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  1. Yeah, the Grateful Dead is nearly another subject altogether. I have a good friend who's been to hundreds of their shows. I saw them just once - with him back in college at University of Virginia in 82. But I made the mistake of taking a little "trip" beginning just before the show started. I don't remember much. I left early and made my way back to my dorm room. I do remember staring for hours at my suite mate's Van Halen "Fair Warning" poster... Needless to say, a missed opportunity. And my first and last "trip." /gh Ps. Rob, some impressive ticket stubs there. Is the
  2. My first was KISS. December 1976 at the Capital Center, outside DC. I was 14, in the 8th grade at the time. Our dad dropped us off and picked us up after. Me, my two brothers, my cousin. (Why do we take so long realizing how cool our dads are)? My older brother was a huge fan. I liked them well enough, but they weren’t really my thing. But for a rock concert in the 70s, it was downright epochal. My main memory from the show – other than the musty fog of weed so thick it veiled everything in the huge arena and the pyrotechnics, of course – was the open
  3. Anything? Really... anything? I'm not into vinyl except - and that's a BIG EXCEPT... for artwork. I've been mounting LP covers for years - before it became as popular as it is now; back when nice frames for LPs were *so* hard to find. I used to comb through secondhand stores for cheap pictures – just for the frames that might work for LPs. I’d tear out the existing artwork and insert an album cover. And they’ve been a staple gift I give to friends and family. My sister saved my record collection after my mom passed and my father moved from our old house. (I was in CA). I b
  4. Another favorite. This version doesn't have the cool intro from the album - "... if you're late again, the supervisor said we're going to put you on daily sign-in." Love this cover...
  5. This is a great idea for a thread... Here are a few more - hopefully, I'm not re-posting others favorites...
  6. Surprised I don't see this one - but then it's probably one of those previous post links that no longer exist...
  7. Dang! You guys don't miss anything... No, no Hawkeye African, but a handful of Rugers.
  8. Well, this is where it appears to sound best for now (pics)… but I get the sense it would work just about anywhere – even 70 ft away tucked into the guest bedroom corner for that matter – and adjusted for level. Close to the front wall just doesn’t work. Primarily, my flush-mounted mains get so low now, and sound so nice throughout the range, working with the wall as they are, neither subwoofer blends very well up there. The front right corner would be ideal – but it just doesn’t sound right – seems to mess with the mains doing their thing with the front wall. For m
  9. Nah, the stock Dunlop Trailmax 610s (90/10) that came with my 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Love them on the road and they really aren't too shabby on the dirt/ gravel (as long as it's not wet). I'll go with 80/20s when I swap them out but I don't want to sacrifice too much road comfort.
  10. Jimmy Page at Seattle Center Coliseum - July 17, 1973?
  11. You are too right 4krow... ran a quick preliminary test using manual settings on AVR and in that corner - it's a no go. Far too overwhelming. Esp. considering I want good solid subtle power, I'm going to test behind the couch. It's not so hard to move now - I placed sliders under the sub's feet. Pretty easy to slide around on the hardwood floor. Alas, it's too heavy to place in the seating position and do the "crawl." Unless I can get my son back over soon to help heft it up there. So, I'll just slide it around from position to position - I'm a patient man and sort of
  12. And here it is where I hope it might stay (will do the setup and test later today): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And with a record next to it for scale: It’s big. I'm happy. I'll keep you posted... Gary
  13. I know I'm just catching up with many of you (with your big bad-ass subwoofers), but this is the first speaker I’ve purchased in over 17 years. A new subwoofer so fricking big it ships on a pallet. And entailed all sorts of weird shipping details – one of which should have been a phone call prior to delivery but they had the wrong number. Thus, it took a week longer than it should have. It was fine though, I had plenty of work still to do in the room. Here it is in the garage right after delivery: --------------------------------------
  14. Dialing in one sub while I'm waiting on delivery of another. This CD is chockablock with heavy *heavy* bass. Edit: PS... doing the "sub crawl."
  15. I'm a CD guy for the most part. Will probably be moving over to FLAC too, soon - a good friend of mine turned me onto it. Haven't had a record player in decades. Gary
  16. In my thoughts and prayers. God bless...
  17. Ok, not actually listening right now, but as soon as I have my system set back up, I'm playing these two songs first to test the setup in stereo mode. They've been my go-to samples to test speakers/ sound for years. I love Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus" front to back and always have, but "Tripe Face Boogie" starting at around 1:53 (with that synthesizer) somehow tells me everything I need to know about the speakers and setup. https://youtu.be/yPn1CzkuBD0 Re. my second choice - I'm more of a Genesis-with-Gabriel fan (with Gabriel, they are actually my favorite g
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