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  1. 4krow

    Gritting my teeth

    Ebooks are not for me. Reading off a screen cannot compare to holding the real thing in my hands. I do not read long articles. About 20 minutes, and I am done. >>> All of this transfers to vinyl too! I forgot that most of the time, only one side of an album was listened to and then I was done. Reading the liner notes directly from the album cover is my way as well. These two things came up unexpectedly, and yet are an important aspect of vinyl to me. I will mention vinyl cleaning rituals when the equipment arrives.
  2. Yah, I'm sorry that the albums are taking so long to get to y'all. They send them to me first, and eventually I send them on to whoever.
  3. Don't remember exactly when I joined, but I know WHY. C-9 work baby. Took years to get through to me what was needed, and what was not. Even now, I do way more than needed. My therapist says it's ok.
  4. 4krow

    Gritting my teeth

    I laugh. Rod is right. I want to hear sound every conceivable way that I can. As always, we are going to prefer some things over others along the way. I absolutely enjoy the experience, well most of the time. Interesting side note, it occurred to me this morning that older albums may be the better choice if I really want the analog experience. What is the point of analog if the vinyl product comes from a digital source?
  5. 4krow

    Gritting my teeth

    As I have made aware to everybody on the site, I went vinyl. Today, I got a used Vincent Phono 8 from Fed-Ex. Good. Couldn't wait to heat how much better it was than the $30 phono pre that I was using until this pre got here. Quite a difference. Um, no hum in the left channel. Hey it counts... Still feel that there is more bass than before vinyl, and I already had enough. So we will see about soon. Only listened to a couple of albums and am waiting on shipping for more to arrive. Yup, different than digital. For me, it all grinds down to what media I am in the mood to hear. Each has it's
  6. 4krow

    The effort involved

    That is one of my first vinyl purchases now on it's way to me. A lot of memories from that album.
  7. What challenges did you have with this project? Some 'kits' amount to a circuit board and a fuzzy schematic. What did you use for a chassis?
  8. I really should have asked about the pre amp project. Who sells it? What about the power supply. Looks familiar. Pete Millett?
  9. I kicked out two of the kids just to get more gear. The others went into the military. Still to many people to afford the many needed albums now. Maybe the wife can take another job. Cool that you enjoy your gear.
  10. I spy a VPI Scout in the background. I miss mine terribly. How deep does the bass go with the Frugal Horns? And is it the bass you always wanted? I say this because it took me too damned long to get the bass right. A sub is the way for me. My DNA2 horns can go fairly low, maybe to 40-50hz but require a sub to muster lower bass.
  11. O God,,, he has a TT AND a RR. Just when I thought I was all caught up.
  12. Ouch on every level. Somehow condescending to think that any normal person could sit through something like this and accept it as good. Maybe it sounds better on vinyl.
  13. Every so often, I hear an album on my system that actually overwhelms me, saturates me to the point that I have to stop listening. It's chocolate that is so good on the first bite, that a second bite is just decadent. What amazes me is that it isn't often found on SACD, but rather really well made CD or a FLAC file. I have heard not DVD A, but have heard that it is impressive. This stuff runs me in circles, seeking what is best. Turns out, the medium doesn't always matter. Hearing new instruments as you stated about the tambourine, really makes me wonder how I could have missed it afte
  14. Perhaps someday, way in the future, double blind tests will include an electrical shock for when the listener gets it 'wrong'. In time we could learn through the marvel of electricity the difference between coat hangers and snake oil. Bit rates, foreign tariffs and more. This could widen out into what makes up the most beautiful women. Be careful, voltage is set at 132.
  15. 4krow

    Gritting my teeth

    Rod, I actually saw the inside of a juke box awhile back. It was more modern than some, but still represented a mechanical work of ingenuity. The part that flipped me out was the fact that the record played in the opposite direction that you would expect. On top of that the cartridge was intentionally mounted backwards at the factory! Made my head spin.... But not as much as the 'Accutrac +6' Anybody remember that nightmare?
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