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  1. Ok, so do you have another one for me? HA!
  2. Mugwort, elderberry, pulsatilla, arnica, these are some of my favorite things.. Native American herbs. They don't taste any worse than alcohol.
  3. "I've had inoculations that lasted longer" she said.
  4. Never heard of Ridiculous Speed huh? Then we can't even discuss Ludicrous Speed.
  5. wHO mE? But now that you mention it.... cigars, cigarettes, Tiporellos?
  6. If not yet spoken for, I will take the Gundry board.


      Greg  Just tell me where and how much to pay.

    1. Nahash5150


      The Gundry boards are always available. :D

    2. 4krow




        That's pretty much what I thought. Soooo, send two of them along if you would to:


       Just let me know the total and how you would like to be payed.


        Note: I have a power amp that may need some adjustment. It is a class D design by Pete Millet. I made it from a board that he offered. The channels are not perfectly matched. There are adjustments, but as I have stated so many times, I don't always have the knowledge to accomplish these sort of things myself. Let me know if you are interested.



    3. Nahash5150


      Okey. Also, these messages are public on profiles. I'll transfer to PM.

  7. Those ham fests are really really cool Bill. I have only been to one, and felt like I had missed out on a lot over the years. Now, just how much does a 15 amp variac weigh anyhow?
  8. I am in the beginning of the making of the Mother of all C-9 units. of of of. I like of. Series one with one of those fancy dancy faceplates. Whoa.... you said variac? I have the mother of all variacs rated for 7.5 amps.
  9. CRAP!!! I am sure that you are NOT aware that this gear is illegal and must be shipped to a qualified carpetbagger, err expert to inspect for safe keeping until the issue has been resolved. Fortunately for you, I have just received my license to perform this task free of charge. You dodged a bullet there mister. BTW, is there any other illegal equipment that you might have in your possession?
  10. 4krow


    O man, don't start me up on that subject. I just figure it is natural selection at work. Try to stay clear.
  11. Back in the day, before anyone else had figured it out, I bought a 4 channel Marantz quad receiver for my son. didn't cost much and was beautiful. HT was taking off and 4 channel was dead. Didn't tell anyone otherwise, and bought it.
  12. 4krow


    Itch, Funny that you mention it. We had a nurse over a few days ago to assess my mother for assisted living here in town. That was the way she wore her mask too. I thought about offering ear plugs for her nostrils, but then reconsidered.
  13. 4krow


    It's tourist season again here in WY. People are truly on vacation, showing little respect for the small population that lives here. I remember seeing this attitude overseas as well years ago. Much of the respect is dropped in the driveway, and off we go to enjoy ourselves. Yes, I am bitching. Something very big is what it would take to make an actual change. Not personal damage to others, but personal damage to self. Ok, I have vented for the week. Thanks for listening.
  14. Thy audio gods will smite thee.
  15. There are those who have not seen the end of war, fallen or not. They fight it still within their minds.
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