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  1. @Bobby1970 Have a Happy Birthday and celebrate the last of the 40's.
  2. Happy Birthday @CT-Seven, hope its a damn good one.
  3. Please count me in with 28, outstanding work gentlemen
  4. @Zenith4me Happy Birthday, hope its a fantastic one.
  5. Hello Bwest. Welcome to the site. It’s quite an amazing and knowledgable group of folks here. I am also in Utah just up in Syracuse
  6. Happy Birthday Casaletti, 50 is a big one, I am right there with ya as 50 for me is in December. Hope its a fantastic day.
  7. Although " The Count of Monte Cristo" is my favorite, my #2 and #3 are " The Hunt for Red October-Sean Connery" and "Shooter- Mark Wahlberg" respectively.
  8. Happy Birthday Brian T, 67 years young. Hope its a great day.
  9. Mark, I use it all the time, agree its a great app and I haven't been able to stump it very often with obscure music.
  10. Brian, that looks great and I am sure it will sound amazing, I just received my Daddyjt refurb'd M1.5 back (I did get to see your equipment and all the excellent work on the bench and am currently looking for a good M1.0 to MkII/Opt 2 now after seeing that) and have been listening and going through a variety of different music. Mark has my TFM 35x and TFM 45 and I need to drop off my M4.0 and C-11 as well (the benefit of living within about 3 miles of his house). His work is fantastic and I can't wait for the other pieces to make it back into the rack. This site and group is truly an amazing bunch and so helpful.
  11. Happy Birthday Turbo, hope its a great one and celebrate in style.
  12. @AndrewJohn I may still be interested in one, I didn't pull the trigger on buying that amp, but I think its still available. curious as to the projected cost. Thx
  13. Super awesome score for sure. That’s one for the books. ??
  14. @AndrewJohn thanks I will keep that in mind but was really looking for one that doesn’t have rack mount slots.
  15. Looking to see if anyone has an M-1.5 parts unit. I am looking for a faceplate. I found a good deal on a working amp but the faceplate is hacked pretty bad for rack mount. Last resort is a new one from you know who, so I would prefer a decent original. Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone
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