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  1. Almost 9 years ago a good friend of mine asked if I had ever replaced the electrolytics in my M1.0t amps. To be honest, using the amps daily since the late 80's without a single issue made them more or less forgettable. They just always worked. Anyway his question and his research on AudioKarma led to me reaching out to Rich, inquiring about a MKII Opt 2 upgrade. Looking at that web site led me to this one. After reading Rich's write-up of the MKII process I decided I would do it myself. Wayne and Dennis were especially inviting and helpful to this newbie. After a short rocky start
  2. Big Polks don't need a subwoofer. Nice set-up Doug !!
  3. But you have to admit that "Dirty Laundry" is a very accurate portrayal of the media... 🙂
  4. Bono. Self-righteous, foul-mouthed, "I'm important and better than you" attitude. Total douche.
  5. Welcome to the site !! We are really glad you are here and hope to see you often.
  6. Happy Birthday bud !!! Oh, to be 29 again...
  7. Happy Birthday ya old bastard !!!! 😀
  8. Happy Birthday !! On a Friday and the opening day of modern gun deer season !!! It's gotta be great !!!
  9. This is the closest thing to an AC/DC ballad I can think of: Let me put my love into you babe, Let me cut your cake with my knife. Classic.
  10. Welcome !!! We're glad you are here. Where in east TN are you located? I'm about 25 miles outside of Knoxville.
  11. Kev might have got you there Mark... Pretty funny Kevin !!! 👍
  12. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

    As my Dad would say - Shot at and missed - shit at and hit !!!
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