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  1. As mentioned already, I have a similar setup of separate devices, Cable Modem --> Ethernet/WiFi Router --> Ethernet Switch --> End Device. For the past 15+ years that I've been on Comcast/Xfinity, I've owned the cable modem that was used. Initially this was a Motorola SB5100, which was replaced with an Arris SB6141 (DOCSIS 3.0) at least 5yrs ago which is sufficient for the 120Mbps down/6Mbps up connection I get. (There's some business arrangement between Arris and Motorola where one owns the other so I tend to consider them the same company.) This is wired via Ethernet cable to an Asus RAC88U Ethernet/WiFi Router (again at least 5+ yrs old), which in turn is wired via Ethernet cable to several unmanaged 1Gbps Ethernet Switches throughout the house. I try and have any stationery device that can be wired, wired to free up WiFi bandwidth for mobile devices.
  2. I'd originally thought it may have been from a Journey album, but I now see that it's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros_(Ray_LaMontagne_album) after the hints. I'll now have to check that out on tidal as I'd never heard of him before. In the spirit of continuing this :-
  3. Physical ticket stubs are going to become such a rarity in this age of barcodes scanned from your phone.
  4. After receiving my MkII modded M500 back from @Nahash5150, I've now set it up to drive the Totem Acoustic Forests via the pre-outs on the Denon ARV-X4400H. I also added an external triggered power relay (see https://www.adafruit.com/product/2935) so that the M500 will power on as the Denon powers on.
  5. The cables certainly do like to entwine themselves ?. In the early 90's when I first encountered Carver gear and had a 6200 Receiver, I also had a pair of Energy ESM-2 that were my compromise as i couldn't afford to get a pair Energy 22. Anyway, after purchasing a house in the early 2000's, the wife and i went shopping for a surround system as the house had been pre-wired for surround (with 4 outlets around the room near the ceiling) and thus we were looking for smaller bookshelf speakers suitable for wall mounting. Initially I was looking at an Energy surround system, so went to several dealers in the DMV area to demo systems - one of these was also a Totem dealer. After demoing an Energy set (Take 5? maybe), we also listened to several Totem sets (Dream Catchers, Mites, Model 1, Arro, Forests). I liked them all however price and the fact that there was a Rear Project TV in the corner of the room there meant that there could be no floor standing speakers... Anyway, after replacing the Rear Projection TV a year or so ago (thus opening up some floor space) it was time to go Speaker Shopping again... initially I was looking for a pair of Arros in the used marketplace to complement the Dream Catchers, but came across the Forests at a reasonable price.
  6. Thanks @dcl- images uploaded to Imgur and now inserted into a member systems post.
  7. Carver M500 with an Integra DTR 7.2 (6.1 channel receiver, circa 2002) acting as pre-amp. Current System Sony X900E65 Comcast Cable box Turtle Beach AudioTron AT101 (Network MP3 player) Totem Acoustic - Dream Catcher Center (plus 4x Dream Catcher book shelf speakers for surround / height channels) Panasonic - DMP-UB900 (4K UHD BluRay Player) Panasonic - RP56 (DVD player) Denon - ARV-X4400H Energy - S10.2 - Sub Totem Acoustic - Forest Bello (audio rack) rats nets of wires (semi organized) -
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. Currently, the M500 (unless being used) is unplugged. @dcl I'll watch for any local gatherings. @loner_tI'm pretty close by just off Rt28 and Church. I was trying to add some images to a member systems post as per inserting-photos-video-links, however i could not get any image to upload ?. - Tony
  9. Hi, I figured it was about time i actually signed up / into the carver Site instead of lurking as a Guest. I picked up a M500 late last year that I plan to use as for driving the front speakers in the surround setup I have in the living room. Currently, the M500 is the only carver gear I have. - In the early '90s, I had an MXR-6200 (that if I recall correctly was 100wpc) driving a pair Energy ESM-2 speakers. As the M500 does not have a power switch, do people usually just leave them powered on all the time? or plug them in as/when needed? or use a switched power strip? My other thought on this would be to use a 12v triggered relay so that device/receiver acting as as pre-amp is switched on, the M500 is also switched on. - Tony
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