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  1. Bill D was a good guy, always really helpful and never a bad word about anyone.
  2. I was so impressed I ordered a set of the Ascension 3s for the 3.7s this morning. He said it's a 9 - 12 week time span from deposit to shipment, they raise them up 2" so you were close. Already got the Kimbers kovered, all 3 systems have 12TC speaker cables. That's as high up the ladder as I'll ever go. While I think of it, their inexpensive PBJ interconnects are supposed to be really good. When I need some more that's what I'll go with.
  3. Happy 66th and wishing you many more.
  4. Happy Birthday ya snot nosed punk!

    Here's wishing you many more.

    1. BobTFM35




      Does (H + A + 2 (P) + Y) + (B + I +R + T + H + D + A +Y)  =  Euclid's Fifth Postulate?


      I'm sure it doesn't, but it does equal your "Special Day".


      Happy Birthday !!




  5. Speaker cables are Kimber 12TC and I went with some Magnariser Mk 7 Multirisers which really firm up the sound. It's a lot more than just getting them up in the air, they somehow do a lot more than the stock junky feet they send you. I will buy some for the 1.7s and 3.7s, they're worth doing. And most importantly, here's where I sit my fat hairy butt. And here's what faces me. Actually, the cabinet doors are most of the way shut but you get the idea. The sound from this little system is really, really good
  6. To keep the room from being so "live" I got raped by Home Depot over the cost of some shelving materials and decided to furnish it with some of my fedora collection (and bowlers and homburgs and top hats). Everything but the fez. I tried all sorts of different combinations of gear but what I wound up with is an REL T1 subwoofer, BarryG/WRF Carverfest 275, a deHavilland UltraVerve 3 preamp and a Rega Apollo-R cd player.
  7. By underwhelming demand, here's the spare bedroom system. It was kind of an expensive undertaking as all I wanted to do was replace some crappy Magnepan MMGs to listen to football games and the news and the occasional CD or movie. The LRS speakers showed up and I really had to rethink things as they're MUCH better than what I thought they would be. I had them next to some 1.7s while I was testing stuff out and I thought the sound was coming from the 1.7s. Nope, it's the LRS speakers, the little weasels. I had a spare bedroom which the wife turned into a long-term dog urinal
  8. SteveFord

    Get Back

    The first episode is kind of slow, second is a little different and the third one is really good. They really perked up when Billy Preston arrived. I don't know if they would have had much of an album without him spurring them on.
  9. It can't be his birthday already, he just had one last year. How many presents can a guy stand to get? Happy Birthday and New Year, anyway!
  10. SteveFord

    Get Back

    Last day of the year, last day of my one month Disney+ subscription so I watched Get Back again. When those guys were "on" they were just magic. Thanks for all of the great music, Fabs!
  11. An almost Christmas baby - Happy 23rd!!!
  12. Bigger house, better climate, Magnepan 20.7s, new VTL amps, Rega Isis Valve, Ortofon Cadenza Black, Ortofon SUT... I can rationalize it all by being able to sell off the subwoofers, I won't need them.
  13. Please, I'm trying to get OFF the upgrade wagon and get back to being a normal person (although that's probably not possible). Yes, I believe that is for streaming capabilities. I flipped through the manual real fast, there's a bunch of different settings for tailoring the sound. This thing is so new the batteries for the remote are still in their sealed plastic wrapper so I just left it the way it shipped and will worry about the filters probably never.
  14. Then there's the Isis and the Isis Valve but they're above my pay grade and would probably outclass the rest of the stuff.
  15. That Rega Saturn-R showed up today and it's really, really impressive. More detail and a crisper overall sound than the older Saturn. I can't hear it do anything wrong, there's not one part of it that is lacking. There is an updated Saturn coming out shortly so you should be able to find a bunch of these on the used market as people satisfy their upgrade-itis. Oh, and my Q-Up doohickey showed up and pops the tonearm up in the air like a champ. It's a miracle!
  16. I can't bring myself to unhook them from the amplifiers so I'll include those as well. Hope you've been eating your Wheaties, they weigh a bit. Damndest thing, those cables went from sounding really strange to just fine in the space of a couple of hours. Need to futz with the subwoofer a bit as the 1.7s are pumping out a lot more bass. Also discovered that the turntable handily kicked the Apollo R's ass, it was not even close. Next week it's CD player musical chairs.
  17. I bought some new 12TC cables for the 1.7s and I now believe in cable burn in. Right off the bat they sounded really bass heavy but after a couple of hours Jeff Beck's Telecaster on "Going Down" from The Jeff Beck Group album was coming through sounding just like it should. Those are really good cables, when they did massed vocals DOWN DOWN DOWN it came jumping right out of the speakers, sounded like a tube getting ready to go supernova.
  18. I won't modify the speakers themselves, I'm just waiting on my Magnarisers to be shipped and will go with Kimber 12TC speaker cables. That will do it. Your old Carver amp works GREAT with the LRS' in that little room. I stuck 3 Sylvanias up front and that was the ticket. For the boob tube system I've got my eye on an amplifier which I'll probably pick up in the next week or three. I'm hoping what I have in mind will work out okay, right now I'm using an older Bryston and some wretched Crown amps and it sounds okay right off the bat then I turn it down and then turn it down
  19. Maybe, you never know. I like the Rega sound, obviously, but the Isis and Isis Valve are out of my price range at the moment. Maybe in a few years when they depreciate further an Isis Valve will wind up here. There was an Isis Valve for sale recently but $4000 is a LOT of money for a CD player. I have some upgrades to do for the LRS and boob tube system which I hope to do within the next month and then they'll be done.
  20. Even more thrilling than a little doohickey to pop a tonearm up in the air: a Rega Saturn R for the downstairs system The older Rega Saturn (currently in the downstairs system) will be moved upstairs The Rega Apollo R from the upstairs will be used with the WooAudio WA6/Byerdynamics Aerion headphone system and I am now done buying CD players for the rest of my life unless they all catch on fire!
  21. While I think of it, the Marshall solid state amps are just horrible pieces of crap. If you buy one YOU'LL be the one spitting on it. Thrilling upstairs system update: ordered a Q Up for the turntable. I don't know why I waited so long to do this for the upstairs turntable but today is the big day! Dear Diary...
  22. It's nothing special, I don't think: a JCM 2000 DSL 100 head with an angled 1960A cabinet. The cabinet was $300 and I'm thinking punk rock band as it looks like somebody spit on it at one time. You suck, hock!!! The thing will wake the dead, it's way too big for my neighborhood. Mostly I use a Marshall DSL40 combo (the later one with the better speaker) or a Marshall Origin 20. Those two little guys are screwed together in Viet Nam but they sound okay. Not quite like the big boy but at least the neighbors won't want to burn me at the stake.
  23. It's probably time to update the upstairs system as there's been a few changes. One constant are the VTL MB250 amps, APC H-15 power conditioner, Well Tempered Classic turntable with Ortofon 2M Black cartridge and Magnepan 1.7 speakers (although these are black ones instead of the original off white ones I had). Also carried over is the Hhb 830 BurnIt Plus cd burner with an Art Di/O dac. The preamp is a conrad-johnson Premier 17LS with Sylvania tubes, phono preamp is a conrad-johnson EV-1 with new tubes but I haven't checked to see what they are yet, Rega Apollo-R cd player, SVS
  24. SteveFord

    Get Back

    Oh, please. Everyone knows that the real Paul McCartney was killed during the Bay Of Pigs invasion. That imposter guy is actually Melvin Metrick from Liverpool, New York.
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