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  1. well.... lol about 5 years ago I built my dad a 347 stroker motor for his 73 ford e100 van. Blue printed and balanced all forged. Fully built rotating assembly can hold 1500hp block can handle 600 before cracking afr heads cams headers carb full msd nascar radiator and a ton of other parts. Built trans peg leg turned into 3.73 posi 4 wheel disc brakes. I think you have a good picture of the time and money invested in this. about 2 months ago he took it to a shop to have the timing cover gasket changed due to water leakage. Whoever worked on it destroyed it. Hooked up the radiator hoses backward. Unfortunately when he took off he didnt see what was done let’s just say it got hot blew the head gaskets and stretched the arp bolts. They also destroyed the electrical to to the msd billet distributor and ignition box. I’ve done fixed the msd components. Afr heads are at shop being checked. So the arp on the table are the new studs i decided to go with instead of bolts.
  2. Well guys the time has come for the drawing and the winner is....
  3. Got each channel fired up. the fan is super quiet. I couldn’t even tell if it was running had to look at it. On initial power on the fan runs then shuts down after a few mins. I’m guessing it turns back once it reaches desired temp. however a basic dc offset check reveals she needs some work. As left channel had 75mv and right at 50 mv before I shut it down and the meter lights work too
  4. She arrived yesterday. Well packaged handles removed as I requested. Kudos for that. Moisture seems to be on the outside and doesn’t look like it got in internally. Internally she looks much better then I expected. None of the caps looks swollen gunna throw her on the variac here shortly make sure she still turns on. Everything looking pretty good so far
  5. Alittle high on price for stock usually want to get them at around 100-125 for working. Then give it the nahash5150 gold project treatment
  6. Up for grabs is 2 bsr eq-3000s 1 works perfectly. no issues the one with the blue light works as well but there’s something going on with the spectrum display.im including it as parts unit. I purchased it from eBay 2 years ago perfect working order my ass. I have no interest in repairing the display and honestly sick of looking at them. so here’s another chance to get 2 for free pick a number 0-100 numbers will be placed in a hat my 8 yr old will draw the winner. we will do the drawing on fri June 19
  7. Thanks and I will, we will all be taking a journey into its moisture filled cocoon once it arrives
  8. Thanks probably just go with the cool blues i think I’m more curious about what condition it’s going to arrive in lol and how far has the moisture gotten
  9. with tax and shipping 2769.47 just to bump subwoofers i think I need help
  10. def alittle rough around the edges. The last 2 working ones went for 2.6k and 2.9k. I’m hoping to get this alittle less. I’m currently winning the bid. Unless someone plans on going above 3k pretty please don’t bid on it. Really appreciate it. thanks
  11. I'm picking up a set of  like new Bob Carver signed Platinum IV's from a friend of Ed Atkins. I'll be driving to North Carolina from Buffalo New York ,July 10th... 10 a half hour one way drive to pick them up.

    I also purchased a Carver PT -2400 as well to drive the platinum's.

    Hooked up the second 12 inch subwoofer and it rocks! It's all I need.

    I wonder how both Platinums  will sound butted up against my silver's. That should be one hell of a soundstage!

    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      Wow that’s def a journey lol

      sounds like your place is the place to go rock out at 


      glad you’re enjoying those subs. Subwoofers make everything better 


      also your A760x uses 3 lights per meter. Depending on led style depends on if they can be dropped in or specially wired 

    2. sea


      Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. I fixed your profile photo; it was causing a fubar...



    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt




      i never changed it. I always had a c logo ..... default image from when I joined. Something on the site or server must have happened

    2. Charlie


      No problem; looks good now!!!

    3. allflehisequalwhenburnt
  13. Fix your profile photo. ;)


    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      I never changed it? It used to be a C



  14. Anyone know who built this amp cant quite make out the signature
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