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  1. I am far, FAR from blaming you Ray! These things are a hella of a learning curve for me. You did a a SUPERB job of packaging of all three components. As such I can’t feature how they could have suffered any shipping damage. I was planning on switching/swapping speakers to determine if it’s my speakers & NOT the preamp. And using headphones. Each to test treble adjustment. Thanks for the 8khz switch tip. My unfamiliarity w/all these new-to-me hi-end components is where the problem is. Not your services Ray. I have a lotta learning & testing ahead of me. I’m frankly scared to ship anything until that’s done. I still remember how UPS almost destroyed the amp in shipment! Thx.
  2. Sk1Bum: Thank you. Troubleshooting this system @ my age is challenging. Having had receivers all my life & moving to all separate components, much less TWO preamps? Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew. I’ll keep @ it. I moved to rural Mo. 5 yrs. ago. ALPHA-TECH, my former audio repair “angels”, are two hours away. One way (drive time). They’ve had so many components (audio) destroyed in shipment in the recent past they demand you drive your stuff into St. Louis … drive back & pick it up. There has to be a way I can connect this stuff by myself.
  3. #1: I have the tone switch is pushed in. Bass adjusts, treble no. #2: I paid a pretty penny for refurbing & GODWAFUL assoc. shipping fees! The damn things should function! I need spend more time sorting/testing things out. “Sorry Sold” … the C 19? Huh?
  4. Thank you [forum members] for the last two posts. I’ve dicked around w/C 16 connected this morning. No POWWW-POPS but the treble doesn’t work. Plus, PLUS the TFM 35 amp connected to the C 16s main #1 or main #2, it sounds dull, dead, lifeless. My 6200 receiver sounds better than the/this refurbed C 16 when I swap tested/compared. It’s not my speakers! I’m leaning towards the refurbed preamps being the “problem children” in this system. Particularly w/no treble adjustment w/the C 16. This is beyond maddening! Thank you gentlemen !!!!
  5. Thank you for the link. It’d be an understatement to say I’m ‘puter challenged. My focus right now is on troubleshooting my audio system. Not new software.
  6. Speakers: KLH Model 12s & Model 5s. I have 2 pair of Model 17s I might connect. C 16 was off E-Bay. Tech I sent it to for refurb had a C 19 he had just refurbed for a customer, customer wanted him to sell it for him. Why the, what I think is a good price for a refurbed C 19: $1K. I tried to upload a pic. File too large. I’m still hooking things up. I’ve got a HORRIBLE, LOUD intermittent speaker POWWWW - POP w/the C 19 hooked up. Happens w/o touching any dials, no household appliances operating. Happens w/tuner, CD, etc. I mean it is FRIGGIN LOUD! Afraid I’ll blow up one of the KLHs!!! Any help appreciated.
  7. Hunt over. System complete. Re-furbed C 16 arrived yesterday. Excellent faceplate, original owners manual. $650. Re-furbed C 19 came last week. MInimal magenta on the faceplate which C 19s are infamous for. Repro manual. $1K. They’ll control re-furbed TFM 35, TX 2 tuner, TL 3200 CD & SONY BDP S1000ES blu-ray DVD player.
  8. Those prices are “in line” w/what my tech told me. Plus what he told me re: finding a C 16 or C 19: “It’ s gonna take awhile”. Outta curiosity what years were they made? Late ‘80s? Oh yeah, I meant to say sent amp off for re-cap, etc. Not Bill D. upgrade.
  9. Hi-Fi Shark appears to be like soooo many websites: they don’t delete sold or expired listings. Aggravating. That C 19 on E-bay . . . foregt it. Thanks guys.
  10. I need/want a C 16 and/or C 19 preamp. I’m radically upgrading from my (Carver) 6260 receiver. I would wish to have the pre amp faceplates near new. If anyone has any interest in the 6260 let me know. I bought it new. Nice box. Instructions & remote. Sourcing the preamps is my prime interest right now.
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