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  1. So much to see in Rome and so much good food to eat there; combine that with a Carver amp and oh my! 🙂 I agree with Pat Adams, best vacation of my life.
  2. Walrus Gumboot


    She is a beauty for sure.
  3. You got a steal in 1988 and now it is time to pay up by getting it refurbished...kidding, you will still be way ahead if you do so. 🙂
  4. It is a shame you are not going all out on this project (please note heavy sarcasm). 🙂
  5. @allflehisequalwhenburnt What is your plan for these two glorious items? Every man, woman and child on this site wants to know.
  6. Welcome to the site! That is a very impressive collection of equipment and I can't wait to see pictures of it all.
  7. Welcome aboard the Carversite shipmate; You have come to the right place for an education on all things Carver. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your gear.
  8. Very tastefully done room...the gear seems to blend into the background. Looks like it is out of a magazine, very nice! I love the tv idea and flexibility it allows as I have never been a fan of mounting statically over the fire place.
  9. A crazy collection of gear, surely your chest is bursting with pride. Interesting to see the reel to reel tape player but I don't hear much about them on the site; how does its sound compare with other forms of media in your system?
  10. Those picture frames must be glued onto the wall, lol
  11. Welcome to the site Jeffery. We love to see pictures, whenever you get a chance.
  12. Butcher, If you take a deep look into the music business, it seldom holds up to what we have been lead to believe as true, especially in the rhelm of song writing and music playing. Even my beloved Beatles don't hold up. Check out. " The Wrecking Crew" on Youtube for some interesting stories.
  13. Anyone care to elaborate on why Don Henley?
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