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  1. Apparently Mark knopfler played the guitar for this
  2. Think I have a yoko Ono that I got in a lot purchase
  3. Of the 2 I'd rather get hugged by Taylor Swift. I do think her public personality is that of a spoiled brat that needs to be turned over someones lap and spanked.
  4. Could we add a section with what documentation there is for the various Carverfest builds? Finally getting back to fixing a bug in my second CF275 and it took a while to find the build manual because the one I printed out back in 2018 had gotten misplaced.
  5. Dont think they ever saw a need to do a balad. They are high energy from start to finish. What the hell would Angus do during a balad? He would probably explode.
  6. Running a bit behind on my part but downloads are active again
  7. I'd say it's a toss up between anything by Yoko Ono and 99% of rap ever produced
  8. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    The way I read it was the subscription kept the software useable or the actual software is online only, like Adobe acrobat, and you had to pay the subscription to use it. You never got lifetime updates with the collectorz software when I bought it. You got 1 free year of updates. After that year you could continue to use the software version you bought, as long as you wanted to, or wait until a future version with additional features you wanted came out and buy that upgrade at a discount off new.
  9. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    I've been using it 15-20. Its probably been 10 since I last upgraded it. I took a look to see if they were still around and see they have gone to an annual subscription type of business model This would be a deal breaker to me. I'm a firm believer in owning not renting software.
  10. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    I wouldn't trust them if I had the weight on the thin shelves. The way mbskeam and I have them there is 4z the material taking the load.
  11. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    I got 4 of the 3 hole shelves like mksbeam used. Stacked them 4 high. Put metal straps at each end joint in the back to tie them together. Then anchored the top to the wall. Filled all but 1 hole. I'd rather have built a nice set, but these were quick and relatively cheap. I'd been using a milk crate type crate stacked 2 high and after 10 years they had started to say angel lean. Got home one night and one had dumped.
  12. Packratt

    vinyl storage

    Couple of you mentioned needing something to keep a list. Take a look at collectorz.com. I use their book, dvd, and music software.
  13. This should be the company I was thinking about. http://revolve-cd.com/video-transfer/film-transfer/
  14. There is a company in Richmond va that is/was supposed to be very good at doing. this. They used to be on one of my routes but I'm drawing a blank on the name. If you'd like I'll try to dig them up.
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