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  1. Didn't really know papa here, just wish that I had. He seemed to make it work wherever he went. And helping high risk kids is at the top. It is sad to hear this news.
  2. Once in rare while, I see a component installed on the other side of the board. Only one way to find out. And you might be able to measure it in circuit, but I wouldn't bet on that.
  3. I have scratched my head since I was a little kid watching those who speak loudest get the last word or the biggest audience. Especially those who command authority by way of megaphone. "I have been doing this for 40 years!" does NOT impress me. Someone once told me that I was gay because I am left handed. Wow. And then stated, "It's a scientific fact." She was not embarrassed either. I could list endless lies about this or that, yet in the end it hurts when people do this. But some of these people are truly sick. I can get very aggressive when in the presence of such people, so I just stay away. Sorry that good people have to put up with any of this crap.
  4. >>>>>Batman had one. Probably made Robin nervous<<<<
  5. Since my tuner is in the basement, I finally did the work and installed an antenna in the attic. Tuned it a bit by placement and have had great reception ever since. The cheezie jobs that you can buy in all kinds of price ranges will not get you what you want as well as an elevated antenna. That is my experience out here on the prairie.
  6. No Brian, sigh, I am going to attempt to tape the cartridge to the backside of the brush to give it that Pickering look.
  7. I found a replacement tonearm for my Schiit SOL! Now, to try and mount the cartridge🎪
  8. This DIY stuff is such a tightrope for me to navigate. Just as mentioned, you can put all that you desire into a project, and you had better enjoy it because should you want to sell that to most people, the well runs dry. I have a stack of cool stuff, but selling most of it is not an option. Just can't put a fair price on it.
  9. I swear, this will all be history someday. Try to somehow find a moment for a breath. We're pulling for you.
  10. Vintage Tube Services, IIRC, is the name of a 'store' owned by a guy named Andy. Read what he has to say about what he sells. I have never seen anything like what he has to offer. I'm out.
  11. Barry, I am happy that you get to see your grandson. Grandkids are precious and it is very hard to be away from them. Looks like progress in the making. Man, I wish I had a mane like yours!
  12. There was an entire thread on this bad thing that happened to the Garskas. Recovery was painful but it wound up on the positive side. Having said that Greg is swamped for some time to come. I understand that Rob went up to help him out for some time so that was good. We have all been pulling on the same rope here to keep things together, and it seems that things are a bit closer to normal.
  13. But in truth, I hate most of the Beatles early stuff.
  14. Yes! Those are the little demons that I fought. Worn out ones will not even make a contact, which was the case with one or two of them in my old remote. You have an additional problem though, and that is the physical contact between the outside button and the inside button that is actually the contact. I mean to say that if there were any wobble to the outside button (bar shaped, no less) on the faceplate, then it is transferred to the inside button if that makes sense. So it seems that your fingertip would have to be pushing right in the middle of the faceplate (outside) button, which looks to be more in the shape of a bar, or else it has the chance to push just on one edge of the internal round button. It sounds like I am picking this apart, but these little guys are pretty picky as to how they are poked. Even on my remote where the buttons are completely exposed, your fingertip can be pushing the button in an indirect manner, causing the contact not to be made as hoped, and the degeneration begins. In short, this is a crappy contact. Period. FWIW, I may have a bunch of these that you can have if you want them. I found them a bit hard to remove from the circuit board, but you are welcome to try it. LMK
  15. Joe, It will be interesting to find out. I was pretty surprised that I hadn't tried it before, and even more surprised that it worked.🙉
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