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  1. He said "sports car". Dodge's only sports car is the Viper. Neither of those two cars you listed would hang with a true Porsche sports cars in anything but a straight-line drag race. This is an example of where the old saying "Speed Kills" came from. 99.9999% of people are not physically capable of handling a vehicle in an adverse situation at speeds above 45 MPH, much less truly high speeds. I am all for all of the electronic safety gadgetry they put on cars nowadays. If the technology sees me at a red light and little Jasmine doesn't because her eyeliner and cell phone have her preoccupied, there's a greater chance I won't pay the price for her imbecilic activity.
  2. This is not, by any means, a cinematic masterpiece. However, it is AMAZING to look at the cast and try to comprehend how Tim Burton managed to get them all together. It's a fun watch and I always end up watching it if I stumble upon it while channel surfing. Jack Nicholson as President James Dale / Art Land Glenn Close as First Lady Marsha Dale Annette Bening as Barbara Land Pierce Brosnan as Professor Donald Kessler Danny DeVito as Rude Gambler Martin Short as Press Secretary Jerry Ross Sarah Jessica Parker as Nathalie Lake Michael J. Fox as Jason Stone Rod Steiger as General Decker Tom Jones as himself Lukas Haas as Richie Norris Natalie Portman as Taffy Dale Jim Brown as Byron Williams Lisa Marie as Martian Girl Sylvia Sidney as Florence Norris Christina Applegate as Sharona Joe Don Baker as Mr. Norris Pam Grier as Louise Williams Paul Winfield as General Casey Jack Black as Billy-Glenn Norris Brian Haley as Mitch O-Lan Jones as Sue-Ann Norris Jerzy Skolimowski as Dr. Zeigler Ray J as Cedric Williams Brandon Hammond as Neville Williams Frank Welker as the voice of the Martians
  3. That's for sure. The advent of 24/7 social media seems to have lobotomized people - few of them can form an opinion or thought independently and, even more scary to me, nobody is held accountable for propagating blatant lies, half-truths, etc. Most of the media falls into the same bucket. Pick a lie and run with it !!! I have talked to dozens of young people and I have drawn the conclusion that the America I know and love is at the end of her life cycle. I am unsure how the models I hear proposed are supposed to work financially but it is a certainty that this place is going to have a much larger government intruding into everyone's lives and wallets in the future. As the boomer generation dies off the resistance to this continual assault on the basics of the country will fade. I'm astonished when I hear people talking about "forgiving" loans and such - don't people realize that doing that is called stealing in most rational parts of the world ? Yet another example of no accountability. You know things are crazy when young people in our own country want to burn our flag yet the world is watching young people in Hong Kong carrying it as a symbol of freedom - with potentially deadly consequences.
  4. Awesomeness !! It's good to do what can't be done - it keeps life interesting. The brain is amazing - yours is demonstrating that "they" don't know nearly as much about us as they would like us to believe. Keep those connections in the regenerating cycle - according to lots of supposed brain "experts" we have lots of spare cells that can be re-purposed.
  5. If I feel like hard rockin' then for me this album falls into that category:
  6. Another reason to wash your hands before eating and after ordering too !!
  7. He invented celluloid roll film. NASA says that won’t happen again until 2287.
  8. Truly catastrophic and horrific for the Bahamians...
  9. "The Earth? Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds. Oh, I'm going to blow it up. It obstructs my view of Venus."
  10. It is awesome to see another new face here. Welcome to the nut house. ? The BillD modded C-1 has several things changed to help it sound just that much better than stock - much improved op-amps, metal film resistors in the signal path, better quality caps in the audio path, MLCC caps, the phono input capacitance is changed to better match today's cartridges, the headphone circuit is modified a bit, etc. Bill took a logical, deliberate look at the unit as a piece of electronic gear and said "What do I have access to today that can make a measurable, listenable (if that's a word?) improvement over an already well designed pre-amp? His results speak for themselves. Probably the biggest improvement most folks report isn't audible in a sense - it is how quiet the unit is with no signal. Hiss, hum, etc. is astonishingly low or non-existent. A few others here have added other physical design improvements & other electrical modifications (improved RCA jacks, better feet, better cover screws, balanced outputs, improved power supply, remote volume control, etc.) and just made it that much better & user friendly. The results have been measured and reported here on the site and there is tons of documentation on how to do many of these mods yourself available here as well. Please don't be shy - ask questions. No haters here - we won't allow it. This is truly one of the best places you could choose to hang your hat in cyberspace and we are happy you are here. Now post some pictures of your gear so we can all feel a little better about our own WAF compromises. ? ? ?
  11. You can't spell crap without spelling rap !!
  12. Yeah, well, they should terrify us. I remember the drills in school too. There is still something fascinating, at a primitive level, about explosions. FWIW - I opened the link in a Chrome Incognito tab and the video played for me. That wasn't a nuclear explosion but it was a big one for sure. This video got my attention - a true demonstration of why velocity is king !! https://www.dvidshub.net/video/403786/electromagnetic-railgun-fires-high-velocity-projectile-hvp?jwsource=cl
  13. Stupid video wouldn't load for me - I like explosions !!!
  14. Are you coming to Carverfest ?
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