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  1. Hahahaha! not yet. I've taken 700 lbs out of The '85 so it wouldn't stay underwater very well anyway! Plus been too busy buying and fixing all the Carver M-XR-130's and Yamaha amps I can get my hands on. It's really a disease. I've had a great deal of luck working on the Europa. Engine was seized solid from rust and I got it running within 24 hours of it being unloaded. Doesn't smoke one bit. Thank you! I would like to just hang out here all day (and night) Never ending is most appropriate! Thanks!
  2. Wow! an amazing array of suggestions. Sk1Bum, The detail you add to your selections is fantastic. I look forward to checking out as many as possible. If I'm not working on the equipment, I'll be listening to these. Netflix has taken a third row backseat in my life now! Thanks to everyone!
  3. From a testing standpoint, Marion Hill Act One. I like using the supposedly lossless tracks for testing equipment.
  4. If it weren't for the 'Sony Bond Glue' issue, I believe the Yamahas would be taken more seriously. Fortunately It isn't a problem in the M-50's. I have my eye on an M-85. That series is very robust. More importantly I may be acquiring a 4th MX-130. I'm sure it won't be my last!
  5. Update on the equipment: In the Yamaha M-50 I found a broken wire in the transformer after being told they never go bad... It's now working very well. I will make any adjustments necessary once I learn how. The other will get the same. I am a fan of these power supplies and had to see how Yamaha did it and lost out to Carver in the process. These particular amps have extremely good numbers. I would like to find a couple M-70's that need work. I have three MX-130's. All parts arrived for them. Bought relays in bulk! The last one suffered an unfortunate event. I was troub
  6. Good morning and thank you all for a such a warm welcome! I like the Latin version of 'don't let the bastards grind you down' A favorite of mine.👍 DrummerJuice you nailed it. I have two Esprits, an '85 and '89. Acquired a basket case '70 Europa S2 a few days ago. I run a Import repair (Esprit Motorsports) by myself and do all my own work, so it makes it all possible. Dennis47. I listened to many speakers with the Carver before buying the Polk Monitor 5's. they put many more expensive speakers to shame. Both sets have the SL-2000's. Brian_at_HHH. I
  7. Hello, It's a pleasure being here after owning a MXR-130 and Polk Monitor 5's since 1984. Recapped and reflowed it continues to work great. Will replace other items for continued reliability. Obtained 2 more which have various needs, from relays on one, to many failed components on the other. I also have two Yamaha M-50's that have the X-power supply similar to the Carver units. Repaired one, the other is confounding. I look forward to tapping the wealth of knowledge here. Cheers, Lee
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