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  1. Is there any politician or member of the press talking about it? If so, it is pseudoscience even if Stephen Hawking wrote it originally.
  2. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    Couple of you mentioned needing something to keep a list. Take a look at collectorz.com. I use their book, dvd, and music software.
  3. This is a case of you needing to be the squeaky wheel. 95% of our managers are too busy micromanaging the people who are actually working and not doing their job. They couldn't do the job of a clerk or carrier and they had sufficient golf ball and straw skills to get into management. You need to go in there and talk to one of these mental midgets in person. The piece of paper the wrote your information on got laid down 30 seconds after you got off of the phone and will never be seen again.
  4. Barry talk to the station manager or postmaster. They can find the gps location where the package was scanned delivered. It may have been delivered to the wrong address or it may have been delivered to yours and a pourch pirate got it. Take a look at your side door. Your regular carrier may leave packages at front door but a sub may leave at another. Look under and behind stuff at your doors. Sometimes packages get stashed so they aren't visible to pourch pirates
  5. I heard in an office I was working in today the office normally gets about 10000 parcels lately they have been getting 15-18000 parcels a day.
  6. This should be the company I was thinking about. http://revolve-cd.com/video-transfer/film-transfer/
  7. There is a company in Richmond va that is/was supposed to be very good at doing. this. They used to be on one of my routes but I'm drawing a blank on the name. If you'd like I'll try to dig them up.
  8. Depends on if my work pants are in the bathroom. Unless I've finished a roll and haven't grabbed a replacement
  9. Who else misread the thread title and read Betty White?
  10. You and your family have my sympathies for your loss
  11. No radio no AC you are lucky if the little fan works. Unless you have a curbside route, where you dont leave the truck, the windows must be up when you leave the truck to deliver the block.
  12. My brother needs to have one with his doctor. How do you do this on an Android phone, Samsung J3 iirc? Thanks
  13. Still patching USPS buildings together on a daily basis.
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