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  1. Never argue with an idiot, people watching can’t tell you apart
  2. Funny.... asking this group which piece of carver gear to get rid of... lamb to slaughter... welcome aboard, great group of people here!
  3. I’m all over the map when it comes to music. 80’s hairbands is my go to. Old ZZ Top is playing right now With the electrostatic speakers, I like new age, police, dire straights. Mostly land in the 70’s to 89’s rock. had Cyprus Hill on a little bit ago love insane in the membrane...go figure 🤔Who you trying to get crazy with ése? Don't you know I'm loco?
  4. New picture this time with listening chair and speakers. Was on FB marketplace Friday night, searched “Polk LSI15” and this set popped up. Seller was asking $250 for the pair. 320 miles latter they are in the house. I guess the MMG’s got retired a bit earlier that I planned on. Always thought Polk and carver was a good match. Need to replace grill cloth other than that, they are 100%
  5. Excellent choice for the first album. AJA is my album of choice when listening to a new piece of gear. When I read the title of the thread, my first thought was this album and had to chuckle when that was the choice. I prefer vinyl but have it on CD Also
  6. Married and the kids are out of the house and college. So I guess I have a stereo room and theater room now. Speakers are an old ratty pair of magnepan MMG’s, water damaged bases, cat tore up both speaker covers... still sound amazing. Was going to build new “cabinets” for them but then I saw Charlie’s electrostatic build and would like to build a set of those instead. A boy can dream as for listening chair, just an old love seat for now
  7. Thanks, the solder joints on the tuner looked fine but I figured no harm, reflowed them and voila’ fixed..
  8. After some challenges, I have a functional system. The M-200t was randomly going into overload protection ended up being caused by the C1’s outputs were gunked up with excessive rosin. Did a thorough cleaning of all solder joints (alcohol and q-tips). Was thinking about using the wife’s ultra sonic tooth brush but thought better of it 😇 been over a month now with no overload so I’m going to say solved. had the TX-11 for years and it developed a left channel drop out, took it out of storage and found that the output jack board connection had cold solder joints. Re-flowed those and
  9. I would guess so, I just picked somebody with good feedback and crossed my fingers then shipped the C1. Worked out well for me
  10. Marksound is the company name, Bernie is the guy I was emailing.... no clue if he is a member of the site
  11. Actually I saw jazzman’s videos on YouTube, contacted him, he told me about this site... we are already talkin’ i sent the C1 to marksound in Schaumburg I’ll,, it was an eBay “purchase”. He’s handy with a soldering iron I can confirm that very clean shiny solder cones. I did clean up flux on both pieces I was always anal about flux residue. I do think the flux was 1980’s vintage, it was on components not related to the updates.
  12. Bought the C1 on Craigslist for $75 and sent it out to get the BillD mod done. Was traveling a lot at the time and didn’t really have hobby time then. Found the M200t on EBay and it had just been refreshed. Paid a premium for that but felt it was worth it. The project I would like to tackle is building a set of electrostatic speakers. That one speaks to me
  13. Been several days with no overload, not claiming victory yet but looking promising. I was a Fire Controlman in the navy years ago and worked on gun and missile guidance radars and computers (taught Radar for a few years also) made a career out of working on aviation automation, navigation systems maintenance. My world has moved on to software so the old component level troubleshooting is a bit rusty 🤨. I was convinced it was the amps protection circuit but at the load side of the amp. When I read the thread about C1 tone controls causing a overload condition in the amp, the lightbulb went
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