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  1. I'm afraid the shop photos have gone the way of all flesh but here's a photo which Madmaxxx asked me to post - now you know why Fruitsters have electric starters...
  2. The new guitar is fighting me as it's really difficult to get used to the width of the body and string spacing (for me, at least). I'm working on it, though. I've never owned a triple or a water cooled bike so this will be a real step towards to modern era for me. I'm kind of excited about it!
  3. I will try not to crash it! My first "real" bike was a Triumph 250 back in 1977 and it was a real pile of shit but at the time I thought it was the greatest thing ever because, well, it was a Triumph. My last British bike was a 79 Bonneville so it will be nice to return to the fold, as it were.
  4. I've been looking at this one since August and today I put down the deposit. 2002, around 5,000 miles and it sounds great with that exhaust. Next year should be a fun one for Lynda and myself as this has plenty of room for a passenger.
  5. I will be in with the provision that it gets put back up for Karma once I replace the VTLs I sold to buy this Martin guitar I'm struggling with right this very second.
  6. Nobody says you can't have Thanksgiving twice in one month. Canadians deserve it due to their weather so have a good one for us here in balmy Pennsyltucky.
  7. Perhaps they're siblings. Happy Birthday to both of you old farts!
  8. Eat, procreate, sleep, repeat. Beats being at work! Oh yeah, play guitar, listen to stereo, watch football, maybe shovel snow if this storm hits.
  9. Happy Birthday old Saggertarius!
  10. Doors, Clapton, Jethro Tull, my own stuff, the usual crap. Blue Oyster Cult's Dominance and Submission sounds especially snappy when you hit the backstrokes with your thumbnail!
  11. Not that I noticed but my Martin guitar humidifier showed up last night so we'll see after it gets some moisture into the wood. It's a long hunk of sponge inside a perforated rubber tube which hangs off of the strings and goes inside of the body. I finally got the action REALLY low which meant filing off about 2mm from the bone saddle. That's always nerve wracking as it's easy to get carried away a take off too much material and then you've got buzzes and it'll "fret out" when you bend the strings. I got it just right. The previous owner would not recognize the way this guitar plays
  12. It has two T's kind of like Labatts does just in case you weren't aware.
  13. The Holiday season will soon be on us full force. UGH! I've started mine a bit early, mainly because Lynda's birthday is November 23rd so it's birthday and then Christmas all in one big pile here. She's always wanted an old Pyrex coffee percolator so I snagged a mint one off of eBay, on December 5th I pick up Jeff Beck tickets and then I'm thinking a new motorcycle helmet for her. She's been wearing my old 2005 vintage AGV which she beat to hell by dropping it numerous times. She dropped my brand new helmet on our first date and it rolled down the street. Uhh, I guess this one is your
  14. This one will be good, I did my penance for my overweening pride with the previous one.
  15. When I first got it the guitar was strung with really heavy strings and the truss rod was just ridiculously loose so it didn't play all that well but it sure boomed out the open chords! I put on light gauge strings and adjusted the truss rod so the neck was straight and it was better but the low strings were still way too high off of the fret board. This morning I removed the strings and filed down the bone saddle to get the action down to a manageable level and now it plays really nice. It will get better as time goes on as from the third fret on down the guitar is pretty much as new as
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