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  1. I serviced both units. the c-19 belonged to another member of the site who sent it in for servicing. the preamplifier passed tests on the test equipment then was put into an audio system and monitored for a day. the day of shipping it was tested that morning again before it left. unfortunately I dont have crystal ball to see what happened to the unit between the time it left and the time it arrived. obviously something is amiss in the unit and needs to be looked at unfortunately. Parts labor and return shipping cost are all included in your 3 year warranty. S
  2. You have to push in the tone control switch for the treble or bass knobs to work.
  3. David there should be no popping of any kind either there’s an issue or something is hooked up wrong. we know it pops with the c-19. Remove the c-19 and put the c-16 in. Does it still pop with the c-16? if it doesn’t and plays fine then the obviously the c-19 isn’t working correctly and you need to send it back. if it continues to pop with the c-16 then I’d be looking at the amplifier and all connections made. regardless of which unit is having an issue if any you’re covered. Thanks
  4. Well, kept finding pretty good deals so now I ended with a 2nd m4.0t and another tfm-55x lol… addiction at its finest
  5. Yes they are the same only difference is the tfm-4.0 has the black face and was only produced for one year and limited quantities, I think that’s how the story goes
  6. 10000uf 100v caps are sold out everywhere especially the 4 lead ones. there’s only one supplier I know that has 4 lead 10000uf 100v caps but they’re 10 each I only use 10000uf 100v caps on m500t builds. on tfm models I use a increased cap of 12000uf 100v Panasonic’s i can sell you a set of those for 12 dollars plus shipping
  7. I waltz my fatass down to the local Walmart go to car audio pretty blue 14 gauge wire 50ft spool for 12.97 which puts us at the 25-30 cent mark sometimes it’s on sale for 9.99 which drops it under 25cents a foot cheers it’s copper wire and not cca
  8. beware of the last 10 second 20hz drop will clip the amp like nothing
  9. fronts backs only drivers different between the two are the ribbons and the Piezo tweeters on the top back set only reason why they play well together searching for a 2nd set of iia/rs but that’s pretty much non existent
  10. Been a long time for a system update. took me about a year to get to this point. Still not finished. Eventually the system so far 2x carver 1.0t magnet killer option 2 power plants operate the Empire State buildings upfront and the Eiffel towers in the back (stereo) 2x carver cathedral of pain 8 channel power plants powering 7 channels of the atmospheric pressure system 1x carver total fkn madness 75 giga watt power plant powering 2 18” a home down foundation killers in my designed boxes 1x Sony ear synthesizer 3100
  11. I'm picking up a set of  like new Bob Carver signed Platinum IV's from a friend of Ed Atkins. I'll be driving to North Carolina from Buffalo New York ,July 10th... 10 a half hour one way drive to pick them up.

    I also purchased a Carver PT -2400 as well to drive the platinum's.

    Hooked up the second 12 inch subwoofer and it rocks! It's all I need.

    I wonder how both Platinums  will sound butted up against my silver's. That should be one hell of a soundstage!

    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      Wow that’s def a journey lol

      sounds like your place is the place to go rock out at 


      glad you’re enjoying those subs. Subwoofers make everything better 


      also your A760x uses 3 lights per meter. Depending on led style depends on if they can be dropped in or specially wired 

    2. sea


      Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. I fixed your profile photo; it was causing a fubar...



    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt




      i never changed it. I always had a c logo ..... default image from when I joined. Something on the site or server must have happened

    2. Charlie


      No problem; looks good now!!!

    3. allflehisequalwhenburnt
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