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  1. Dude the list of questions might be on the order of, Do you know the presidents name? Do you know the vice presidents name? What state do you liove in? Of course anyone answering any or all of these sort of questions correctly would have to be dismissed, and stand in a different line.
  2. Shouldn't there be some sort of test to tell whether you should vote in the first place?
  3. Yes, undoubetly so. Her recordings are very fine to begin with, yet the album topped the CD that I had mostly as just being able for me to listen as though I was in the recording room. Pretty rare for me to expeirence this.
  4. I had a Patricia Barber 45 RPM set long ago. I shook my head in disbelief so many times, it gave me a cramp. If better is better, and it happens to cost more, I am still your customer.
  5. When it comes to MF copies, I will say that the likelihood of disappointment is much less than with many of the other remastered reissue sort of products. I trust MF, along with JVC XRCD. Other remasters on the other hand have been teeth gritting experiences.
  6. There is a spot here a few miles from town that has no sound. Standing there for 20+ minutes, I heard parts of my body. Finally, after about 10 minutes I heard the pocket watch in my jeans pocket ticking. Couldn't figure it out at first, then was amazed. That kind of hearing is gone these days, and the world is getting less noisy.
  7. 4krow


    Litz, silly, and cryogenically treated as well. Don't forget its all directional.... our personal point of view, that is.
  8. Well, you know, Tonto didn't get one, and he often used the word 'Kemosabe'. Found out years later that it translates as Horses' Ass.
  9. You know, this kind of talk only encourages me to buy a Lone Ranger mask.
  10. Oh... so it's my BEARD that I was supposed to shave. Makes sense now. Still pretty itchy
  11. What I noticed was the top cover. Part of it has a clear plate to see into part of the C1. Definitely not original.
  12. I had only heard of it (the town, not the day) referring to a scene in Saving Private Ryan if memory serves. I see that it has an old historical reference for France however. My birthday, being on the 1st of May, has it's own reference from WWII.
  13. Now, I would like to know what news headlines were made the day you were born.
  14. I can smell which direction a skunk is from me without turning my head, yet in an elevator, I can't be so sure who farted.
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