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  1. My Schiit Modi 3 ($99) will playback files up to and including 24/192. At <$100 a sound product at a sane price. But, if you have the $2500 Yggdrasil is the way to go. I'm a huge fan ray
  2. To keep folks involved and meeting up with each other we generally spread the evening meal duties around to each cabin. Participation here will determine where the group spends a good part of your evening getting to know one another. We encourage your input. Cabin 1- Cabin 2- Cabin 6- Cabin 7- Cabin 8- Cabin 9- Cabin 10- Cabin 11- Loft 1- Loft 2- Loft 3- Treehouse A- Treehouse B- Treehouse C- Treehouse D- Thank you for your support ray
  3. I booked Cabin 11 last week. Thanks for the help Ed! ray
  4. I'm in on a couple of T-shirts Ed. ray
  5. Has there been a discussion with Watershed concerning Covid-19, how it may impact the event and how monies paid will be managed if for some reason we need to cancel/reschedule CarverFest2020? ray
  6. It'll be good to have you back!! How long do you plan to stay? Any idea what you might bring in the way of a rig? ray
  7. Ready, set, go Grand Funk The Boss The Chairman Led Zeppelin Dean Martin Lady Gaga ray Boston
  8. Schiit debuted 4, count em 4 new preamps. Jason is calling the event ‘Thunder-dome’ Different technologies and footprints but all have remotes and pricing starts at $299. Great stuff at great prices. Made in the good ol USofA. ray Nice looking stack my friend. No worries on the trade mark infringement. Bwaahahaha ray
  9. Jetho Tull live on ThePortableRig(tm) ray
  10. I’ve been thinking of building a SchiitStack of their new gear and selling off TheOfficeRig(tm). That lineup would be Schiits SOL TT, Freya pre, a Bifrost multibit and a pair of Vidar amplifiers. Thinking outloud. ray and using my John Broskie Aikido phono pre build
  11. Gary, you are sorely missed my friend ray
  12. Every time Watershed changes/loses help our process suffers. Victoria is the new girl in charge of reservations this year. It took a little while, maybe 10 minutes but she got me registered at a great price. Painless!! and the best audio Fest going. ray
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