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  1. I remember going into the stereo store in Champaign, IL, a place called Good Vibes. Seeing all the cool stuff and listening along with people who had money in the "separates" rooms. Some of those pieces and brands were indelibly burned into my mind, Carver being one. I had a couple interesting pieces back in the day and unfortunately got ride of them. Among them was a SAE 2200 amp, a Technics SL 1600 turntable and Pioneer C-21 preamp. I still lust for the latter and its matching amp. I sometime wonder if vintage audio isn't the (relatively) poor man's version of 60's muscle cars sc
  2. TJActual

    Gritting my teeth

    It's interesting to me to see a lot of talk about phono pre-amps. Are the phono stage in Carver preamp not that good?
  3. Welcome aboard. It a really great place with tons of knowledgeable people willing to help.
  4. Welcome! I've found a smart group of people here who know just about everything about Carver products, and a number of other things as well.
  5. I don't actually (excuse the pun). First initials are TJ and actual is the military term on the radio for the real person of the commander of a unit e.g Alpha Company Actual means you're talking to the commander of Alpha Company. Apologies if you knew that. Mostly I drive a Ford F250 diesel crew cab.
  6. I remember playing around with speaker designs many years ago. Tons of fun but I don't know I really came up with anything good. Why the rear facing woofer?
  7. Hey TomCat. I new too and just south of you across the IL border - Chicago NW Suburbs. It sounds like there are a few folks from this region.
  8. What would you all consider the minimum skill level to try to recap an amp? I don't think I want to try doing my C1 myself but maybe an amp as a starter project? I have another project in the works as well. A few months ago I picked up a Thoren TD-150 turntable. Good operating condition. I'm going to re-pilth it in black walnut, picked up a Rega (Moth) 330 tonearm and a Rega Exact cartridge. Look like I'll need to make the arm board. This could/should turn out to be a nice addition for listening to vinyl.
  9. Hi! I’ve been a Carver fan sign my high school days when I would go to the local stereo store and dream about getting a Carver amp and preamp. Fast forward to 10 years ago when I needed amps for my home theater system and picked up 2 TFM-25 and a TFM-15. Now, I’m turning more toward more music application and wondering what I should pick up and should I get them recapped / modded. Btw I also acquired a C1 along the way. Look forward to learning more.
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