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  1. I still have a CA 350 and FM 550 in my kitchen system. Have a matching pair in the basement I am working on, and have started rebuilding a CA 550, the big brother to the 350
  2. My first system was an '80s era Fisher component system from a local department store. Had a Fisher CA 350 integrated amp, FM 550 tuner, a MT 6420 semi auto belt drive TT, rolling rack, and Fisher DS 177 speakers. My mom put it on her store charge card, which she just paid off and told me the when she got the bill every month, it was my responsibility to pay it. If she had to make one payment, the system was hers! I think I paid over $700 back in the early '80s, and that was on sale! That's what started me down the rabbit hole that I am currently in! Thanks Mom!
  3. This is also my test disc! I used this everytime I made progress on my C19 upgrade! I love this album! Definitely rocks the Vinyl Den main system (which unfortunately has been idle due to workload - both at work and at home!) A couple of my other favorites are Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue and Beck - Morning Phase. Both on vinyl. Very silent backgrounds and full of dynamic presence!
  4. Just watched an old favorite of mine. An old spaghetti western from Tonino Valerii and Sergio Leone: "My Name Is Nobody". Stars Terrence Hill and Henry Fonda. Not sure why I like it so much, but hey, it is what it is.
  5. Happy belated birthday! Hope you were able to do what you wanted to do!
  6. Yeah, i figured as much. I will see if I can find the other links. Don't remember exactly where they were. If i run across them in my travels, I will record them so I can let you know. As far as the member, map, not a big deal if it isn't up to date. Was just looking out of curiosity. I think I have my information in there correctly, unless I need the "( )". You've done a great job with the site. Happy to be a member!
  7. Yeah. I ended up getting there. Was just trying to see who was local (somewhat to me) on the map. I see I don't appear on it, so not sure what the issue is with that. No worries. Nothing critical. Was just getting some dead links in general, but I believe they were created before the last go around of website updates.
  8. Just thought, these may be old links prior to updates on the website. If so, disregard!
  9. As much as I hate to show how disorganized I am, attached is a current shot of my work bench. The second one is of my Oscilloscope cart I got this summer. It is loaded with most of my test gear! I have stuff all over the place! I guess I go in spurts. I get on an organization kick, situate everything on and around the bench so it looks nice an tidy, then all hell breaks loose when I get working on something!
  10. Tried to use the link to the Member Map this evening and this is what I get: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Got it on some other links I've tried in the last couple of days too. Don't remember which ones off the top of my head.
  11. I have to say, I have always been a fan of the Carver/Polk relationship. I have had Monitor 5's, SDA-1C's, and Monitor 12's running with my various Carver gear. (Still have the 1C's and 12's). Doesn't matter which Carver I put with any one of the Polks! I have also paired my HR-772 with some Bose 301's which actually wasn't too bad. Have also run my old Fisher DS-177's with them (by no means a great speaker) and some Audio Pulse's when I first got the receiver, but graduated to the Bose, then eventually to the Polks. For a while I was running my Carver Amazings (hybrid originals) and my Amazing Platinums with my Carver TFM 45 - which was great. Now running them with my Sunfire's though, so in a way still a all Carver setup of sorts. I think any halfway decent speaker paired up with a Carver unit will perform wonderfully. Don't get me wrong, there is always potential for whatever speaker to not play well with your gear. It's all about synergy! And also, what sounds good to you!
  12. Welcome aboard! As the others have said, a lot of good people here and many with great knowledge. And they all like to share what they can! So enjoy the ride!
  13. 2chGearBuff

    Get Back

    Now that is funny! I lived in Liverpool, NY for 15 years! My office is in Liverpool, NY. I'll have to see if Melvin is still around!! 🤣🤣 I've seen the ads for the movie (series - whatever you want to call it). Not really into the Beatles, meaning not a super fan, but I do like their musice and have several albums. Not sure which is my favorite, but there are several that I spin on occasion. I am usually up for a documentary about the various groups I like, but not sure I could stomach 6 hours worth. (I realize it is in 3 parts, but still 6 hours is a long time!)
  14. Welcome back! I know it gets challenging to follow the various posts, and various forums while working and raising kids, i.e. life as some know it! Good to see that you will be able to enjoy getting things back into action.
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