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  1. Those little LRS speakers are so much better than I was expecting that I had to upgrade the supporting cast. Today the UPS man handed me a conrad-johnson MF2275 amplifier which sat in an unopened box in a warehouse for the past 7 years. I've got some preamps to play with but I think a deHavilland UltraVerve 3 is the match for these little guys. The sound is just right from top to bottom and for what I'm using them for (fairly nearfield listening) the amp isn't breaking a sweat. Here's a pic of the temporary lash up which looks like the house is disappearing into a sink hol
  2. Ortofon 2M Black, a recommendation from Obi many years ago. The crabby old duffer was right, it does everything well.
  3. That CT-5 is here and this is my review: WOW! My search for a preamp for the 3.7s is over.
  4. I don't know if you could run a guitar through it but I could certainly plug in a turntable. https://www.stereophile.com/tubepreamps/706cj/index.html I think the 17LS is going to make its way upstairs. The only thing it's missing is a tape loop but it does have a home theater bypass which I'll never use.
  5. The other night I was listening to The White Album (the white cd?) and the guitar intro to Revolution came blasting out at me. I like blasting guitars and have fallen in with a bad lot who put ideas in my empty head. Maybe I need to empty my wallet as well? OKAY! Should be here next week, conrad-johnson CT-5
  6. I think you might like them. With a sub and the CC5 they really do a good job of filling the room with Tom Waits screaming away and banging on pots and pans.
  7. It's possible, I stuck the spare 1.7s in a spare bedroom and I do have a spare preamp I really like. Those little LRS are breaking in and they are not junky little things like I thought they would be. They're real speakers, just pint sized. For $700 a pair new you won't do any better. They sound much larger than they are and for once, a small Maggie was bass output. For a small-ish room, stick a small sub in the corner and you won't be looking to upgrade, they're that kind of good.
  8. You're right - if I got enough of those little adaptors I could get them all playing at the same time! Probably should keep a fire extinguisher handy (just in case).
  9. We need an intervention...
  10. Just finished all 8 sides of this. I saw him about 10 days before this was recorded and a lot of the tracks are on this album BUT he changed the arrangements on them: different bits thrown in, different tempos, moved the order of parts of the songs around... That must have been so hard to do as this band was flawless and no sheet music on stage. I guess he'd go back to his room at night and mess around with the songs and then rehearse the band during the day so they'd get the changes down. This shows Zappa at the height of his powers, well worth getting.
  11. Yes, he was a good guy. RadioEngr (I believe he went by) picked up an Otari reel to reel for me and brought it to a CarverFest and Gary was good enough to bring it home for me to pick up at his house. Speed camera got me on that trip in the old pick up truck. What the hell, it's 6AM on a Sunday, nobody's working in the work zone, who cares how fast I'm going? He also helped me buy a TX-11 for $100 long ago. Lots of good people, both past and present, on this site.
  12. I just went to the first page of this, it was StereoDog who was afraid of Bridget the Midget! Smart man, last I heard she stabbed her boyfriend with a steak knife, probably in the ankle. Looking back, I still have that Sonic Frontiers preamp, the hHB BurnIt 830+, that cheapie Oppo 981 that the late TNRabbit turned me onto, the Stax headphones and that SVS sub but with an external amp. I wish I had held onto that tuner, paired with a tube buffer it sounded pretty good.
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