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  1. Just the tip of the Ice berg of equipment you own or owned at one time, isn’t it.. Looks great.
  2. Hello Friends, I am still struggling with the loss of our great friend Wayne King. That lead me to read his Obituary page, on that it includes a " Memory Wall" open for anyone to share there feelings an memories with Wayne's Family and Friends that are not a part of the Carversite. I found comfort in this and and wanted to share this with all of you. I truly miss his presence not only on the site, But in my Life. As Bob Carver say " Enjoy the Music" David https://www.sandiferfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Robert-Wayne-King?obId=10577522#/obituaryInfo
  3. That was a very nice Gesture of sending the flowers to the Service, The Lost of such a Great and positive friend really hit me hard. I met him at the 2018 Carverfest and when I went into his Bungalow and saw his Sunfire Classic tube pre amp and system, I Said “ That’s what I want, That preamp and system looks and sound incredible”. When I first reached out the Sunfire line and pre amp, he was always so positive and mostly patience with me and all my questions, then as time went on we talked regularly. When he told me about when he found out about his Lung Cancer, I was very concerned but tol
  4. I just wanted to add that what ever Music Streaming Device you may choose, expensive or not, It will bring back the excitement of new Music and also the Nostalgic of the older tunes. I love the Music Streaming world and what it has to offer in the endless library of Music, High Def and the Clarity of depth of the music sound. Along with the feeling of being in this “Huge massive open Library with Row’s and Row’s of endless music “ to go through and never being disappointed, Add the Music Software management of your music with “Roon”, I feel like I did as a Kid when I got a new Vinyl Album o
  5. I’ve always loved the sound from the Oppo’s CD players, and the Oppo 103/105 players sound good and can work with your Carver audio gear. Oppo uses the ES DAC chips and that’s one of the reason why I purchased the L.K.S. Digital audio dh-004 Dac for apx $1,425.00 which uses 2 of the ES3808 pro dac chips in mono combined to give stereo and used my Oppo 95 as a transport and loved the combo for the sound they both produced. I did a lot of research into the Music Streaming Devices out there, and again with the audio world , with quality of the sound and what they offer in abilities and dollars t
  6. Great to hear that your home and They got things back on track. Get some rest which you know can now that your back home and out of that hospital. They wake you every 10 minutes, and as Brian and others have mentioned, we definitely miss your great input and advice.
  7. Those Rock!!! Now Thats a Good Looking Rocking System!!! Love it Kevin...... That’s a good reason to fly east and Hear those New Speakers and awesome amps...
  8. Wishing Wayne “Kingman” all my best and only positive thoughts on his quick recovery . He’s become a great friend since meeting him at 2018 Carverfest, and has always been there for me with support and help with my journey with my Carver and Sunfire audio gear. Most important is the friendship and positive influence for me with guidance with all factors of my life’s Dailey journey. His strength and fight against this threat To his health has been so inspirational that it’s so humbling of my Dailey accomplishment. Speedy recovery, and As Greg said you are loved by many sooo many .
  9. No Worries Steve, I look forward and always enjoy our conversations , Talk soon
  10. Thanks Everyone for making it a Better Day, There coming to fast !!!!
  11. I’m just a huge Bob Caver Fan, I love and enjoy his all audio Gear .. His vision and and what he has created to me is so inspirational.
  12. Hey Guys, Sorry for being so quiet these last few months , It’s been a Crazy busy time for me through the Fire and floods, and repairing the smoke damage . I had reached out to the group asking about N.A.S Storage and Music streaming network and player some time ago and found that it seemed to be a topic of interest for some, and at the time not a lot of info so far was within the group. I felt that with all the great support and advice I’ve been given from all within “The Carver Site” , This may be a way for me to try a give back some with information what dI’ve found so far wi
  13. Thanks Greg for keeping on top of this and making this site Better and Better!! What may look like an easy task on a website can be very tricky and time consuming, Thanks for all hard work .
  14. Thats looks so Sweet!! Clean, Professional looking work...
  15. Looking good!! Its a good feeling coming back from ther Ashes, Been there. Enjoy!!
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