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  1. 4krow


    Sometimes when I use the Zero stat near the TT or phono amp, I can hear it through the speakers. That tells me something, but I don't know what.
  2. I have 'Meddle' coming soon. Does that count?
  3. Just ordered "Requiem for the Americas" by Jon Anderson from Amazon. Really didn't know that there was an album of it. It is a sit in the dark and listen sort of experience for me. Combines the talents of Jon Anderson and others with Native American. I do know that the recording has some very catching air to it, and I remember once that a dancer was at my feet, shaking a rattle while the music played. Moving piece to be sure.
  4. Garbage, not trash. Got it.
  5. Yah, Iwas thinking the same thing. My parents gave me a horrible record player with a tiny speaker in the all plastic cabinet. I put it inside of a larger enclosure and noted that how much I opened or shut the door of the larger enclosure affected the sound. That might be the first little bug that made me say hmmm. It wasn't until my first year in Jr. high school that better components came into the mix
  6. There will always be weird crap happening, and the media will likely sensationalize it. Audio and other interests are real too, so it is up to us to keep them in the loop as they deserve to be there every bit as much as any weird crap. I greatly enjoy the builds that I see on this site. They inspire me to do more.
  7. Bob, Remember the day when we were just kids, listening to whatever 'equipment' was at our disposal? I didn't really know what Paul Revere and the Raiders sounded like, but I listened with great intent. Following that bit of time allowed to start up the ladder (believe me when I say that I didn't start up the ladder until I crawled to it).
  8. Chris, I couldn't make out the fine print, so I googled the process only to find almost the same picture as you have posted here. Another little twist is that a traditional 3 step process is mentioned, in yet another article. Looks like a correction to me from Mo-Fi. I gotta tell you though in spite of this contention, most of the Mo-Fi stuff is to die for. Did I just say that?
  9. I wouldn't object how the recordings are processed as long as the truth be told. I actually prefer to try and find original albums that were all analog by default. Then of course is finding one in decent shape, a recording that is also decent, with music that you love. Maybe the equivalent here is when a seller grades their record in M- shape, when in fact it is closer to VG. Not interested. That amounts to the same misleading ad that has been done by Mo-Fi.
  10. Remember folks, this isn't about the fidelity of the end product, it is simply about the advertised process used to arrive at the end product. This is how the product was advertised, and that, is the consumer expectation.
  11. A good many years ago, I remember an evaluation that my boss gave to me. One sentence stood out. "Greg always has a better way of doing things". It was meant in a negative way, but I smiled instead. No, I really don't have better way all the time, but special circumstances are not always covered by the many volumes of books that we had at our disposal. Bob wrote new books and that always raises the hair on the back of the neck of those who have stuck to traditional wisdom. I have noticed this in most every field, but most interestingly in the scientific community. Play by the (our) rules or you don't get to eat lunch with the rest of us.
  12. Chicago VII will always be one of my all time favorites.
  13. 4krow

    Favorite Pictures

    Yes, the Wart Hog. I remember them well having lived in Tucson for 17 years. It was no secret when they took off.
  14. Rich, Did you get a favorite present?
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