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  1. What I noticed here are dynamics are greatly improved, especially the bass. They also cleared things up quite a bit so for the first time ever I was able to discern the low volume tracks mixed into PJ Harvey's A Perfect Day, Elise - before it was just a blur of sound, I couldn't understand what she was singing down there in the mix. I played the same track on the Magnepan LRS' and it was just a blur so it depends on which speakers you're using. I took the short wooden stands I had the 3.7s placed on and stuck them under the LRS' and now the center of the speakers are just about ear level for my seated position.
  2. I just saw a pair of Odyssey Stratos monos on USAudiomart for $1300. I don't know if they're still available or not, a lot of these guys forget and leave the ad up. I'm not going to get them but if anyone is looking for some powerful, good sounding SS amps these are them. Be forewarned, they're 55 pounds each and are pretty LARGE.
  3. I'll say! That was a close call.
  4. That is EXACTLY what it is! A girl at work threw herself a baby shower(!) so I gave it to her as a gift with a Post It note on it which read: Will I ever see my feet again? I wound up getting it back... I compared a Rega Saturn to the Rega Apollo-R with the small bedroom system and the Apollo-R is the perfect match for the LRS speakers. Guess the Saturn comes out to the living room. Oh, I lied, I just bought a Conrad-Johnson MF-2275 amplifier to replace the one that I just sold! I figure I can use it during the Summer months with the LRS speakers.
  5. Thank you. I fall asleep watching football, that's about the only time I turn it on. I wanted a (mostly) solid state wall of sound for when I'm working or whatever and don't want to wear headphones. I grew up in a house where the TV was always on, I had enough as a kid.
  6. Do you know how often I watch a movie or TV? Almost never. That would a total waste of money! Might as well flush it down the toilet...
  7. I won't be buying anything else for those two systems but I AM flipping CD players around right now. The Saturn may have too much bass for that small bedroom, it's really easy to overload such a small space (12x14'). The upstairs is done, too. The only thing I am going to do is get a good sub or two for the big system.
  8. The small bedroom system is done as well. I always try to duplicate the upstairs system as that sounds so good so: we have a VTL ST-85 amplifier, a Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS preamp, a Rega Saturn CD player, an APC H-15 power conditioner, an REL T-1 subwoofer and Kimber 12TC speaker cables going to Magnepan LRS speakers with the Magnariser stands. This all came together really well and I won't be messing with this one, either. I be done!
  9. I think I mentioned that I kind of went overboard with amplifiers... I originally wanted to get away from multiple boxes and wanted a three channel (or 5 channel) amp but one thing led to another and I found myself with an Odyssey Khatargo mono, an Odyssey Khataro stereo and an Odyssey Startos which is one big mofo. Is this ridiculous overkill? Yes. Because things were finally sounding good for the first time ever I added a Rega Apollo-R and will use the Oppo BDP-105 for movies as the Rega sounds better. This system is done.
  10. Have your brothers bring you a kazoo. After your 40th rendition of "Feelings" mixed in with "Whole Lotta Love" they'll kick you out.
  11. I didn't list it here, that's how. It sold so quickly. I also put up a Conrad-Johnson MF-2275 amp and it looks like that's gone (waiting for a PayPal transaction to go through, the second guy says he'll show up with cash) and no bites on a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp. I don't care if that sells, I've had it forever and really like how agressive the sound is.
  12. Making some changed to the LRS system and this weekend a VTL ST-85 showed up. It was a consignment sale from some fellow who used the amp for the rear speakers in his home theater set up. I'm guessing the shop swiped the tubes and stuck in Groove Tube EL84s and some sort of no name-o brand 12AT7s. They also had the bias set at 157 mV instead of 275 mV SO set the bias first thing and ordered some Sylvania JAN 12AT7s. I'll have to look at the cross reference sheet but the Groove Tubes are either EH or JJs so I'm sure they'll be fine. I've never had an amp with EL34s before and it sounds really good but seems to be finicky for what preamps it works with. My deHavilland UltraVerve 3 lost ALL of the highs so I put that up for sale and it was gone in 10 minutes. I hooked up my Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 but it was way too much in your face - if you were at a concert you'd want to move back 10 rows. Further adventures await.
  13. Try to keep it that way, please.
  14. True, they would feel right at home in there, especially with the equipment warmed up.
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