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  1. Those prices are “in line” w/what my tech told me. Plus what he told me re: finding a C 16 or C 19: “It’ s gonna take awhile”. Outta curiosity what years were they made? Late ‘80s? Oh yeah, I meant to say sent amp off for re-cap, etc. Not Bill D. upgrade.
  2. Hi-Fi Shark appears to be like soooo many websites: they don’t delete sold or expired listings. Aggravating. That C 19 on E-bay . . . foregt it. Thanks guys.
  3. I need/want a C 16 and/or C 19 preamp. I’m radically upgrading from my (Carver) 6260 receiver. I would wish to have the pre amp faceplates near new. If anyone has any interest in the 6260 let me know. I bought it new. Nice box. Instructions & remote. Sourcing the preamps is my prime interest right now.
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