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  1. What a great set up. It pays to be patient and keep looking for exactly what you want.
  2. Please count me in with 40, I like many other on here have never experienced the Tube magic. The closest I have ever come to tube rolling was working in a TV repair shop (my first job in 1986) mostly loading and unloading big console TV's and then checking tubes on the machine.
  3. @gentlejax sorry but another member bought this unit.
  4. Happy Birthday @DrummerJuice hope its a damn fantastic one.  

    1. DrummerJuice


      Thank you! It was!


  5. Welcome, happy you found us, please share more details of your system when you can.
  6. @gentlejax sorry for my late response, I was on vacation last week and had limited connectivity. I had $200 in mind as a starting point but am open to offers, I just don't need it and I got another one in a package deal. Where are you located so we can consider shipping into the equation?
  7. @B-Man Brian, whats a fair price, $200? I honestly don't know. I am willing to work with anyone interested.
  8. This is my very first preamp that I bought with my M1.5 back in 1994 I believe. It’s been a great unit but I just don’t need 4 pre’s, as I have upgraded to some Bill D modded units and also acquired a C-11 to go with the black stack of equipment. The face and knobs are in good shape 8/10, the cover is scratched and will need a repaint. Happy to send more pics on request.
  9. @Butcher that's a good price you paid for a 103 D model, our local classifieds have the same model and the asking price is $845 I paid $250 for my 103 non Darbee edition which I though was great price as well. I hope you continue to enjoy the OPPO and explore it's many options.
  10. Yes Sir, lol, Chevy guy for life, all motor sizes (except the 632 which I will have some day) I have had in my 69 Chevelle since 1987 when I got it while still in high school.
  11. Oh this would be a great piece to have in the workout area, Please count me in with 283, 327, 427, 496 and 632 thanks for the great Karma Kevin
  12. please count me in with 69
  13. Brian, thoughts and prayers to you and your family during these difficult times.
  14. Glad to hear you will be back soon. I agree with @Turbo and lets get together when you are back and caught up at home.
  15. excellent Karma, please count me in with 25
  16. @Turbo Daddyjt and I both live in Syracuse and yes it rocked us pretty good as well. Same for me, with no visible damage and we are all good and safe.
  17. @Dnspy007 I could use one, I purchased a C-11 that is pretty gooped up on the face and knobs too and I haven't taken the time to attempt cleaning it yet. This may be good insurance if I can't get the face to clean up. Appreciate the karma. Will send a PM
  18. Welcome Rob, You have come to the right place for anything and everything Carver related. The group here is fantastic and the wealth of knowledge is beyond amazing. When you get a chance after a few posts you will be able to post pics and well all love pics. Look around and if you have questions or need help with your MXR-150 there are many people here that can point you in the right direction. Cheers
  19. Happy Birthday, may you have a fantastic day and many more to come.
  20. @Bobby1970 Have a Happy Birthday and celebrate the last of the 40's.
  21. Happy Birthday @CT-Seven, hope its a damn good one.
  22. Please count me in with 28, outstanding work gentlemen
  23. @Zenith4me Happy Birthday, hope its a fantastic one.
  24. Hello Bwest. Welcome to the site. It’s quite an amazing and knowledgable group of folks here. I am also in Utah just up in Syracuse
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