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  1. That's just it Brian, until a cartridge is rightly mounted in your system TT, you will not know what to think. The lower priced Stanton, Shure, and AKG cartridges surprised me in comparison to the more expensive Grado and others as well. Does anyone remember the ad that Empire put out many years ago that showed a record being held by a pencil in the center hole, and a hand holding the cartridge to the record? (The pencil was held by the other hand). It read, "This is all we are trying to do, but accurately."
  2. here are quite a few to choose from over the years but I remember something from way back made by Dynavector. I think the model was 10X20 and was red in color. I have owned more expensive and different, but not as detailed and just right for me.
  3. I would try carrying the sub around in your arms as your spouse decides what sounds and looks best. It will end up in the garage, and you will have visitation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I like your idea of sitting behind the couch and listening there, and placing the sub on the couch disguised as you. It's a great place to eat pizza and popcorn, and nobody will catch on for awhile.
  4. Yah, that's what it often takes to get the bass right, lots of muscle. With that kind of muscle available in your system now, placement will benefit the effect greatly. Corner placement might be for some applications where the bass needs some kind of boost but with what you got it is the least likely place for the sub to sound best. At over 100 lbs. it is a decision not to be taken lightly.... Does this come with a microphone for measuring bass response of the room itself with this sub? That would take you a long way towards your goal. I see that there is a quick start guide for
  5. Well, as you know, there is not a better time to send vinyl through the mail system than the month of July. Records come to your door completely sanitized, maybe even Simonized and ready to hang on the wall. Yup, likely that's what they will be good for folks. Today I heard the freshly cleaned records spun onto my doorstep, screaming as they spun to a stop. "Ah, the MM has arrived." Some were wet with tears and making a frowny face as I took them from their slipcovers. Good 'ole BS&T, side two was first to be spun. By now they are used to it, Right? I have always loved this recording and
  6. Remember, the popping is occurring even when he is not near the system, as mentioned early on in this thread.
  7. I am chuckling to myself, as I forget to do these very things in my system every now and then, and an annoying pop occurs. >>>>>>That annoying pop is not what is being described here. If it is as you describe about this popping, with no notice, BIG popping TIMES 10, then yes, stop right there and get it to a shop or figure out how to stop this from happening (if that is even possible).
  8. You will get all kinds of advice on this popping thing. So far, I see that you have isolated it to the new component. In my own experience, very loud popping like what you have described came from a power amplifier with a defective IC in the input. It gave no warning of any kind, and just 'went off' when it dam well pleased. I suspect at least as serious of a malfunction is what your dealing with as well. I DON'T think that a dirty pot or something like that is the issue here. Yes, they can and do make noise, popping included, but what you are describing is a startling explosive event.
  9. If you even skim through this paper, you will find great information for record care. Good to vacuum them, that is true, but also to clean them from the chemicals that were used during pressing, and the build up of debris. I am too stupid to compress the paper to the right size for this forum to accept it, so you will have to go to 'The Vinyl Press' to get it. It is worth every minute of the time you spend even browsing through the paper, I promise. The photos alone are not what you might expect to see. Vinyl playback uses a microscopic medium, forever understated as to the minimum care
  10. It's pretty easy to go deep with this stuff, but I can't/don't want to help it. I enjoy the crap out of messing with stuff just to hear, or not, a difference or improvement. Gotta get me one of those Tesla coils and tame some harsh CD's with it some day.
  11. You know, for an extra few bucks, maybe they can electroplate on a one molecule thick layer of gold.
  12. https://www.perfectvinylforever.com Oh sure, Let's up the anty a bit as it were. PVF >>> Perfect Vinyl Forever <<< offers to clean your records using ultra sound cleaning. One frequency for cleaning, and a higher frequency for rinsing. Then a triple filtered drying follows. I will try to insert their web address here, but of course you can Google it. At $5 each for cleaning, I am sending in 16 of my best albums to give it a shot. Read all of what is involved before you wince like I did. They send you a special mailer with their record sleeves, and s
  13. It's simple Greg, all you have to do is...
  14. Rather than planning? the stock down to 3/8", Maybe a forstner bit could be used in those locations where supports need to come through. A router could also assist in burrowing out areas that need it for other parts to fit underneath. I am suggesting that a thicker base may be of value sonically to a thin one.
  15. Hell, I put up the fence before I MET the neighbors. Good thing too. One asked if I was building it high enough so that he couldn't see my wife's tits. That didn't end well. He moved soon after that.
  16. 4krow

    One Man's Dream

    I am betting that the journey was as good as the destination.
  17. Best part is that you have a template to work with. What thickness of cherry are you going to use?
  18. Happy birthday, but we are going to have to see a drivers license, sir.
  19. "THERE, that was the sound of the threads seating."
  20. 4krow


    Holy Crap Batman! 35-50K? That is starting to sound like a digital thang. Um, why isn't there a batman emoji?
  21. 4krow


    One of my favorites. JBL was at the right place at the right time.
  22. 4krow


    Dennis, I remember when Quad equipment was really cheap. To me, it was an obvious choice to buy one for my son when he was in high school. I think that I used it to bi-amp some speakers. It was a Marantz unit, but I forget the model. I can't wrap my head around the grooves of a 4 channel record, let alone the cartridge needed to read all that. Didn't get to own any quad equipment myself. What are you using for speakers in this system?
  23. My friend just passed away had 2 untorn Woodstock tickets. Wow.
  24. Happy birthday REceiver2000/Oakley/AJ/Raven/Barry G, but not Rod. His B'day isn't today. I will celebrate mine tomorrow, just to keep the pace.
  25. Thanks R2!, BS&T had a sound that lived with me for years. I could pick among many of their songs and know the score immediately, as if stored deep within me.
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