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  1. Thank you! I'm overwhelmed knowing there such a following lots to absorb!
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Brian!... you're right OCCD 😆, an Obsession for sure, especially when I have to sneek around wifey to buy and install components in a coy manner, I can't wait to put my Carver gear into Sound!... thank you and Happy New Year!
  3. Thank you Andrew, I just acquired my M 1.5t and my C1, I wanted to change up my gear from my current rig, I got these 2 recently from a nice Vintage stereo shop here in Houston TX for a decent price, he said he found no bulging or leaking caps etc...only my awareness and playing time will tell, I'm currently pushing a pair of Klipsch Chorus ii and pair of CV DX9s that I rotate in, with and ADCOM GFA 555ii via NAD 1600, and at times tweeking with and Audio Controll C -101, I hoping my expectations will be met and thank you
  4. Hey there Id like to hear impressions with your set up with them CVs, I just bought a C1 and an M 1.5t that im going to rotate with a pair of CV DX9s  and Klipsch Chorus ii

    1. gburke


      You will not be disappointed. I absolutely love my setup  

    2. Enrique Jackson
    3. gburke


      Have you had a chance to hook it all up yet? Curious of your thoughts 

  5. Hi Everyone I recently bought some Carver gear to rotate... I just bought a C1 pre amp and m 1.5t to rotate with my NAD 1600 pre amp and ADCOM GFA 555ii...I'd like to hear any advice/suggestions, impressions on these components, thank you!
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