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  1. Thats a particular divvy bit of prat that afflicts otherwise brilliant early models of the Stereo Dimensional Array speakers from Polk. An interconnect cable conjoins the two speakers carrying out of phase versions of each amplifier channel to the opposite channel's speaker. That signal is passed to one side of the SDA array, maths and physics happens, and each channel's crosstalk is nullified before it can reach the opposite ear. Quite nifty, actually. Bob Carver, the genius, did it with electronics so you can have a similar effect in most any good system without towers that are near two yard
  2. I know nothing about the mods for this amp, but I fear no mod as long as it doesn't involve welding or blacksmithing. I have no tubes, as I was soundly chastised here for even considering them. I do, however, have a very capable Hafler preamp that I've had completely reworked. It has a wonderful character and is somewhat effective at taming the flat, almost harsh character of my Hafler amps. I could also have a look-see for a C-1, and perform the correct mods on that one. Carver shiny has been a bit easier to find, of late.
  3. I happen to have just the right Polks here, provided this little sound sled is a common ground design. I have never seen any decent McIntosh speakers in my area, more's the pity.
  4. Just because I haven't been here doesn't mean I have not been finding new Carver bits. No, in fact I've been running hither and thither and snapping up Carver shinys like a certain madcap Italian plumber chases gold coins that inexplicably hover in mid-air. We won't speak of the mushrooms. As if the burgeoning stacks of audio components that threaten the structural integrity of the very floors of Schloss Butcher were not enough, I happened upon a quite equitable deal for an M1.5t recently. In a matter of hours, cash was placed in palm, amplifier placed in boot, amplifier added to
  5. Only when everything works, my friend. A component without the proper communicator makes me looney. Once in a great while I take a dive into the box o' many remotes at Dougie's Lair of Audio Exceptionalism and I come home with cheap handhelds just in case. I have Carver remotes for pieces I don't even own, which I think would be peak OCCD. While I would have no trouble replacing all 167 parts in the BillD modification roster, I would not feel right about that much of a modification. Even if I were up to it, the thought of putting counterfeit ALPS switches in my gear is
  6. Tell me more about this volume remote. I am intrigued.
  7. You own all of it, from what I've seen; all thats left to do is count the days and enjoy them, for victory is already yours.
  8. I'll get over that when you get over your Soundstream, mate! 😆
  9. My cherished fans, I must provide an update to the NAD saga: the stack took another step forward towards completeness this week. Yet another visit to Dougie's House of Audio Wonder led me to a smart-looking NAD 2150 amplifier. It was just sitting on a shelf, nary a scratch upon its near-40-year-old skin. All the bits were present, and no dents in the metal nor dog-chews on the cord, so it came home with me. I fully intended it to be open and refurbished by the end of next week, as I just happen to have the exact parts needed. Upon my arrival home I prepared to open the case for a
  10. As stalwart readers of my effluvial prose are aware, I'm the satisfied master of a Carver CT-3 tuner/preamplifier. Satisfied yet frustrated, as said component had no remote with it at the time of purchase. (What do people do with all of these remotes? It is a mystery. There are, perhaps, remote-coveting gnomes; short, ill-tempered little bastards that have a deep-seated longing to amass treasure out of convenience devices. I speculate that they are near neighbors - or even a long lost tribe - of those wretches that hoard keys, sunglasses, and one-half of a given pair of socks. They
  11. Those geezers played some of the best sounding music since music was invented. Its rare to find something that is so thrilling to listen to as both recreation and testing your kit. Allow me to recommend everything they've ever recorded.
  12. Indeed. Allow me to offer another instance that relates to yours, if merely tangentially. I recently took upon myself the burden of setting up a system for an old friend. To be more specific, we've been friends for many a year, and he's got more than a few years behind him. Still, he yearns for a good sounding stereo and I aim to steer him in a direction that's a good value and pleasing to the ears. I coached him into buying an NAD integrated, much the same as mine. Upon hearing said amp with several different speakers, I've established that the power circuit needs to be refreshe
  13. As it turns out, Cat Stevens is very appropriate for this system. Listening to a track from Matthew and Son, the percussive bits I mentioned just seem to jump out and hang in the air, shimmering. Cat's voice shines forth. The strings can be heard, individually. I'm sure that if one listened closely, one might hear buskers in the park across the lane from the studio, playing Jew's harp, spoons, and blowing bottles. Extraordinary.
  14. Ah, Fair Warning is excellent indeed. Mean Streets comes to mind, as does Unchained. The former has this wild, galloping easiness to it that builds up into a full on riot. The latter explodes right out of the box, burns as a bright flame, and makes me wish it was at least a minute longer.
  15. In times past I've regaled you lot with tales of my various system escapades. I've gone through several pair of speakers before settling upon a wonderful pair of Polk towers, near completely upgraded to a level that might make even Michael Bay pronounce it "enough". Sources have gone through various media players including a rather nice Marantz universal disc (Blu-ray / SACD) before settling into a stellar Oppo 103D, based upon the advice of a few here, most notably the esteemed Sk1Bum. With both fore and aft of the good ship Audio laid upon the keel that is my living room at Sch
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