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  1. Sad news indeed. Sorry to hear. Thanks for all the notes Charlie....R. I. P. .....
  2. Welcome to the forum sir. Glad to have you aboard....
  3. Welcome to the forum Sir. Glad to have you on board.....
  4. Ran across this picture in a antique shop in Springfield Mo.
  5. Happy Birthday Sir.... Have a great day.......
  6. I’ve always had good results with bone in Ribeye’s. Salt and pepper for seasoning, charcoal grill set for indirect cooking. Place steaks on grill and either Pecan or Oak chips for that Steakhouse flavor for 10 min or so depending on the thickness of the meat. Then direct flame for 4 min on each side. Serve with melted seasoned butter......
  7. Welcome to the forum Sir. Glad to have you aboard...
  8. Not New But Tough to find..........
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