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  1. Ha! My granddaughter - the very apple of my eye, the sun itself, my heart goes boom, boom, boom every time she smiles - at not yet three years old, she knows the words (and the character's choreographed movements!) to all of the Disney movie songs! I've got the "Disney Princess" playlist at Amazon music playing for her. She's esp. fond of princesses! She is SO CLOSE to having Alexa recognize her words... As soon as that happens consistently, we're in trouble here... 😀
  2. Nice setup man. And interesting history. Welcome aboard. Look forward to hearing more from you.
  3. One of my go-to albums for system and setup testing. But just now listening to it on Amazon Music. Not bad...
  4. What a great idea! I couldn't resist... just had to convert my pristine Oppo BDP-105. (Hope he doesn't have any Intellectual Property Rights)! But can I get some help here? It loads and plays discs but I don't get any sound or picture. I only removed what I had to, to get the bowls to fit. Thanks, Gary
  5. Man! I just found something. I can't believe it took me so long to dive deeper, but there it was. I found a (hopefully) helpful setting? Looking into the HEOS app a bit further, I found this: From the HEOS "MUSIC" main screen (where you see all the various possible streaming services) I selected the config/ settings wheel at the top left. From there, "MY DEVICES." And then my unit - "Denon AVR-X3700H." In this menu screen we have four or five fields and an interesting config setting called, "Quality" (of all things). It was set to "Normal" by default. The options are "Normal" and "High." So, naturally, I've now set it to "High." Why this comes set to "Normal" by default is mystifying. And just what the differences might be, I'll hopefully soon find out. (I'm guessing one might set it to normal if they had a busy wireless network? Who knows). But my wi-fi speed is nuts fast and push to shove, I can pretty easily run an ethernet cable back there, but I shouldn't need to. I get over 700Mbps back there on the 5GHz band. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the help guys. EDIT: Doing some online research, it looks like this might only apply to HEOS groups - between the shared or linked HEOS devices. Hell, it was worth a shot and I'll leave it set to High.
  6. Quick question... have you guys used Denon's HEOS much for streaming and how would you compare the stick to HEOS? Any differences? Thanks, Gary
  7. I picked up this copy of Pink Floyd’s “Animals” a few months ago. I’ve been doing research and I’m on the prowl for the best pressings of some of my favorites. (Thus, I’m liking this thread idea very much). PINK FLOYD “ANIMALS.” Guthrie and Plante das boot recording remaster 2011. Also known as Capitol Records 2011 Discovery Issue Catalog and Bar Code Number: 5099902895123 This CD takes me back. It is mind-bogglingly good. The sound floor is so far down it’s a vacuum - that pulls you in. Beautiful dynamics. The detail, the imaging, the soundstage, everything is spot on. I've heard things I've never noticed before: On “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” at the beginning, after the sound effects and the keyboards whish in, the bass guitar intro actually feels like it’s moving around ever so slightly in space – out there in the middle upper sound-field, it whirls too – in a tight little half circle, up and then down again. And all the myriad sound effects on the album, the animal noises between the songs, it’s all there, you miss nothing. All the insane panning throughout. It pulls you in and you are lost in the music. (And not for nothing, this album has some of Water’s best bass guitar work (some you can almost miss in the last half of “Pigs (Three),” but not on this issue). And Gilmour makes the best and most apropos use of the wha-pedal in the history of Rock & Roll). An aside: “Animals” is one of my favorite albums of all time and my favorite Floyd album. I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time: sitting on the floor of my bedroom when I was a young teenager and listening to the LP on an inexpensive turntable with a cheap set of Koss headphones and being just plain blown away – almost life-changing. (We had just read “Animal Farm” in English class and the album transported me… with a little help from some weed). 😁 It was one of my first times with headphones too and I remember being astonished by the stereo separation.
  8. Well, the Amazon Music app through my Samsung Smart TV (HDMI ARC to AVR) is an epic fail. It plays alright... but at *literally* 10dB lower in volume. It'd be fine for background music but if I wanted to crank it up... I can't imagine I'm doing anything wrong or have some settings incorrect. It all looks fine. If I switch from Bitstream to PCM it gets louder but that's not a solution. Go figure. I guess I'll go ahead and get the stick.
  9. Thanks. I'm going to try using the Samsung Smart TV app for Amazon Music too - just found out about that. But I'd like to compare the two. Using the Fire Stick attached to my Oppo might give me better results.
  10. Anyone tried this for streaming? I've been a bit unimpressed with streaming since I started it, so very late to the game, about 8 months ago, when I got my new Denon X3700H AVR. Everything is through HEOS with the Denon. I've read a lot of complaints about the interface but that doesn't bother me so much. It's the quality of the music - even Ultra HD high bit-rate stuff, on both Amazon Prime and TIDAL. It just doesn't seem to sound as good as it should. My CDs almost always sound better - better even than the 192kHz/24 bit stuff. It's not terrible... I was just expecting better. I have a superfast internet connection, so no problems there. I don't currently have a PC that I can dedicate to the system for streaming so I was thinking about other, not so expensive, options - and wonder if this Fire Stick might work with my Oppo BDP-105 (also new to me). If it might give me better results streaming Amazon Music and TIDAL. Anyone using the Fire Stick? Thanks in advance, Gary
  11. He'll never have to call a plumber for a stopped up drain...
  12. Good thread, thanks. Lots of great bass lines there. But I'm looking for more really really really low bass notes in songs. It is crazy how low those notes on that Scaggs song are.
  13. What songs do you guys like for testing your sub or low frequency output/ quality on 2-channel playback? I have a few favorites, but just thought I'd share another. This one many of you may already know because it's one of Paul's Picks at PS Audio: Boz Scaggs, "Thanks to You." (Paul's list shows it on "Essential Boz Scaggs." But I'm finding it on "Dig" on both Amazon Music and Tidal). Paul talks about how most systems won't do justice to the low synth note at the end of the intro, and if you get a good response there, you probably have decent bass integration/ playback. When I first read his list, I played the song on YouTube to check it out and hearing the bass, I was like, hmm, that doesn't seem so low or difficult. But... naturally, even though my PC system with decent soundcard, speakers and sub sounds pretty good, it wasn't finding those low notes. Not close. The track continues with notes just as low throughout. Lots of really, really low bass – the sort that even at medium volume gets your body buzzing. On my HT setup with my SVS Ultra Towers and my SVS subs, I'm hearing good clean wonderful sounding bass down in the 30Hz range and maybe lower, from what I can tell. Crazy low bass and nice to test your setup and sub integration. Just thought I’d put it out there as something to test your bass if you haven’t tried it yet. I have other favorites too – some Genesis tracks I’m real familiar with, e.g., “Firth of Fifth.” But that’s more for overall quality, not quite as low as those licks in “Thanks to You.” And then there’s Kanye West’s “Runaway” that’s an onslaught of low bass throughout – a serious test, esp. at volume. Boz Scaggs “Thanks to You.” (Really low synth licks here and there). Genesis “Firth of Fifth” (More of a melodic test - Rutherford's bass guitar). Kanye West “Runaway.” (Slamming synth throughout). What songs do you guys use to test bass? What songs get real, real low? I’d like to put some I haven’t thought of or heard on my list.
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