheers to ya!
  4. LOL … my wife wanted to make our cat a “city kitty”. NO WAY IN HELL!
  5. Pretty sweet looking amp Rob! That thing looks CLEAN!!! I don’t know if I got the first or maybe first-ish TFM45 MKII that I picked up back in January. It is killing me not to have run it yet as my house has been under heavy construction. I’m getting there though … can’t wait to get everything back up and get some tunes rolling!
  6. Always a bummer to hear of things like this ... My condolences to you all and his family! 🙏
  7. Hello and Welcome MusicLover! I too have had a life long love for the audio hobby as well. Sounds like some NICE equipment … PLEASE post some pictures 😃
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