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  1. @kve777 I'm not at the same level as you but for a guy like me at the lower end of the equipment spectrum, that would be parting with too much gear. But it all depends on where you are in your audio journey and whether you have time to recover should you have any regrets after all is said and done. As long as you are at peace with your decision, you cannot go wrong with whatever choice you make.
  2. Congrats Zenith4me! A big thank you to kve777 and oldtexasdog for your generosity and such a terrific karma.
  3. Welcome aboard...it is always interesting to hear about the historical aspects of the beloved Carver company and its products. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will continue providing these tidbits to the site.
  4. Welcome to the site...you will quickly find this place and its people are awesome.
  5. This stuff is never boring, thanks for sharing all the information and the pictures. Enjoy!
  6. AL IIIs, it sounds like you are starting near the top. Welcome
  7. Any thoughts on how this amp might sound and perform with my Bose 901 series VI's or more suited to a set of bookshelf speakers?
  8. Welcome to the site. You just made the biggest mistake of your life; this place is awesome and you are going to love it! 😛
  9. More tube amp karma please...I can feel myself getting pulled in to the world of tube amps at some point in the future.
  10. Great looking gear! A lot of members on here should be very proud as a lot of the gear I see on here makes me feel like I have a Fisher Price stereo system...🤣
  11. Did the Samsung dishwasher or mini fridge (bottom of last pic) come with it? 🙂
  12. Have I mentioned how awesome this site is? 😋
  13. A really cool looking tube amp and a great karma. I will leave this one for someone that is really into tube amps as I have not quite reached that realm yet.
  14. @Receiver2000 No worries. One of the awesome Carversite members offered their DTL-200MK2 for purchase and I took him up on the offer.
  15. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your story. I found it very interesting to hear the perspective from someone on the international level.
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