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  1. The PS5 would be useless to me - no Dolbyvision support, no analog audio output. All for more than double what I'd pay for a decent 4K with the features I want.
  2. I would not turn down a CR-7A at the right price to complete my stack, but one is astonished at how much coin they're offered at. Doubly astonished when one considers there is basically no reason to have a cassette player/recorder of late other than for nostalgia's sake. Where fidelity is concerned, the compact cassette falls somewhere between the LP and a person yelling from a mountaintop in a cough sweets advert. As a side note, I cannot decide if I'd prefer a Nakamichi cassette or a Tandberg. The 3014A is a work of art, and it held its own in performance. We had it on the shel
  3. Well lads, obviously I have some sort of attention disorder. Didn't I just set up two separate NAD systems? Didn't I ramble on about how pleasing those things were? How then, could I have moved on so quickly, so resolutely, from what certainly was the system that would satisfy me for the foreseeable future? In short, WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? The answer, gents, is in a large pile of ominous black steel and brushed aluminum and plastic, with a sort of goldenrod-colored lettering upon it; I speak of Nakamichi. Yea, verily, have I stumbled upon a grand assembly of components.
  4. A further update: I had occasion to play a DVD over the weekend. I've been building out my collection with Blu-ray movies, and HD downloads, so I rarely open a DVD anymore. I had a sudden desire to watch Iron Man (my inner child demanded it), so I popped that in the Oppo and pushed the go button. I have never seen upscaling that worked this well. Most players cause blurs, pixel flips, and other artifacts. In some cases the artifacts are so bad I'd not be surprised if Indiana Jones ran across the viewing room chased by a very large stone ball that was badly blurred foll
  5. The appearance seems quite nice, with perhaps the exception being the posting controls; mine seem to be light gray upon gray, and the contrast is not quite enough for my fatigued eyes. Performance appears to be much improved. Switching between threads, selecting between older and newer pages in long threads, and image loading - all far better. Yea, verily, it appears our forum mage has ascended a level.
  6. Or it could be the shiny things accumulated at Schloss Butcher. Four more bits yesterday - article to proceed forth once my creative side is replenished - and I've begun negotiations on yet another bit I've been searching for, lo these many years. That one component will complete a stack I've desired, lo these many years. At a certain point I will leave off the acquisitions and return to the long list of things that need refurbishment, returning all the bits to their shiny glory. Today is not the day for that, however, as I must patch a wall in the loo and slap a bit of prime
  7. No he's completely right. I've re-read that, adjusted the grammar and sentence structure thusly, and still I am not satisfied. My work is falling off, perhaps because my psyche is still focused on my latest acquisitions. Did I mention that I've enlarged my Nakamichi supply just a few hours ago? I gather not. Its a bit difficult for me to focus today. Audio nirvana, and all that.
  8. In my haste for jollity I completed missed this sentence at the beginning of your story, Kev. Outlaw Audio arrived on the scene during the few years when I was completely and utterly away from it. Apparently they were all the rage at one point, with a mission statement that seemed to be the basis for Emotiva and Schiit today. I cannot find much info on them, other than it was the old story of "former engineer(s) for (that company that used to be the dog's bollocks but now you'd only stop by to chat someone up while your missus dumps your household waste in the skip outside their office),
  9. The 1240 Preamplifier is indeed a wonderful preamp, very desirable as I have it arranged right now. I'll have some snaps of that before too long. I think I'll wait on my new lab table to arrive before I do that, as the current one is a bit on the tentative side.At present I've actually repurposed a built-in corner desktop that was pulled from a model home as it underwent preparations for its new owner. The thing is 6 foot along one side, 5 foot on the other, and I have it sitting on top of very high quality file cabinets which in turn sit upon furniture skates. Its layered in a very nice gray
  10. I am a poor photographer, apparently. I used to do remarkably well with a simple peasant 2MP camera, but it seems that with every increase in technology my ability suffers an inverse effect. This equipment does not look this bad in person. My Adcom preamplifier is nearly perfect, as is the DX5. The NAD does not look mottled in person - this one looks as if it has the pox. I'd blame the light, thats it. Note the required Pier1 "etagere". Possibly the most effective piece of audio furniture I've seen in 20 years. Stable yet easily movable, compact enough to go anywhere
  11. Well I took the other end of the equation and provided you with the proverbial one thousand words.. Well, its plain there's no satisfying you lot, so let me go clean up a bit and see what my camera obscura can capture. I believe I still have a photographic debt in regards to a few other components.
  12. "It was the oddest thing, your Honor - we didn't even have a campfire that evening..."
  13. Hello lads, its your slightly askew uncle Butcher here to talk about wonderful audio bits once more. This is a lengthy post, so perhaps pop the corn and draw a tankard of ale. Today we gather to discuss the new gear that has shown up at Schloss Butcher. Yes, I hear some of you saying "but you just said mere days ago that you were on hiatus until other things stopped costing you money". This is true, yet when one crosses paths with a proper deal, one must make the most of the opportunity. It was with this tenet in mind that I approached a wonderful stack of equipment an
  14. Yes, once cannot mince words when one contemplates their forum comfort, and I am glad to know that our overlord here is benevolent.
  15. The Bulgarians are a bit better than the Russians, I have heard.
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