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  1. Rectangular box is here, think I know what's inside it. I was right, they're Magnepan LRS+ speakers. They're brand new and sound a bit strident but I have heard enough to form an initial impression: while the LRS was a great speaker for the money, the LRS+ is just a great speaker, period. I put on Apostrophe' and there's yet another track way down in the mix that I'd never heard before. This may be due to near field listening but that came as a surprise. There was also one guitar solo that just came BLASTING out of the speakers. Is the upgrade worth it? If the rest of your gear is good enough, yes. I hope they do the plus thing to the rest of the line up. Good job, Magnepan!
  2. I wasn't sure if it would work out or not but I took a chance on OTD's Motorola based amp and it was exactly what my old Stax Sigmas needed - they sound world's better than they did plugged into a Stax tube amp. Here it is: amp, Rega Saturn, Stax Sigma - this is as close as I'll ever get to the ultimate bedroom headphone system, they just sound fantastic.
  3. I think the 275 and Stax headphones would be a really good combination.
  4. Time to find an electronics store in your area that's been around forever, they'll have some crusty old duffer who can fix it up. We had a great one here that finally closed up after being in business since the 1940s. I might have a schematic for it if you need a copy.
  5. I've got my answer: the Stax Sigmas sound best through the energizer box hooked up to the Conrad-Johnson amp, through the Stax tube amp everything sounds recessed. The "new" Lambas that came with this amp sound phenomenal and are very comfortable as well. Went from one pair of Stax headphones with a broken band to three of the things. Stellar sound on the cheap!
  6. The nice mail lady brought me a Sherwood S3000-V tube FM tuner. I just love these things, they sound great. On one song somebody was hitting a block of wood, it sounded like he was by the front door instead of coming from the headphones. Got to get the big antenna fixed up, a lightning strike took out the rotator and antenna preamp.
  7. The plot clots. The Sigmas sound great with that Sonic Frontiers/Conrad-Johnson combo but that's a lot of junk to turn on for a pair of headphones. There's also a fine line which I can't seem to hit between needs a little more volume to this is a bit much. What have we here, a pair of Stax Lambda Pros and a Stax amp that can drive both the Pro and Normal bias headphones? That would work with the Sigmas AND I get another pair of headphones thrown in. Should be here next week! Then I can hear how the sound quality varies and put the SF/CJ gear to more suitable use like driving a pair of speakers.
  8. The Stax 404s are here, tube amp runs hot, headphones sound tremendous. I always think of Obi and how he liked his recent Stax headphones more than his Martin Logans and he was right, sound quality is spot-on and tons of detail.
  9. While I'm waiting for FedEx to show up, I managed to repair the headband on my old Sigmas (bought new probably in 1983) and did a temporary lash up with some extra junk I had collecting dust: Rega Saturn CD player, Conrad-Johnson MF-2275 amp, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp. This fall I'll drag it upstairs and mate it with a Harman-Kardon tube tuner RodH gave me a million years ago. Kind of overkill but this stuff all works really well together. I call this shot house sinks to the left while mismatched ottoman basks in the camera flash.
  10. While I'm waiting to hear back from Japan about a possible headphone strap for my Stax Sigmas I wound up buying a newer pair of Stax headphone and a Stax tube amp. It should be here Thursday, I'm really looking forward to hearing these.
  11. What I noticed here are dynamics are greatly improved, especially the bass. They also cleared things up quite a bit so for the first time ever I was able to discern the low volume tracks mixed into PJ Harvey's A Perfect Day, Elise - before it was just a blur of sound, I couldn't understand what she was singing down there in the mix. I played the same track on the Magnepan LRS' and it was just a blur so it depends on which speakers you're using. I took the short wooden stands I had the 3.7s placed on and stuck them under the LRS' and now the center of the speakers are just about ear level for my seated position.
  12. I just saw a pair of Odyssey Stratos monos on USAudiomart for $1300. I don't know if they're still available or not, a lot of these guys forget and leave the ad up. I'm not going to get them but if anyone is looking for some powerful, good sounding SS amps these are them. Be forewarned, they're 55 pounds each and are pretty LARGE.
  13. I'll say! That was a close call.
  14. That is EXACTLY what it is! A girl at work threw herself a baby shower(!) so I gave it to her as a gift with a Post It note on it which read: Will I ever see my feet again? I wound up getting it back... I compared a Rega Saturn to the Rega Apollo-R with the small bedroom system and the Apollo-R is the perfect match for the LRS speakers. Guess the Saturn comes out to the living room. Oh, I lied, I just bought a Conrad-Johnson MF-2275 amplifier to replace the one that I just sold! I figure I can use it during the Summer months with the LRS speakers.
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