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  1. I also answered this in another post, But I used rubbing alcohol and basically rinsed off the entire amp, at first it was gross, a syrup type brown was dripping off the amp into a clear tube. I did this until the rubbing alcohol was clear while rinsing down the entire amp, and Until I couldn’t smell anything from the amp. It worked, The smell was so strong I smelled it while it was still in the shipping box, I had to keep it in outside , hope that helps.
  2. Just the tip of the Ice berg of equipment you own or owned at one time, isn’t it.. Looks great.
  3. So Sorry to hear this, My positive thoughts and prayers go out you and your family.
  4. Hello Friends, I am still struggling with the loss of our great friend Wayne King. That lead me to read his Obituary page, on that it includes a " Memory Wall" open for anyone to share there feelings an memories with Wayne's Family and Friends that are not a part of the Carversite. I found comfort in this and and wanted to share this with all of you. I truly miss his presence not only on the site, But in my Life. As Bob Carver say " Enjoy the Music" David https://www.sandiferfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Robert-Wayne-King?obId=10577522#/obituaryInfo
  5. That was a very nice Gesture of sending the flowers to the Service, The Lost of such a Great and positive friend really hit me hard. I met him at the 2018 Carverfest and when I went into his Bungalow and saw his Sunfire Classic tube pre amp and system, I Said “ That’s what I want, That preamp and system looks and sound incredible”. When I first reached out the Sunfire line and pre amp, he was always so positive and mostly patience with me and all my questions, then as time went on we talked regularly. When he told me about when he found out about his Lung Cancer, I was very concerned but told him My mother had lung cancer and beat it. I said it wouldn’t be easy, But with his such positive attitude, and how he sounded when we spoke, I Was certain he would beat it also. Though I knew how sick he was, I was blindsided due to fact when we talked last he sounded really good.At time I could hear it in his voice and would “ you sound tired” and it was usually just after kemp treatment, other than those times he usually sounded good. It scared the hell out me when he went with pneumonia, then I heard he was released and it was so good to hear he was out of the hospital. What hit me really hard was that when he wanted to talk he would text” Do you have a few minutes” and I would alway call him right back. But the last time, he reached out to me asking if I had a few moments and I was playing golf with my sound, and I responded with that and I’ll touch base as soon as I’m off the course, But I was never able to get him on the phone after that text, and hit me hard. I miss his conversations and him so very much, we spoke of everything and he was always curious what my latest Sunfire purchased was, as he told me, it always made him smile. I believe it was of how crazy I would get with me tracking down the Sunfire’s amps. I do a lot driving going to my job sites which takes about an hour, so it became a habit when I got into car that I would reach out and see how he was and we talk the whole way when he was feeling good. My father passed away from Lung Cancer, So I would call him during my driving time also. It still hits me Dailey when I jump into the Car and I see his name on my favorites list, I find it hard right now to take his name off the phone. I still like to think of him now when I see his name. truly miss and will miss his positive influence and guidance for me when I always reach out for his advice and thoughts on whatever craziness was going on in my life . He would always calm me down and guide me in the right direction. As with all of the people whom knew Wayne, I will truly miss him. David
  6. I just wanted to add that what ever Music Streaming Device you may choose, expensive or not, It will bring back the excitement of new Music and also the Nostalgic of the older tunes. I love the Music Streaming world and what it has to offer in the endless library of Music, High Def and the Clarity of depth of the music sound. Along with the feeling of being in this “Huge massive open Library with Row’s and Row’s of endless music “ to go through and never being disappointed, Add the Music Software management of your music with “Roon”, I feel like I did as a Kid when I got a new Vinyl Album opening it and seeing all the artwork, then putting the needle down and listening to the new music with such excitement. The added bonuses is the clarity and depth that was never revealed in the the analog world, but also it will give you information on the music and the Artist that wasn’t available on the old vinyl and cassettes. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the sound and excitement of opening up a new vinyl album for all the reason described above, But now I listen to vinyl album for just that feeling and sound of the album with it’s occasion “cracks or pops” from the old albums. But , If its clarity and depth, or Hi Res audio files, I go to the Music Streamer. Also with the music streamer come the ease of just listening to whatever your in mood for at the time, and letting it just choose that music your in the mood for and not have to go back to the source like the turntable to either turn over the album, or put on something new. This is all done by the music steamer along with it putting music on that you may forgotten or hearing for the first time. I’ve found such excitement and enjoyment in this new digitial world that when I hear something on the radio, I write it down so I can hear it in more detail at home on the music streamer. I still love putting on a vinyl album on the turntable and listening to it, But for me, If its clarity and depth in the music I want to hear, there’s no comparing to this new sound and world of the digitial Music Streaming and it’s high def library of music to choose from. Below is a quick pick of the Innuous Zen Mk lll and the L.K.S Digitial audio Dac. If there’s any I can be of help with inregards to Music Streaming systems or Roon Software, Just let me know and I’ll do my best to answer or find what you may be looking for.
