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  1. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

    That's Magnum and I. He's trying to hide behind me at the vet's office. The receptionist is telling him "I can see you !!" He's the best dog ever - no disrespect to the other dogs and their owners on this forum.
  2. Welcome !! Post some pictures, especially of those speakers.
  3. That's plenty good for a 6250 into 6 feet of cable.
  4. Are you jacking with us? How long are your speaker cables?
  5. Welcome !! We're really glad you joined us - we can always use another techie on the site. In college my buddy had a set of JBLs. I don't remember the model but they sounded great. Hurry up and get a few posts under your belt and then throw some pictures up. It's sad but when you get old audio picture porn is the best of all !!!
  6. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

    I was riding the Tail Of The Dragon early one morning. I came around a corner and this guy was standing in the road. He just stood there and looked at me as if to say "What are you doing on my road?" I inched forward and he decided to scramble straight up the 15ft. high embankment like it was nothing. He looked at me and then turned because he could hear something. Right after I snapped this he ran off. No joke AND a picture - Up yours PMAT !!!
  7. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person here who doesn't know the definition of a "rave" song.
  8. Welcome !! Happy to have you aboard. Where in NC ? I'm in eastern TN, not too far from Knoxville. I get over to NC fairly often - usually on my motorcycle though.
  9. "If you put that in my face again I'm gonna smack you !!"
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