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  1. I think @Daddyjt probably has another room full of gear stashed/stored somewhere in the house. Maybe that's a new thread how many independent systems does a person have in your house?
  2. Happy Birthday Mark, just a day late, not to bad based on my past performance, LOL Hope it was a great day and you celebrated in style
  3. Looking at the stamp on the brochure, Bitburg Audio Photo Club, I am wondering if this unit was purchased in Bitburg Germany from the Air Force BX exchange there. Either way, great score and enjoy the tinkering.
  4. Happy Birthday Rob. Looks like you earned that day off, be assured the list of things to do never goes away so enjoy today and tomorrow will be back to the grind
  5. Happy Birthday Randy. Make it a great one and celebrate in style Cheers
  6. Happy Birthday AJ hope it's an absolutely fantastic one.
  7. Happy Birthday to you both, may you guys have a fantastic day full of fun and celebration.
  8. @Sole Survivor happy to have you on board. This is a fantastic site, with a great group of people. The amount of knowledge and info here is amazing to say the least.
  9. @RobI love pic 1. Plenty of speaker and amp to get down and funky. Wife was complaining about the size of my CV VS150’s. Maybe I need to take a cue from you and get another pair to stack on top. Maybe she won’t notice if I just make a wall of speakers 😂
  10. Hello and welcome to the site. You will find this is a great group of people here with a astounding amount of knowledge and willingness banter and help in all regards.
  11. Saw a post about your 69 Chevelle, Nice !!  Do you drive it much on the street?  

  12. Welcome to this amazing site full of knowledgeable and passionate carver fans. Sit back and enjoy the banter. Oh and after a few posts you can post pics of what your current set up.
  13. @oakley104 welcome, great gear you have and I think you will enjoy the knowledge, expertise and banter here on this site.
  14. Welcome Hal, glad to have you on board, I started with the same C-1 and M1.5 units as you right about the same timeframe as well. Happy to hear you are getting them freshened up and ready to rock.
  15. Welcome to the site, sounds like you are well on your way to OCCD. Post some pictures when you are able
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