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  1. I hit every garage or estate sale I run across. You never know what might be left over. My dad bought a 51 Ford for a buck one time at a garage sale. All my junk is from garage/estate sales.
  2. RBQ

    Clean M1.5t

    Did a quick bulb test and everything looked ok. Had it playing using an old iPhone as a preamp and cheap test speakers most of the day yesterday. Checking just only temperatures it seams fine. Might hook it up to better/larger speakers this weekend for a test drive. Hate to do to much to it since it doesn’t have a scratch on it.
  3. My Uncle asked me if I wanted this??? I have the box, warranty card & manual. I opened it up to clean it but it looks new.
  4. Found in Denver at a garage sale for $10 bucks. Luckily, since I fly a lot & have a 70lb bag allowance as it weighed in over 55lbs. After finding the Phoenix Audio forum, I began rebuilding it. I've since collected a few more Phase Linear pieces such as the 1400 EQ, 3300 II Preamp & just because it also looked cool a 5100 Tuner. I have been playing around with Sansui stuff and now have some real fun. Now I'm trying out some Carver stuff with a very clean M1.5t & C4000.
  5. Thanks Dennis. Yeah I had a great experience with White Oak doing the WOPL mod. Thanks for the M1.5t info
  6. Hi everyone. I’ve worked for the railroad for 30 years and travel almost weekly from Birmingham AL to Everett WA. After modifying a PL 400II from the help of the Phoenix Audio community, I desired to try a Carver M 1.5t amp from my uncle’s basement. Will see if this will be easier or cheaper then my flame amp. Thanks
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