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  1. I too sometime forget about doing that. I also do it when cleaning my need on my needle on the TT. That tends to make a hellacious noise when everything is on and pumping. I also admit to being lazy and not turning off the speakers when I turn the gain control. I have been in the habit though to turn the gain control (depending on the source I am going to use) before I even power the amp up in the first place! It is frustrating, but keep at it. You will get there soon. I know it can be frustrating. The guys (and gals) here will head you in the right direction.
  2. Could be something as simple as dirty contacts. I lost sound out of the left channel one time on my setup while using the C16. Was frustrating. Thought it was maybe my equalizer, but even had the loss of signal without the EP1 (External Processor 1 button) engaged. Even hooked it up to EP2, same issue. Took it out of system and brought it to a buddies who repairs gear when visiting last summer. He said, "did you clean the contacts on the switches?". Low and behold, a little deoxit on the contacts and a few pushes in and out on all of the face panel buttons, viola, been up and running w
  3. I have both! My C-16 was an eBay purchase over 12 years ago. Paid over $300 for it (with shipping), so, Will Meyer. I don't think your prices aren't off base. Now I've been working on a C-19 that I acquired from someone I know at a reasonable price, but have had to do a bit of work to get it where it is at. So it depends on what you are looking for as to how much you will have to pay! A unit that is in great shape and can sing right out of the gate, C-16 around $450 to $550; C-19 around $1,100 to $1,500. If you are willing to settle for one that is not museum quality or might
  4. I agree! I have had several Polks with my various Carver gear over the years (and still using some)! I've had Polk Monitor 5's and currently still have Monitor 12's and SDA-1C's. Paired them with my HR-772, then my TFM-55 (boat anchor waiting for rebuild) and a TFM-45 (currently using). However I have to say, that all changed when I got my Amazings! Still, I do like the Polk/Carver combination.
  5. Yeah, and it is the Model 16 and can handle up to 16 amps. However, with my setup, that may not be enough! I got it at such a great price, it was almost like I was stealing it. I remember, bought it years ago and have been happy ever since! I have a Monster Power HTS 2600 upstairs in my HT setup. Paid a bit more for that, but still feel the Powevar is a better unit! Although it doesn't have switched outlets like the 2600, so that is one plus for the Monster Power unit.
  6. I have to admit, my gear does fit rather well in the rack! And damn it, yes it does look good! Very solid also, not that cheap shit the stores put out currently. I have toyed with making a custom rack, something with a mix of metal and wood, but by the time I look at the costs, then I look at what I have and say, not worth it!
  7. The rack was one I bought many years ago, gosh back in the 90's from a store in our mall that sold audio gear and audio furniture! Solid oak, well oak plywood. Definitely not the cheapo stuff you see nowadays! The low stand next to it was the matching TV stand! Bought them as a set. I think I paid over $350 back in the 90's, so wee quite expensive!
  8. Here is a close up of the main stack as it sits currently! (This was taken as I was putting the Sunfire in the stack!)
  9. Welcome aboard! Way too much gear here to get you on the OCCD express! Buckle up and enjoy your ride!
  10. Okay, I've finally passed the Novice level, so I can post pics of my system, and do it on the proper forum!!! As I mentioned in my new member intro, this has been a 15++ year long journey in the making (and I am not done by any means)! This is my current setup in the basement of my new house since my divorce! I am running a Sunfire 300x2, C-16, SDA-490T, TX-12 (going upstairs to bedroom since I don't use this system for radio), TD-1770, BSR EQ3000, Realistic APM-500, MSB Link DAC, and Avid Diva II turntable! Some changes are coming - as I said,
  11. Welcome aboard! OCCD is a sickness, but it is the best one I know of! Glad you are starting your journey!
  12. I think he has more invested in his gear than I have in my house!!! That is awesome. I would love to hear a pair of the Carver tube amps! Very impressive. Thanks for sharing! (Not enough drool on the Saint Bernard pic to match my actual drooling!)
  13. Welcome aboard. Nice collection of amps! It is a long journey you are about to embark on with this site. A bunch of enablers that make you want to add more gear to your collection!
  14. Welcome aboard! As Brian_at_HHH stated about OCCD, once you get your first piece, you have started on that long and wonderful spiral of adding to your collection. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  15. Welcome aboard! Newer member myself, but always searched for information on this site before joining. Vast knowledge on this site! The only problem I have had is that I now want to own more Carver gear than I already have!
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