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  1. 4krow


    Holy Crap Batman! 35-50K? That is starting to sound like a digital thang. Um, why isn't there a batman emoji?
  2. 4krow


    One of my favorites. JBL was at the right place at the right time.
  3. 4krow


    Dennis, I remember when Quad equipment was really cheap. To me, it was an obvious choice to buy one for my son when he was in high school. I think that I used it to bi-amp some speakers. It was a Marantz unit, but I forget the model. I can't wrap my head around the grooves of a 4 channel record, let alone the cartridge needed to read all that. Didn't get to own any quad equipment myself. What are you using for speakers in this system?
  4. My friend just passed away had 2 untorn Woodstock tickets. Wow.
  5. Happy birthday REceiver2000/Oakley/AJ/Raven/Barry G, but not Rod. His B'day isn't today. I will celebrate mine tomorrow, just to keep the pace.
  6. Thanks R2!, BS&T had a sound that lived with me for years. I could pick among many of their songs and know the score immediately, as if stored deep within me.
  7. You know I will. Wait until I finish the Mac Buffer. It is taking a lot of time, but is turning out to be all that I can hope for .
  8. I am not so used to celebrating my B'day in a big way. This time around though, I paid more attention. Took the day, and just did my thing. I really appreciate the enthusiasm given here for members B'days. A change of pace is a good thing. Just heard yesterday about a sort of prank on a stranger. People in on the joke approached him in a bar and wished him a happy birthday. Of course he corrected the first few people. They also pretended to know him from the past, and he finally gave up arguing with them and just went with it. Interestingly, there were a few psychological side e
  9. Setting my sights low, I knew that this could be a wonderful day. This morning, I woke up, and went back to sleep. Present one. Then I went to the medicine chest and looked for the medication that helps keep me from killing people. I was out. Took a deep breath, refocused my eyes and found some emergency spares in a sock that I keep in the garage for just such an occasion. Chewed them like Chocks for kids. Refocused, and drove to Cody for breakfast. The young waitress remembered my coffee with all the additives, and maybe gave a little wink. She got a $10 tip. Visited my mom this aftern
  10. Tread lightly sir. Your problems/concerns with the units may take some time. In the end it turns out to be a great journey. I would be recapping the amp first and then see/hear what happens.
  11. These days, a good DAC can be found for not much money. I am using the Dragonfly Red by Audioquest. At $200, it won't break the bank, and I have no complaints. Wireless probably has gotten better, but I am still skeptical, being from the old ways of telephony.
  12. Sorry to hear that. It would have scarred me, truthfully. I am betting that these days we are relatively safe from thieves even knowing what the hell they are even looking at.
  13. You know, that comment started off as a sort of joke, but now, remembering the ability of better cassette recorders, I was often surprised at the results. That really did prompt me to look at the cassette deck thread just now and make me wonder,,,, hmmm, where could I put a deck? The shop is the likely answer.
  14. Sk1bum, When you get the album, can you make a cassette tape for me?
  15. Spinning Wheel was playing in my head as I stood outside the dime store downtown. Was I 10? Man, that was too long ago, yet the music remains. God bless the child.
  16. Thanks. I did check the site, and no surprise, it is sold out. For me, $125 is too much anyway, BUT this is one of my all time favorites, only because of the music on the second side, i.e. the variations.
  17. Guy walks into a bar and orders 10 shots of whisky. Bartender asks, "Are you sure?" "Yup", says the man and starts drinking one after the other. "You best slow down there pardner" says the barkeep. Man says, nope I got to try and drink all these before the trouble starts." "What trouble?" says the barkeep. "I ain't got no money," says the man after the last shot.
  18. Wow, nice anti-gravity coop too.
  19. Ok, hard to beat SADE. I just listened to side 4 of my new Dire Straits Bro in Arms. God, music is deep. These performers can really smooth it all out, beautifully.
  20. Dude, I am joking with you, I am in a crazy mood today. But seriously, I apologize for any offense. I will hold my humor closer to my chest in the future. Sorry.
  21. Hold on, stop the bus, wait a tick,,, um no, sorry, I can't get away with this twice in a row. SOrry.
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