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  1. Kev might have got you there Mark... Pretty funny Kevin !!! 👍
  2. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

    As my Dad would say - Shot at and missed - shit at and hit !!!
  3. Polk SDA SRS 1.2 TL right now. In reserve are a pair of AL-III's, a pair of AL-III+, a pair of Advent 5002, two pairs of Teslas (2015 Carverfest speaker build).
  4. After watching the video I have to admit I would love the chance to bring my own music and spend a day listening. Serious question for the troops - is it me or should more attention be paid to the aesthetics of cable management ? I know if you pay $10,000 / meter for a wire you probably want everyone to know they are there but it seems to me the layout could be done in a neater manner. Personally I wouldn't spend that much on a system for my ears. I'd build a nice system and donate the difference to cancer research, helping our homeless, etc. No judgement on the owner -
  5. What's with the giant glazed donuts ? I'm trying to stay away from that crap and you go and post this ?? Thanks a lot...
  6. Nice Karma Charlie !!! Congrats Jeff !!
  7. Welcome !! We're all glad that you joined us. Post a few responses and your posting count will be high enough for you to post pictures... You ARE going to post pictures, right ?? 😄
  8. Welcome !! We're glad you are here. If you can smack the side of the unit and it works the output relays are the most likely culprits. Les is a member here @Circuits & Concepts and sells them via his ebay store. Circuits & Concepts Relays
  9. Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us !!
  10. Hey Mark - here's something you gotta try: Go to Costco and buy their USDA Prime ribeyes - they are 1 1/2" thick. Warning: they seem expensive - my last pack of four cost $80. I cut them in half length wise so now I have eight 3/4" thick USDA Prime ribeyes for $10 each - not so expensive now. I season mine on both sides (they don't need marinating for tenderness) and put them in a gallon Zip-Loc to keep the seasoning in and fridge smells out. Make sure they are in the refrigerator overnight before moving to the next step. Set the Traeger on "Smoke" and wait for it to li
  11. Get the Weller. Replacement parts are available, it's well built and should last a long time. You didn't say what exactly isn't working. Does it power up? Replace the relays first. If you get sound, you know the power supplies are functional. You should go slow, paying close attention to capacitor polarity. Take pictures before you touch anything so you can refer back to them if you have any question as to "how it was". The faintest ink is better than the best memory... I would verify all of the power supply and amplifier sections are working before touching the tuner t
  12. Hard to believe. I hate cancer...
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