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      i never changed it. I always had a c logo ..... default image from when I joined. Something on the site or server must have happened

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      No problem; looks good now!!!

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      I never changed it? It used to be a C



  3. Anyone know who built this amp cant quite make out the signature
  4. Unfortunately kevin is right, you’re not alone in that opinion either. Why I gave up on ht a long time ago. No different then buying a new car. There’s always another model to replace it. Carver amps/preamps are forever. only other amp I’d consider owning if I couldn’t get a carver would be soundcraftsmen or sae I think I saw this unit for sale on eBay on recommended hopefully you’ll get lucky and get someone to buy it if that was yours that way you can purchase another carver also kevin how do I get in touch with you on those 390t tubes pm or you got a website or something? Thanks
  5. A760x demolished the m1.0t In subwoofer output. M1.0t remains supreme vs the a760x on clarity detail for the highs. But the a760x laughed at the m1.0t in the sub section
  6. The proper people make some good vids. The Detroit factories were sad along with the abandoned hospitals and colleges that still had everything inside the vandalism is disgusting.
  7. Well guys in weird turn of events I scored a 2nd 390t haha then one I initially bid on and lost by 5 bucks I guess the person never paid and the guy just relisted at a buy it now price. scored it 30 dollars cheaper then what I would have won it for lol good things do come every once in awhile
  8. Yeah I’ve been reading up on some older posts about the tubes and you are the go to guy for some good tubes I’m def interested as I plan on experimenting alittle lol so far I’ve put Tom petty full moon fever and Alice In Chains jar of flies through the player and sounds wonderful much softer sound, instruments have better separation and much better detail. Def tell this is an audio player and not a movie player. I think the best improvement was to the low frequencies seems less garbled however I’m running a modified c1 and I got a modified c4000 I wanna test on it and I just bought a c5 a few days ago I’m waiting to show up. So I will def be playing around with multiple preamps and tube upgrades as well edit just played British steel and I love this player. Now I know why no one wants to give em up lol
  9. What I meant was it plays no skipping nice n quiet etc etc. im pretty sure it’s rocking stock tubes so I’m sure I’ll be upgrading those in the future. i haven’t listened to it on my system yet took me 3 hours to drive it home in 105 degree weather had to get my beauty nap in haha just got the tfm55x handles installed almost looks like it belongs Tubes are marked 6dj8 ecc-88 guessing stock
  10. Well guys finally found a 390t down at a stereo shop completely rebuilt (supposedly) looks to be in really good condition. Plays nicely. Bummer it didn’t come with handles..... so a diy er like me has some parts from a tfm55x that has some handles that are the same size just gotta drill 2 new holes and I’ll have some handles lol paid more then I wanted to pay but at least I got one
  11. Well m200t was purchased from aj. Thank you for the amp and he even gave a tuner as karma. Thank you so much for that. I ended up passing along the tuner to another forum member who really appreciated it and will use it. this was a pic I was sent last night went to a good home but it in the end I didn’t need the m200t So I got some free time and tore Ajs m200t down power switch was broken and the wires were jumped. However the amp fired right up. Which was a pleasant surprise amp was really dirty so scrubbed it all down. A big shoutout to nahash5150 for providing us with upgrades and his knowledge while giving us a part list to work from even though parts list was unofficial no official list hasn’t been posted I think? stumbled across an old thread m200t gold project. So I went ahead and upgraded most of the parts from the list. Except 2 watters as this amp was blown at some point and they were replaced I believe. scrapped the thermal paste on transistors went to thermal pads. Added new paste on heatsink and frame Utilized the stock hardware for power caps. I cant stand the speaker terminals in this amplifier. They were so warped you couldn’t press it down far enough to get the wire in the hole lol upon inspection I realized the original board was busted in 3 pieces. So I conjured up a new terminal setup. I’m happy with it. Gold rcas added new leds added now all I gotta do is find a replacement power switch. Need to stop by Lowe’s and get the new grommets and a can of black rustoleum for the transformer cover that’s alittle rusty. and I believe that wraps up ajs m200t restore thank you to everyone who runs the site the techs that share their knowledge the friendly members that make this a great place to be. That a nobody like me can come up with some good results and aj for the amp even though idk what to do with it lol
  12. Actually I had bids on that one but I couldn’t bid cause I was driving at the time for a family dinner thing so I lost out on it by 5 bucks So now I’m even more curious lol i have the money just need the player haha
  13. I must experience one of these units if anyone has a working one they wanna part with please let me know thanks
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