  7. I’ve always loved the sound from the Oppo’s CD players, and the Oppo 103/105 players sound good and can work with your Carver audio gear. Oppo uses the ES DAC chips and that’s one of the reason why I purchased the L.K.S. Digital audio dh-004 Dac for apx $1,425.00 which uses 2 of the ES3808 pro dac chips in mono combined to give stereo and used my Oppo 95 as a transport and loved the combo for the sound they both produced. I did a lot of research into the Music Streaming Devices out there, and again with the audio world , with quality of the sound and what they offer in abilities and dollars the Sky’s the limit. I ended up purchasing the Innuous Zen Mk III music streaming system which requires an external DAC W/ 2TB internal storage system and a built in ripper with it own software to operate it for apx. $2,400.00 or use 3rd party software like Roon , which I use and highly recomend . Hands down the Best Music software management out there, at least for me. Roon “ Brief description of “Roon “is a monthly, Yearly or Lifetime Subscription available which manages your Music Streaming, Music library either on PC or Mac, But it can manage your music library wherever it’s located on your network: on the computers hard drive, on a NAS Box or in folder on multiple networked devices. You can establish multiple user profiles so that each person in your household can compile their own lists of favorites and have their own unique play history and music recommendations.Roon installed on other computers (endpoints) on your network and you can use them as remote controls for the primary computers audio system, or you can stream your music over your network to those endpoints. In both scenarios . You can choose between the computers onboard audio subsystem and any connected outboard hardware. Roon is the Music operating software system which is setting the standards that music streaming companies and developers and building there’s hardware system to incorporate and manage the music. I did a lot research in the Music Streamers that were available at the time I purchased the Innuous Mk III and spent over double of what I was looking to invest, But I found at this time there were not a lot of high end quality Music streamers used for sale due because of it being still a New Medium and there are not a lot of used hi end music players available, so I went with a system which I can used for many years to come, and I absolutely love the quality of sound and what it has to offer. Other’s I liked and received great reviews: I purchased the Cambridge Audio 851 N music Streamer, and liked the quality of sound, The front display to see what is playing and operations for apx. $1,450.00 but returned it for the only reason that it upsampled everything it played. Though I liked the sound, I did not like not having the ability of not upsampling the music and it was missing a few things I was looking for and new that I would want in the future. Here’s a few Music streaming systems out there to considered-or get a feel for what’s out there and cost: One of the favorites for starting at Apx, $485.00 and up is the Bluesound Node 2i music streaming system, and it has received great reviews and I was very close in getting one for apx : $925.00 , But I havn’t had an opportunity to listen to with my system. But , I’ve read very good reviews for the Monies spent. Audiolab 6000N Play - review” Great sounding streaming solutions needn’t cost a lot” - Very good reviews in 2019 Apx. $650.00 Audiolab 6000A apx. $1,000.00- very good reviews Sono’s systems starting at apx. $350.00 and up/ Sony HAP-S1 high Resolution music streamer apx. $ 1.000.00 but had mixed reviews NAD C 658 : Unbalance and balanced RCA outputs- Hi resp support 32-bit/192 kHz apx $1,650.00 - good reviews Cocktail Audio X30 all in one Hifi audio system w/ music server/network streamer- apx. $899.00 -again very good reiveiws. Cambridge audio CXN (V2) reviews very good, “the best at this price range “ apx. $995.00 and up lumin M1 - starting at apx. $2,000.00 to there high end up to $14K, A very good Music streaming co with high Standards There’s Many Music streaming system out there, I feel you can get a nice system like the Audiolab 6000N for $625.. the Bluesound 2i used for less $500.00 and they both have very good reviews. I hope this helps, If there’s any more specific questions I can help, Just pm me, or post and I’ll do my best to answer or find out the answers. I researched for months back back in late 2018/ early 2019 before deciding, but it comes down to what specific needs or wants that may be looking for your system. I preferred having a seperate music streamer form my CD player, but there are some nice CD player /music streaming systems that can also work well with your system. For example, the Oppo 103/105, Marantz network music playerNA6006 refurbished for $479.00, Again, I hope this helps. I will do a seperate post on “Roon” music management software to show it abilities and eases of use.
  8. Great to hear that your home and They got things back on track. Get some rest which you know can now that your back home and out of that hospital. They wake you every 10 minutes, and as Brian and others have mentioned, we definitely miss your great input and advice.
  9. Those Rock!!! Now Thats a Good Looking Rocking System!!! Love it Kevin...... That’s a good reason to fly east and Hear those New Speakers and awesome amps...
  10. Wishing Wayne “Kingman” all my best and only positive thoughts on his quick recovery . He’s become a great friend since meeting him at 2018 Carverfest, and has always been there for me with support and help with my journey with my Carver and Sunfire audio gear. Most important is the friendship and positive influence for me with guidance with all factors of my life’s Dailey journey. His strength and fight against this threat To his health has been so inspirational that it’s so humbling of my Dailey accomplishment. Speedy recovery, and As Greg said you are loved by many sooo many .
  11. Great story Andrew, and thanks all. I hear you about not wanting to prep for taking any more exams.....
  12. Hi Guys, I’ve been on crazy side prepping for the Calif. General Contractors B exam for last few months, especially these past few weeks. But it paid off, Passed both the Law and Trade exam for General Contractors-B exam. I was an Advertising Lifestyle Photographer for over 25 + years, had a very successful career, but let it go, (Long Story) . I grew up in a family of General Contractors, including my Dad and brothers . So What I thought would be “ A walk in the Park “ for me to just go and “ Get” my License gave me Reality check I wasn’t quite ready for in terms of what I actually knew. Hats off to those whom are or whom have been in the construction trade. I can get back to listening to my System and music , but now I feel the real test may be ahead of me.
  13. No Worries Steve, I look forward and always enjoy our conversations , Talk soon
  14. Thanks Everyone for making it a Better Day, There coming to fast !!!!
  15. I’m just a huge Bob Caver Fan, I love and enjoy his all audio Gear .. His vision and and what he has created to me is so inspirational.
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