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  1. Yeah… I remember reading about that – and Keith Richards wondering why the “sisters” didn’t understand that the song is about the horrors of slavery!? Ha! Yeah, right, and Mein Kampf is about the horrors of antisemitism! Don’t get me wrong, I hate this cancel culture nonsense, the silencing of voices and this fragile, pathetic, hypersensitive world we now live in. Sing about anything, everything. Put Mein Kampf to music and if it rocks, I’ll listen. Rocking out to “Brown Sugar” doesn’t make me a racist. But Keith Richards is an odd duck, man. In his book he talks
  2. garyh

    Clean M1.5t

    I'll give you $300. 😃
  3. Anyone seen the old Stones documentary, “Sympathy for the Devil?” I'm reading Keith Richard’s autobiography, “Life” on Kindle. It was just a few bucks, so I thought, why not. I'm only about 20% in but it’s not bad. The style is a sort of fireside reminiscing – it reads like he’s sitting in a rocking chair and telling the stories of his youth and life. But it got me to watch the Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” documentary on Amazon Prime. Made in 1968 and directed by Godard it’s a mess; interspersed with social commentary in the form of long goofy vigne
  4. Happy Birthday Barry! ...And many more!
  5. Welcome! Sounds like you have some nice gear. You'll fit right in here... why have just one! I've got a few M500-ts. Expecting two back from Greg in the very near future, refurbed and upgraded to MKII. We all love pics; as soon as you're able, give us a peek. Welcome to the forum. A great place with a great group of knowledgeable and experienced guys.
  6. Nice and varied kit man! Very sweet! Stick around and keep us posted. I've got two M500-ts in for service and upgrade with Greg and can't wait to get them back - swap out the two (old, tired, long out of service M500-ts) now driving my new SVS Ultra Towers (bi-amped) and revel in the difference.
  7. Wow, I won something. Thanks. 

    Randy Chilson

    7831 McNeal Farm Cir

    Baltimore, Maryland 21237

    1. garyh


      And you aren't even that far away!  Great.  I'll try to get it out within next few days.  Hope you enjoy it!  Gary

  8. garyh

    Get Back

    I'm about half-way through. I find Yoko’s presence just plain creepy; like a malevolent wraith—at times seemingly unseen, but felt in the room, like those long-haired phantoms in Japanese horror flicks. There’s an aggressive posture about her, too. I get the feeling John would have been fine without her; he and Paul seem to get along well for the most part. I don’t get the sense that she is a security blanket for him, but rather, there for her own (power construct) reasons, while John yields. But then, he must know that her attendance is, at the very least, awkward for the other members,
  9. Here's a video of his I found just recently and was delighted. (It's on his other YT channel--Rick Beato 2). They list 10 "Perfect Albums." There are a few I might not be on board with but overall, great list. When Rick announced Genesis's "A Trick of the Tail" as one of his picks for a perfect album, it made me like him even more. It's one of my favorites. Def. best Genesis album sans Gabriel and overall, musically, probably their best, IMO. I listen to this CD all the time, man, and it's one of the first album covers I framed years ago. Dance on a Volcano just plain rocks; one o
  10. Agree. I watch his videos all the time. Dude knows music theory like no one else on YT that I've seen. (And his son is a freaking prodigy to the nth degree--able to name notes as they are played--even intervals and chords--as quickly as they come. I come across so many people in my business who think they have perfect pitch, and they are invariably completely delusional. But he taught his son from such an early age, the kid is a pitch prodigy--true perfect pitch. And he himself is very accomplished too, naming notes by relative pitch--and that in itself is no small feat). But I love
  11. Haven't heard this in years. Just found my CD (my wife had absconded with it. We listened to it so often when we were courting, back in the early 90s). But man, via my new Oppo BDP-105 and SVS Ultra Towers - it's never sounded so fricking good.
  12. Welcome! I'm relatively new here too, but I can't tell you how much I've learned already. This place is filled with experts and exceptionally knowledgeable people on just about every subject, not just Carver. And a better bunch I've never come across on the Web. So many friendly, helpful and charitable souls. Stay awhile. Share your story. And everyone loves pics! Pics of your equipment and setup! Hope to get to know you better, Gary in VA.
  13. Don't know why that video went away so fast (my post above), but I'll try it again with a new link. Call me a romantic, but the chemistry here is palpable and endearing. The way they look into each others' eyes... Life is worth living if you get that just once in your life--let alone many times. But this is what I'm listening to just now. Still evaluating the SVS Ultra Towers (taking my time and getting to know the speakers VERY well)... Rock music testing phase...
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