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  1. HaHa! you said work... In 1979, I painted my entire C10 pickup truck in black paint by brush while listening to AC/DC back in black.
  2. The 3 amps are ; Cerwn Vega CV-2800, Carver M500t, and a M400.
  3. 50 gallons of wash and two mash of sweet corn - makes sweet sweet corn liquor...
  4. She's about 6 foot tall and only makes clear liquids, unfortunately I bought it from a place in the monkeys eyebrow and it is registered with the US government for tax purposes . Last year in mid-pandemic I was contacted by the USA to make hand sanitizer tax free. Never - never, dammit never, under any circumstance give your real name to anybody - period, not even to Taco John - I now use the name Ed (easy to spell), works well with pizza delivery too.
  5. He a big boy, giant rhoad island red - takes the couch away from my pitbull...
  6. Ok, I'll try again but it is not an emu...
  7. I call this picture 'Kentucky Fried Blues" Miller beer can for scale. four plates with a rain rainmaker into a condenser. = 94% all day long
  8. You cant beat the kentucky mid-east-west-south-north for good limestone bourbon... made some myself, an it aint easy... 2 row 6 row barley malts an all that jazz
  9. Holy crap - some Van Winkle - did you cash in your 401k for some pappy's?
  10. How about Johnny 6 eye ... Demonstration Record - Not for Sale edit: the album is 100% clean, the flash seemed to pickup some non-existent (naked eye) webs?
  11. Grand Funk - Genevieve & Black Licorice... Re-hyped, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidaa (no lyrics) hits hard too.
  12. Thanks, I seem to notice there are a few sub-forums I haven't picked up on yet. I guess when the time comes I will post many pictures and such, I just didn't want to go the eBay/Craigslist route. Just like my entire Johnny Horton album collection - I'm not particularly looking to sell - but... I have a rare "not for sale" one worth $28 dollars and 15 cents.
  13. Just a quick question, being new here I'm sure people will be skeptical, so I'll ask in this forum first. I'm recently retired and re-modeling my house to have nothing on the floor (floating toilet too) in-wall speakers and bookshelf amps. I like my Carver equipment but it may be best re-homed at my age. This stuff may not be in the best of shape, but would not be asking top dollar for it either. Would like to sell it all or none at one price - but I am not willing to pack & ship - local pickup only - West Kentucky, Murray area. C-4000 (missing knob) w/ original manual. M-400 (in repair - it fell off a woofer) it worked until that happened. holes in faceplate from an idiot who installed on/off switch. M-500t (just re-capped) and recently found out I got the kit from on eBay <REDACTED> DTL-200 (loose or broken sled) w/ original manual. Missing cover screws. TX-11a receiver - I never used it, will test. w/ original manual. RSI-1 - Remote System Interface (new in crappy box). Any advice? or should I be buried with it...
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