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  1. McGowan went into detail on that subject. It certainly changed my perspective. The thought that all the Laurel Canyon bands were manufactured was disheartening, but discovering that the go to was Glen Campbell - oh, that was rich.
  2. No need to apologize. I think there was something wrong with the lot of them. The writer/investigator Dave McGowan found their story very interesting; the band materialized from nothing, fronted by a bloke who, despite having no musical training, happened to have quite the library of songs already written, all arranged by a film student who had little keyboard experience. Reading Mr. McGowan's perspective on all that went on in and around the Laurel Canyon crowd was quite interesting. I was an enormous fan of the Doors in my day, but the luster has worn off. If their story is true, we'r
  3. Agreed. Even evil people can do good things, therefore I respect his music.
  4. Agreed, but there were certain times his nasal warbling was appropriate. For instance, he performed on the soundtrack for that peak-80s movie, Band of the Hand. The opening titles were underwritten by his track Hell Town Man, a great rambling blues wreck that kicked Link Wray up a notch, albeit slightly more polished. And of course who could forget Lay Lady Lay? For decades I'd thought that was Charlie Rich or someone of that crowd. Imagine my surprise on one fateful day, when I heard that track on the radio and stuck around long enough to hear the DJ say, "And that was the great Bob Dylan..."
  5. If we must... https://theweek.com/articles/730219/sexual-predators-everyone-still-worships There is far more to the story than any "reputable" rag will print.
  6. Indeed. Shock jocks detracted from people who had actual talent and a rapport with their audience. In the 70s and 80s FM in the west was blessed by the likes of John "Records" Landecker and Russ Albums, people who developed long-lasting fans who followed them through their career. Albums in particular has the most distinctive baritone you will ever hear, and he always seemed to know exactly what to say, no wasted words. On the more commercial side of things one could partake of Wolfman Jack and Casey Kasem (one of the most comforting and engaging voices to ever work a pop-shield). This al
  7. I recall Dahl's demolition night, as it made it on the news far and wide, even where I was. I believe it reflected the growing frustration in the country at all of the more complex forms of music that were being pushed aside in favor of this new flavor of bubblegum. Disco may have been responsible in part for the demise of prog rock, which was a definite loss to the collective musical ear of the western world. It also helped give rise to the Dadaist punk rock movement. I'm on the fence about that, as without punk we'd never have seen the New Wave of the late Seventies. No Blondie,
  8. Another question for you lot, regarding the capabilities of the Oppo 103D. I've recently wanted to watch a few Blu-ray movies and I've always been thwarted by the Sonos bar, which can't handle anything but Dolby Digital. I'm of the understanding that there are a couple of Samsung Blu-ray players that will convert DTS to DD on the fly, as they say in the vernacular. My stellar Oppo player seems to do everything from upscaling to pure audio output to mixing a passable Harvey Wallbanger. Can the Oppo 103D transcode audio ? (For the record, I did RTFM, saw lots of arcane s
  9. As long as they're musical and they make my system sound like a veil has been lifted, without being sterile, I'll be satisfied.
  10. Humor aside, I have never heard them referred to by that term. Now I look that up and I see an actual factory data sheet with that across the top. I don't know whether to be happy I learned something or chagrined that I had something to learn. This will require a flagon and deep contemplation. I know them. We didn't sell them - we had no room for any more lines - but they're respected. Out of production now, though, yes? Indeed.
  11. You bought the 9 Kappas instead of the Kappa 9? The former are just a cheap knockoff of the original, and shouldn't be considered in the same breath. They were more like 2.5 Kappas and not one Iota of quality. So there. I would prefer they looked like pre-UniQ KEF 107, or perhaps B&W 801s. Snell? Is that when you start out with a sneer, but then relax into a smile ? Bloody hell, now I know what it feels like to be a Jimmy Grant. How do I apply for a Visa, or MasterCard or whatever you use there?
  12. I may or may not pursue the Kappas (Kappae?). I understand they are some kind of evil spirit that occasionally require a sacrifice in the form of an otherwise healthy amplifier. I've labored too hard at my collection to jeopardize any of it. I also just learned he has had the midrange drivers replaced. No surprise, but its uncommonly hard to find a proper replacement. There are lookalike driver candidates, to be certain, but they don't present the same inductive load or some such arcane thing. Instead I may take a journey down a road I've never traveled, and that's into tube count
  13. Its been something like a month since I've shelled out the hard-earned for any audio gear. I decided to correct that. A 90 minute round trip and a bunch of green paper I had scattered about Schloss Butcher turned into a pair of nice-looking Energy "Reference Connoisseur" RC-30 mini-towers, and a very heavy small sub, the Energy Microstar (I forget the model number). The speakers say "designed and engineered in Canada" which translates to "Made in China" as far as I know. They actually sound good. The highs are clean but not as silky as what I'd like, and there's an artificial bass
  14. I still have my LPs. I'd like to hear the difference between an original pressing of Women and Children First and the remastered CD(s). As an aside, this was my first VH album and also my favorite. Although there was only the one charting song off that LP, I think that overall it represents VH at full flower. Exemplary arrangements, David's voice was flawless and full of character (and before he'd become a caricature of himself), and each instrument came through brilliantly.
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