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  1. You can buy remotes. The one I bought has a USB receiver. Bluetooth could be another option. In the past, I've used a mouse.
  2. This topic has me interested as I have a majority of my CDs ripped to a NAS. A Google search shows a few options using a Raspberry PI as an audio streamer. I'm already using a rPI 4b running OpenELEC as video streamer. I assume the concept will be similar.
  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. For being at work, it was a good day. Co-workers enjoyed embarrassing me by singing "Happy birthday".
  4. Hal

    Favorite Pictures

    Only in Utah....
  5. Happy Bday Hal, nearing that  Big one in a couple years ... 😂  Enjoy your day !!

  6. @SteveFord Smelly? Hey! I showered today. 😆 Welcome back from retired status.
  7. I stumbled upon this site in search of a place to repair my C1 and M1.5t. Initially I just bookmark it and continued my search. After sending my equipment off to be repaired I came back for a better look. Lurked for about a week or so and after the intimidation wore off, I joined.
  8. @B-Man why does your comment remind me of Hotel California? 😆
  9. @Daddyjt What a small world!! I'm in Hooper...
  10. @Daddyjt What a small world!! I'm in Hooper...
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