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  1. Yes, much obliged. I am dealing with hearing aids that are supposed to be the best... HA! I says, you know, this would work out better if I just used an EQ set to my hearing loss. It is well worth a try.



    235 N. INGALLS ST.

    POWELL, WYOMING  82435

  2. I agree, that there are many caps in tuners, electrolytic that is, plus all the others. Seems to me that if an electrolytic has been in service for SO many years, then it just makes sense to replace regardless of its location in the circuit. Then because that is done, it would come as no surprise that the tuner would need realignment, but that's just my hunch.
  3. Yah, justto be different, I am selling an unmodified C-9. Well, that isn't totally true, I did move the fuse holder to the rear of the unit instead of on the circuit board, replaced all electrolytic capacitors, and replace the power cord with a removable type, but other than that.... unmodified. To make this easy for someone wanting get a unit at a better than fair price, I am asking $100 to members here. I got this unit for cheap, 'cuz the owner said it didn't work. It came to my place for $57 post paid, and all it needed was new transformer. Um, I have a pile of them from previous units, so that was a no brainer.
  4. First systems had more influence on our young ears than many things owned after them.
  5. 34 for me. Amazing, I was just trying to figure out a way to find another camera. Mine is going downhill after 10 years. Please and thank you.
  6. I have been thinking it over, and maybe a trade is in order. This Christmas, I got some handmade socks, made from supposedly virgin sheep. But seriously, if you would take a trade of some kind, I might consider it.
  7. I wish that I needed another unit. Too many at the moment. VERY fair price sir. Do NOT let anyone ask what your best price is. eBay is famous for that.
  8. I used last treatment on a number of albums back in the day. They swore there was no residue, but I would be in Barrys camp and do the least needed. Good record sleeves at least as important to me. Don't forget stylus care,,, and yes, so much more. Bad cartridge alignment would a big killer as opposed to a film on the album. Ok, I shut up now.
  9. Headphones and head amps... another bottomless pit. OTOH, they can be ridiculously good (pun intended)
  10. Cabled headphones are nearly a dealbreaker for me. I do own both wireless and cabled phones, finding that the wireless get some good use, but the audio system uses the old fashioned phones. Yeah they sound great, but you better not move an inch or in some weird way, the cable will have its way.
  11. 4krow

    New Audio System

    This is off topic, well sorta from the the topic. It seems that I would benefit greatly from buying an ipad to fine tune the hearing devices' multiple programs. You that know me will appreciate me wanting to get something that will do the job with no frills. SO, today's question is, are any of you updating to a newer ipad/ipod, dunno the difference, for Christmas? If so, are you willing to sell your old one, or even trade say a C-9 or some such unit?
  12. 4krow

    New Audio System

    As an update, the devices came in today, and at $5,400 (after a sizable discount through my insurance) sticker shock was tough. It becomes much more acceptable when you realize all that you have been missing in the world, and actually took me back about 10 years to the time that I had completely normal hearing. Hell, I can even hear the high pitched clicking of the keys as I type this. Now the next step is to observe how this impacts my audio decisions. As I mentioned before, I will be building small set of folded bass horns and make different interchangeable baffles for different drivers to be auditioned. 8" Mark Audio, Audio Nirvana, and even the less expensive Silver Flute drivers will be horse raced one after another. Fortunately, I have the ear of the designer at hand for needed advice, as well as the new hearing devices to make things the best that I can do. I will start another thread for the build.
  13. Both devices might bee seen as hearing aids.
  14. 4krow

    New Audio System

    AJ, Many thanks for the insight. I actually bought set of aids 13 years ago, and gave up on them since they just didn't sound natural to me. About 4 years ago, I tried a much better set, and was impressed. So now, the ones that may arrive tomorrow, have many of the features that you mentioned with yours. That was a difference worth buying for me. Of course, they can be programmed for the user, or they can be in auto mode. No doubt, I will be programming these as soon as I am able. Just think, in the next few days I will likely be able to hear softly spoken insults, and reply, "I heard that!"
  15. Really, I am getting a new audio system this Thursday. Don't hang up when I say this, but the system is a pair of hearing aids. I have pretended too long about this hearing difficulty that I have and the test produced a real need for help. I chose the model I did because it has a program for two different types of music. Program 1 is classical, and program 2 is, well, everything else. This idea in hearing aids is probably not new, but it will be for me. I used to own a set of hearing aids years ago, and simply didn't care for them. Widex is the company that makes these, and I must admit that I am anxious to cast a report about them when listening to everything from music to nature, and more. At 62 years old, my ears don't get all that I need for understanding others, and yes music suffers in the high midrange and treble. This new system may an eye opener for the speakers that I am now using. FWIW, I am getting ready to build a set of rear loaded horns very soon.
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