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  1. What? The number wasn't 99? I am sure that I read my lucky number correctly from that fortune cookie. This could become a class action lawsuit. Good on ya Charlie.
  2. See guys, that's why you have to spread things out. I could do 711 squat... 71.1 that is, 10 times.😡🥵
  3. Wow... just, he should be allowed to share with anyone.////////////////////////////////////////
  4. I roll my eyes. It seems that I spend money on all kinds of equipment that I don't totally care for in the end. NOW, I need a decent pre, so, yess, how about --------------------------------------------99? ---------------------------------------In please.
  5. Yes, yes, ok, I could have added an interesting detail about the 'full metal jacket' chip inside the C-9, so here goes. i have used these sparingly in the C-9 units due to their being very scarce out there. My understanding is that they were made by Raytheon for the military back in the 70's for use in some kind of guided missile. Don't know the accuracy of this, but seeing how they are a ceramic body covered by a metal jacket, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me. The rest would be an unknown. Do they sound better than the originals? I am not hearing a difference good nor bad... INCOMING! Gotta go, bye.
  6. Just a heads up. I have yet another C-9 completed, and am selling it at Agon. Here are a few photos for the anxious.
  7. +1 for Greg. Dealing with him professionally and otherwise, shows a kind heart. I swear to drugs,,,, that they were the attempt to either rein in, burn out, or erase the memory of my anger. It had an actual life of its own, and was awakened easily. Only after it was too late, did I find the start of a possible solution.
  8. NOW THAT'S what I call proper use of the device. I feel that the buffer, as well as SH, has a time and place in a system or for a certain recording, that must be used with good judgement.... yours. Thank you for noticing the effort put into the box itself. I too, am impressed, but mostly with the joinery, since the smallest error magnifies from one end to the other. For anyone looking at this as being less effort than it seems, try to build one yourself. That is one of the primary reasons that I started using cigar boxes. Quick, beautiful, cheap, and much less effort by me. Rockstar2U has my vote here, and I am planning to assign to him a future project. Um but don't tell him just yet.
  9. Rich, I see that you have taken charge of your personal life far beyond what so many people do when they just listen to what the usual medical path suggests. It encourages me to try thinking beyond my normal limits to get some answers as well.
  10. My hope is that we/they find positive uses for the ethereal substances that abound out there. Those things that are out of our control must have a way to be lassoed.
  11. Sk1bum was truly the best response that we got. It's simple. Dennis has the buffer in hand, and will send it along shortly. As always, we will be eager to hear of your impressions. Thanks to all that have shown interest and comments. Greg/Dennis/Bruce Project
  12. So, if Dennis is ready, and all is swell, let's hear from a few good men. Things like 'it goes with my decor' will even be considered. But mostly, what would compel you to own such a piece...... Let me start, even though I am not in the running: I own a system that is all solid state, and an influence of tube sound has been a liking of mine for a number of years. See, that shows a possibility of promise. Otherwise, your trying to read a random number generators output, when instead, we should be trying to read you. Who's on first?
  13. Way back when, I used to tell folks not to say anything over the phone that they didn't want repeated in court.
  14. We are nearing the finish line with this piece guys. Just spoke to Dennis today about the glitch/switch issue, and it seems to be sorted out. Point is, this piece will be offered up very soon for Kharma. I am suggesting that it be given out to the neediest member, and not by a random number generator. The 'randomestness' (it's my own invention, so don't bother looking it up) may impartial, but the need is not.
  15. IME it is best just to pop the cover plate off the switches and begin to screw things up.
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