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  1. Great vocals on this one And this is just awesome
  2. I’m taking up hiking
  3. The ladder pictures are awesome. So happens it’s ladder safety month at work so I sent both of those pictures to my EOSH manager (health and safety environmental manager)
  4. Funniest onesie I’ve ever saw
  5. Rick Beato breaks down Jose by Steely Dan. One of my favorite Steely Dan songs
  6. Just put myself in the Chapman stick rabbit hole
  7. People playing the Chapman stick is a good way to waste some time on YouTube. Very dynamic instrument in the right hands
  8. But then he would have to buy better cables…
  9. “Until the End of Time” by Brian Greene. Book covering the time frame from the Big Bang till the end of time (and everything in between). Actually listening to it on an App called “Overdrive” and checking it out of the library like a normal book. This app is a pretty nice deal, download it, sign up, enter your library card number and have access to thousand of books.
  10. Welcome aboard, great site and great people here. Went to Rome a few years back and had the best vacation of my life. Outstanding city and the history there absolutely fascinated me. Pretty decent pasta there also 😀
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