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  1. I would guess so, I just picked somebody with good feedback and crossed my fingers then shipped the C1. Worked out well for me
  2. Marksound is the company name, Bernie is the guy I was emailing.... no clue if he is a member of the site
  3. Actually I saw jazzman’s videos on YouTube, contacted him, he told me about this site... we are already talkin’ i sent the C1 to marksound in Schaumburg I’ll,, it was an eBay “purchase”. He’s handy with a soldering iron I can confirm that very clean shiny solder cones. I did clean up flux on both pieces I was always anal about flux residue. I do think the flux was 1980’s vintage, it was on components not related to the updates.
  4. Bought the C1 on Craigslist for $75 and sent it out to get the BillD mod done. Was traveling a lot at the time and didn’t really have hobby time then. Found the M200t on EBay and it had just been refreshed. Paid a premium for that but felt it was worth it. The project I would like to tackle is building a set of electrostatic speakers. That one speaks to me
  5. Been several days with no overload, not claiming victory yet but looking promising. I was a Fire Controlman in the navy years ago and worked on gun and missile guidance radars and computers (taught Radar for a few years also) made a career out of working on aviation automation, navigation systems maintenance. My world has moved on to software so the old component level troubleshooting is a bit rusty 🤨. I was convinced it was the amps protection circuit but at the load side of the amp. When I read the thread about C1 tone controls causing a overload condition in the amp, the lightbulb went
  6. Thanks, appreciate the comment. Wish I still had my woodworking plans for the cabinet, they are comical. Forgot to wear a dust mask when spraying the finish... varnished my nose hairs... dumb move
  7. Top to bottom live wire power conditioner Tascam CD-200 Emotiva UMC-200 Carver AV-405 Carver M-0.5t Denon DP-300f turntable polk LSI-15 mains Mirage nansats for surrounds changed the picture, close up of the rack mounted gear and an overall picture of the entertainment console. I made the console with the idea of left and right 19” rack mounts (I play guitar and was going to make the left side into a guitar rack, never got past the idea stage on that one). Center channel speaker spot was made for the Polk center channel speaker. The rest of
  8. Been a member for about 7 hours and have already found a thread that may have been helpful to my m200t overload issue. Dirty pot in the right channel bass control in the C1 and slightly dirty at that. I hit all of the pots and switches with deoxit blew everything out with compressed air. Pots are clean now and have been running for an hour with no overload (I’ve been here before, it’s a very intermittent problem). Time will tell.
  9. Just signed up, was a Carver owner in the mid-80’s. Had a m1.0, C1, and TX11. Had kids and sold it all, you know for food and mortgage... anyhow, back in the game for the past couple years. Built a home theater with 2 carver amps m0.5t and a AV-405 with a emotiva UMC-200 pre-amp. (I wanted HDMI switching). Polk LSI15’s for the mains and matching center channel. I use Mirage nanosats for the surrounds and rears. Carver sub is also in the mix. Coupled that to a 129” projector screen. Movies are great and plenty of power on tap. I'm building a 2ch system with a C1
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