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  1. Would be better off to pull it with a rope.
  2. Yes. Birthdays are something to celebrate. Birthday cards at our age may qualify as hate mail. Either way, Happy birthday.
  3. Don't hit the brakes- Don't hit the brakes- Don't hit the brakes!
  4. Whoa! Like I will be 66 by the time I read all the wishes. Speaking of wishes, I just want the hum to go away.
  5. Wow, thank you everyone! We might even drive to Cody for Breakfast.
  6. My parents abandoned an upright RCA console. Maybe I was 11. Fixed the TT, and the radio antenna just needed better positioning. Lasted a few years.
  7. I still feel guilty sometimes for 'forking' the hand that reached for my plate without asking.
  8. And they sell you the ticket anyway!
  9. Yes, yes, most of that we worry about never happens.
  10. Couldn't ya just shimmy up the pole? But yah, that's much better than the last nightmare posted.
  11. I dunno. In a previous life, I was a king. Had a business trip coming up and went there with the queen. Before I left, I summoned the jester to keep the secret key to my daughters' chastity belt. They were common back then. We were no more than a few thousand yards, when I saw a little dot of a man running for the chariot. As he ran closer I could see that he was yelling something again and again. When he caught up he barely could wheeze a word, but I made out "Wrong key, wrong key!"
  12. The chassis that you have is a rare one indeed. Very few had the extra set of holes. Yes, that would be about the easiest replacement that could be done. Did you say that you would be replacing electrolytic caps as well?
  13. Ok, now you just pissed off Amar Bose.
  14. I am very glad that you shared this. For me, it is just fun to look and maybe even get some history. It may or may not have day of inspection on the inside and to the right of the circuit board. Usually Magic Marker. I refer to yours as a transitional unit because it has the old rack ear chassis with the new circuit board design. Fortunately, when you need the use of a parts locator and schematic from this site, it will be in reference to this circuit board.
  15. I would say that there is a good chance of that, because the unit has a 110v-220v switch inside it. From my experience these came from BX overseas. It is hard to tell exactly but in one of the photos, I might be seeing the edge of a sticker that was put on the bottom of these units saying something about the voltage change being possible, but only by a qualified tech. Did I understand it correctly that this unit has no top? That is easier to make for this unit than the non rack ear model. If you have a metal brake and a reasonable small sheet of steel, you might be able to nail down exactly where to make each bend. This could be a fun project.
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