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  1. Welcome !! Great to have another tinkerer on the forum. I wouldn't worry about the ESR on those caps. Pull one of the old ones and see how it measures - in ESR and actually capacity terms. I'm curious. I never measure them when I yank them - I chuck them into the trash, install the new, burn it in and place it into service.
  2. Welcome !! Very happy that you are willing to share with us. Post a few times and then post some pics.
  3. Happy Birthday to the big, burly boiler maker !!! Have a pitcher of margaritas to celebrate !!!
  4. Such a classy, happy guy. I remember walking into his cabin to speak with Bob. Eddie was sitting on the end of the couch, that warm smile on his face, his Ohm speakers playing softly in the background. Bob was eating a bowl of cereal so I sat down and talked with Eddie for a bit. He didn't know me from Adam yet he treated me as if we had been fast friends for years. I really appreciated his welcoming approach. I then got to spend time with him at later Carverfest gatherings and he always greeted me with a smile and some interesting banter. RIP Eddie - I am a better human for having you in my life. You will be missed. PS. Tell Gary and Wayne we all miss them...
  5. I never had the opportunity to audition their home line but I used their automotive line back in the 90's and they were superb. I lucked into a crazy deal - Sound Advice in Tampa received a palette of their 6 1/2" component speakers that were in a warehouse that had a roof leak. The boxes on the top of the palette were water damaged - the rest were stained so the insurance company wrote them off. I bought 4 sets of their highest quality units at the time for $100 each. It seemed crazy because all of the components inside the boxes were wrapped in plastic and suspended in styrofoam packing - nothing got wet. I installed and removed those speakers in 4 different trucks and two cars. I still have them in a box somewhere. The only components I've ever heard that compare were units made by Focal. I'd love to hear those you have - enjoy !!!
  7. Welcome !! X2 what Mark (Daddyjt) said - the M500 amp would be a better match for the Klipsch. Talk to Nelion - he may be able to hook you up. Enough of the nice crap - where's the PICTURES ???? 🙂
  8. Warranty info for a LiFePO4 battery BMS:
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