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  1. Good story. One of my first posts was about the C-9. There was plenty at that time that I didn't know, and I had just bought a recap kit off of eBay. It was intimidating to me because I didn't really know the circuit, nor had I worked on much of anything at that point. There was a lot of information here that really helped. Dennissmiller55 helped me a bunch more than once. Of course there were others as well to rely on.
  2. Lately, some people in my family want me to buy into some stuff that is eating them up. I agree that it is serious, but buying into the angst is nothing but trouble. This is taken as that I don't care, when in fact I care very much. Keeping some of it at arm's length is seen as a survival method to some, but I think that it is healthier not to let other people's problems become yours as well. There are plenty of effective ways to help out, but giving in to what is destroying them isn't one of them.
  3. Yup, nailed it. I knew there was the letter C in it. I was gonna buy a vowel.
  4. Oh yah? Well maybe it's because you didn't play both sides "little mister I don't have to follow the rules." Ya ever think about that?
  5. Well now, that is all reassuring. Driving, walking, flying, firing squad, you are just never safe really.
  6. No, I think that is my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Henry. She used to pull Tony's ear when he mouthed off, but I never heard her sing.
  7. Ok, now you have obligated yourself to post photos.
  8. I really don't like when I hear somebody say something and when I tell them what I heard they say, "I didn't say that". That is when I wish I had a tape recorder to playback to them. Like the last time that I was at the dentist, and he said, "Ready? OK! On three!".
  9. Got a small amount of walking done today. Weather is compliant. Really helps clear my mind.
  10. Let me just say this. Recently, I decided to go outside my wheelhouse of musical taste by buying a few recordings that I wouldn't have bothered with normally. These included BTO (an 8 CD remix of their albums), Michael Jacksons thriller which is a great recording for most of the album, Cher Gold, which made me feel like barfing, having been heaved so far back into the 60's. It was the style drum music rhythm popular in that day that got to me most, plus the fact that on these recordings, I really never heard Cher voice that well. Fortunately, I got CSN put out by Mobil Fidelity (I'm surprised that they didn't claim that the CD was recorded off a one step process 78 album). But the winner is easily Crosby Still and Nash. Great music and the recording too. Michael Jackson's Thriller came in second because I like a few songs on the album and the recording is reliably good. All the others were something that I would trade off in moments notice. And that is what I have been listening to.
  11. Something that kicked off my thinking at about 3rd grade was visiting a friends house and seeing Ficher equipment and JBL L65 IIRC. I don't think that I even got to hear them but those tweeters and sloped front couldn't be ignored. Ok, so I can't really verify a sloped front, but it is how I remember them. That of course led to a long and winding road of audio.
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