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  1. I love cranking " summit ". Whats your favorite rave tubes?
  2. Please put in the correct spot or delete. Thanks.
  3. No worries. I was confused at first until I read your first reply on ' happy with your system '👌
  4. 4Krow...? Did I do something wrong? Nevermind...I just read your other reply. 😆
  5. Greatest hits sounds absolutely stunning on the vega Frankensteins being fed by some Carver power!
  6. Not sure if I posted this in the right place.
  7. Crank it up! Do not enlarge video.
  8. I actually have this on cd somewhere...😄
  9. Kind of. He wears a mouse hat/ helmet..lol. A lot of fans refer to him as dead' mouse '. Good music though.
  10. I'm going to feel sorry for my amp, vega Frankensteins , AND more importantly...my neighbors tonight...🤣. ...On the roster is a long healty dose of loud "Deadmau5". This stuff taxes the equipment greatly. Lots of low end bass extension and extremely loud generated sounds. Another video will likely follow.😎
  11. I play that every Friday night. I have their greatest hits cd. This and other great bands of the 60s-70's. Picture listening to this at about 400 watts, lights off...nothing but strobe lights...wacked out of your mind on beer and weed. It is your own " private Woodstock " in your basement...lol
  12. I agree on the Joe Rogen experience. When headphones were allowed at work...I listened to a lot of his podcasts. Anything dealing with ufo's or government cover ups peaks my interest.
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