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  1. Welcome Long Ear !!! We are glad to have you on board. Please share some info about your system - including the non-Carver pieces. We appreciate all audio-related stuff around here.
  2. Happy Birthday !!! May you have dozens more...
  3. "It always seems brighter here, sometimes more than others."
  4. Welcome !! Get busy posting and in no time you can share some pictures of your system. 🙂
  5. Thanks for sharing. Very nice set-up. Your turntable looks kind of sad back there, like you put it in time out. 🙂 Get rid of that TV and move it to front and center so everyone can see it !!! Seriously - nice system.
  6. "It's supposed to smell like that. I promise."
  7. Holy thread resurrection Batman !!! 🙂
  8. Good deal Barry !! Keep fighting the good fight...
  9. "I really like it when I tell you "No" and you make me do it anyway."
  10. Keep your chin up Barry !! We are all pulling for you !!!
  11. Some things can be generic - replace all of the electrolytics for example. After that it starts getting more complicated. Do you have the gear to measure performance? Most of the electronic parts will last indefinitely - but there may be something degraded that is technically working but not delivering it's full capability - which might be measured as distortion, noise, etc. with the right equipment. Parts availability and substitutions change so frequently that a list is only accurate on the day it is created.
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