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  1. I play that every Friday night. I have their greatest hits cd. This and other great bands of the 60s-70's. Picture listening to this at about 400 watts, lights off...nothing but strobe lights...wacked out of your mind on beer and weed. It is your own " private Woodstock " in your basement...lol
  2. Hey there is a lot of gullible people out there...case in point...maybe a bit off topic... but one of my co- workers has given over $100,000 to a Phillipino ex prostitute in the last 6-7 years. " A fool and his money are soon parted ". Point is if you want to believe in something bad enough...common sense takes an exit.
  3. I agree on the Joe Rogen experience. When headphones were allowed at work...I listened to a lot of his podcasts. Anything dealing with ufo's or government cover ups peaks my interest.
  4. I had one of these back in the day. Mine looked identical...86 gsxr1100. Had aftermarket smoothbores and a pipe. Back when I was young and a hooligan. Cops had a bet amongst themselves who would get my license first. 1 of about 35 street bikes I have owned.
  5. Ford ranger during the winter months...Genesis coupe 3.8, Kawasaki zx9r, Honda xr650l for spring, summer and fall months.?
  6. Buddy at work kept singing this over and over for about a week..." torturing " everyone...lol
  7. Mine has and still is a 03 ford ranger 4x4. I was in an accident 3 years back during winter and needed a vehicle fast to get back to work. I live 25 miles away from my job. The truck had a fresh inspection on it and drove good so I bought it. Within a few weeks it was thumping a bit from the front end when going over bumps. Took it to a mechanic who checked it out and said " Your wheel is about to fall off "...and that's where the long journey began. I bought the truck for $3000 and have put $3000 into it over 3 years. Passenger side upper control arm, both front wheel hubs, front sway bar links, 2 front rotors, drivers side caliper, both rear drums, hold down kits, wheel cylinders, both emergency brake cables, shocks front and rear, exhaust, coil, plugs, wires, both front lower control arms, body work, box has been taken off twice to patch up frame, gas tank strap. I am probaly forgetting a few things ...This has all happened in 30,000 miles! The only reason I have kept it is because I need a 4×4 for the winter time where I live...." Ford Tough"....yeah right. Once this is done I will never buy another ford product. That felt good to get that off of my chest...lol
  8. It's a video of my pm1.5a and cerwin vega 380 se's. Any idea what the length would have to be (1 mb ) to download without any problems? Thanks
  9. Just want to know if I can download a video I made using Lunapic. If so how long of a duration can it be? Thanks
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