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  1. Good deal Barry !! Keep fighting the good fight...
  2. "I really like it when I tell you "No" and you make me do it anyway."
  3. Keep your chin up Barry !! We are all pulling for you !!!
  4. Some things can be generic - replace all of the electrolytics for example. After that it starts getting more complicated. Do you have the gear to measure performance? Most of the electronic parts will last indefinitely - but there may be something degraded that is technically working but not delivering it's full capability - which might be measured as distortion, noise, etc. with the right equipment. Parts availability and substitutions change so frequently that a list is only accurate on the day it is created.
  5. My best friend and I were driving to the hunting property in northwest TN. From here it is a 6 hour drive. We left after work on a Friday and it was well past dark. We're rolling on I-4o west of Nashville in his Durango. It was very dark - not too many towns along this stretch of highway. I was getting tired and I took off my glasses to rub my eyes. When I finished rubbing my eyes I kept my glasses in my hand and I leaned back in the seat. I looked up at the sky through the sunroof. I commented on how it must be cloudy because I couldn't see any stars. My buddy continue
  6. Welcome, fellow Tennesseean !! I'm south of you, 30 miles south of Knoxville. Those speakers are well regarded here. Plenty of information and experience to help you on your journey. Once you get them sorted out you may want to experiment with feeding them more power but that Adcom is a nice unit and may prove to be completely adequate. Has your 5500 been refreshed? Big caps replaced? It could probably stand for some soldering iron love.
  7. Welcome !! Nice system set-up. I've wanted a set of 10Bs for a long time. I love my Polks - they work well with my M1.0ts. The noise might be reduced when Greg replaces the power supply caps. If he finds it's unusual you can rest assured he will get to the root of the issue. Good news is if it has been doing that for 30 years and it still plays it hasn't hurt the mag coil.
  8. Welcome !! Good on you for saving that C-2. Please be sure to reach out to the site if you need anything - lots of folks here are ready and willing to help.
  9. Happy Birthday !!! Enjoy it !!
  10. "I like most nuts but these are too salty."
  11. Welcome to the jungle Frank !! Hit up @kve777 for potential parts. He may have an old unit that he can scavenge a few parts from. He owns or has owned more Carver gear than just about anyone on this forum - and he's a great guy.
  12. Happy Birthday !!! I hope you have many, many more...
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