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  1. As long as it isn't late at night and you find yourself in the wrong shop, or house. Hey, who took my pliers!?
  2. Ever go into your shop, push something aside looking for something else, and say Hmmmm.... I remember this.
  3. There is no way that I could agree with you more. I find and lose synergy in my system, constantly changing things in and out as I do my builds. My Vincent preamp, though handy, doesn't quite get me there. It breaks down, and I build a 'temporary' preamp while it is being repaired. Uh, no, the temp preamp has a mating to the rest of my system that is astounding to me. Probably should write some of this shit down over the years.
  4. I also have some spares if you need them.
  5. My wife was showing the flooding to me last night. It is sobering. She is from Cebu, but I don't think that is where the flooding was. Water was to the rooftops. She says the filipinos say, "We are all equal now." I was humbled more than once when visiting the Philippines. More than once I was embarrassed by the conduct of some of the tourists. Please be kind to yourself in these times. It is all I can offer.
  6. I heard about the flooding. What part of the Philippines do you live in? I like the idea of using marble for the sub enclosures and bracing too would make an incredible cabinet for bass. How thick is the marble?
  7. Honestly, I have rarely made a system look decent for public view. Even when I have, it is only short time before something changes. Frankly it is a bad habit of mine to be unorganized with just about anything. My wife is the only one who can keep up with my constant messes, demanding (and rightly so) that I pick up tools, shoes, or whatever the hell mess that I have made. A lot of you guys have great systems, if not only seeing them set up neatly, but sounding right as well.
  8. Every rack that I have built for my systems have had 2 things in common> expensive and heavy.
  9. Yes, undoubetly so. Her recordings are very fine to begin with, yet the album topped the CD that I had mostly as just being able for me to listen as though I was in the recording room. Pretty rare for me to expeirence this.
  10. I had a Patricia Barber 45 RPM set long ago. I shook my head in disbelief so many times, it gave me a cramp. If better is better, and it happens to cost more, I am still your customer.
  11. When it comes to MF copies, I will say that the likelihood of disappointment is much less than with many of the other remastered reissue sort of products. I trust MF, along with JVC XRCD. Other remasters on the other hand have been teeth gritting experiences.
  12. I used to know a guy that called himself Bent Powers. Welcome lack.... I mean it........ It's a joke folks. Welcome sir, we miss MIA here.
  13. If you have a 'he-shed', does she have a 'she-shed' ?
  14. Any chance that you have an SAE cassette deck in the lineup? I remember that mine had solenoids that were a bit beefy.
  15. If not yet spoken for, I will take the Gundry board.


      Greg  Just tell me where and how much to pay.

    1. Nahash5150


      The Gundry boards are always available. :D

    2. 4krow




        That's pretty much what I thought. Soooo, send two of them along if you would to:


       Just let me know the total and how you would like to be payed.


        Note: I have a power amp that may need some adjustment. It is a class D design by Pete Millet. I made it from a board that he offered. The channels are not perfectly matched. There are adjustments, but as I have stated so many times, I don't always have the knowledge to accomplish these sort of things myself. Let me know if you are interested.



    3. Nahash5150


      Okey. Also, these messages are public on profiles. I'll transfer to PM.

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