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  1. fronts backs only drivers different between the two are the ribbons and the Piezo tweeters on the top back set only reason why they play well together searching for a 2nd set of iia/rs but that’s pretty much non existent
  2. Been a long time for a system update. took me about a year to get to this point. Still not finished. Eventually the system so far 2x carver 1.0t magnet killer option 2 power plants operate the Empire State buildings upfront and the Eiffel towers in the back (stereo) 2x carver cathedral of pain 8 channel power plants powering 7 channels of the atmospheric pressure system 1x carver total fkn madness 75 giga watt power plant powering 2 18” a home down foundation killers in my designed boxes 1x Sony ear synthesizer 3100
  3. I'm picking up a set of  like new Bob Carver signed Platinum IV's from a friend of Ed Atkins. I'll be driving to North Carolina from Buffalo New York ,July 10th... 10 a half hour one way drive to pick them up.

    I also purchased a Carver PT -2400 as well to drive the platinum's.

    Hooked up the second 12 inch subwoofer and it rocks! It's all I need.

    I wonder how both Platinums  will sound butted up against my silver's. That should be one hell of a soundstage!

    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      Wow that’s def a journey lol

      sounds like your place is the place to go rock out at 


      glad you’re enjoying those subs. Subwoofers make everything better 


      also your A760x uses 3 lights per meter. Depending on led style depends on if they can be dropped in or specially wired 

    2. sea


      Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. I fixed your profile photo; it was causing a fubar...



    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt




      i never changed it. I always had a c logo ..... default image from when I joined. Something on the site or server must have happened

    2. Charlie


      No problem; looks good now!!!

    3. allflehisequalwhenburnt
  5. Fix your profile photo. ;)


    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      I never changed it? It used to be a C



  6. A760x demolished the m1.0t In subwoofer output. M1.0t remains supreme vs the a760x on clarity detail for the highs. But the a760x laughed at the m1.0t in the sub section
  7. The proper people make some good vids. The Detroit factories were sad along with the abandoned hospitals and colleges that still had everything inside the vandalism is disgusting.
  8. just wrapped up my 2nd m1.0t mkll opt2 build. all dialed in and ready to go, cant wait for the test drive tomorrow. 1 m1.0t opt2 on the front and 1 m1.0t opt2 on the subs vs 1 m1.0t opt2 on the front and a juiced a760x on the subs. I still think the a760x will remain supreme for sub duty but I will find out later today let the destruction commence
  9. hey guys thanks for the warm welcome. since the site was down for those few weeks ive been a very busy boy. lol ended up buying 5 m1.0t's 1 753x 1 tfm24 1 c1 1 c4000 1 tfm 42 and 45 serviced 4 m1.5ts and a c1 and built 2 mk2 opt 2 amps. the c1 I tweaked a bit. full metal resistors muse and fine gold caps silver mica to replace the ceramics and gold plate upgrade. left the opamps alone. what resulted in a very detailed and quiet preamp. theres zero hiss hums buzzes even when the volume is turned to max. when the music quiets down to 1 one instrument still no
  10. @sk1bum - yeah ive been eyeing those. but im really looking for another set of the tower iia/r or the tower ii. trying to stick with same year models etc. even started buying up original woofers for the towers just to have spare parts incase. I got these towers from my dads best friend. he used to run a stereo store in Torrance California back in the 80's/90's was a dealer for vmps cerwin and jamo and carried quite a bit of carver. he finally let em go to me last year for 2500. he has a set of tower ii's so im hoping just to buy those as well lol imagine being a kid walking into someones house
  11. thanks, I do alright most mods are fairly easy and I spent most of my childhood soldering team associated rc cars lol so soldering is fun to me. still learning a bit but so far brought 3 amps back from the dead so cant complain I suppose honestly the m1.5t is my favorite. it has the sweetest sound of all the solid state carvers to me. the m1.5t is very controlled and very precise. has no problem powering those 16 drivers at 6ohm. everyone always goes to the m500t for best sounding but I disagree. and every 500t ive seen in action had no control over the woofers at all. just ki
  12. for my own personal concert …. heres my little home experience sony e9000es bsr eq for the spectrum analyzer flac streamed from bluray 2 m1.5ts one purple one blue both matched internals a760x for the lows powering 12 and 15 sony mobile es subs in custom built boxes vmps super tower iia/r vmps qs808 for rear hoping to get another set of vmps towers in the future for the rear and then my life will be complete vid of the a760 after I recapped it doing its thing lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezv-goDQE5c
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