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  1. Balok- Since the traces on the TFM15 circuit board are only reachable after you remove the board from the chassis. There is no way to activate and test continuity. Plain and simple, does anyone have a list of all the components needed to rebuild a TFM 15? I understand that the speaker relays are hard to find. Has anyone tried to build a replacement board that will takes its place. If not, I know that some of the members really like to be given a challenge. Here's one. Papajoe
  2. I have rebuilt two of these in the past. I can read a schematic; but, that as far as I can go in trouble shooting. I checked the idle currents and reset them. The speaker relay looks like it is working; but, that is only by observing it make and break. I am looking for advice as to the next check points down the signal path. Are there any components that would be immediately suspect? If I remove the board, it probably can facilitate looking at the solder joints on the back and checking each component. All suggestions about the amp will be considered. Thanks, Papajoe
  3. Hi Greg, Long time between conversations. Would it be possible to have a section on the site dedicated to listing the components that are needed for DIY refurbishment of each model? I realize that some models are pretty complex, for a casual rebuild. Longtime members like you, usually have some models, if asked. Maybe everyone can share their lists and put them in a specific section for all to use? Thanks, Papajoe
  4. Andrew John-Thanks for the ask about my sculpture. With everything closed down, I did not venture to the scrap yard. The Covid period was a downer to my creativity. But, I spent much of the time learning G-Code for programming my new CNC MIll. I started learning Autodesk Fusion. Now that the Covid is waning? I am planning to start creating the parts for my daughter's invention. Papajoe
  5. Hi Guys, Long time away doesn't mean I forgot about you guys and Carver. That nasty Covid bug, put a stop to many activities. My wife and I were hunkered down in our home in Salt Lake City. Once the epidemic began, we closed our front gates and 'no one' was allowed in. I would make a food run every 10-12 days and everything I bought was thoroughly sanitized with Lysol spray or any cleaner that said that it killed 99% of bad things before it got inside. Now, to compound the Covid thing, in June a pipe in my basement rec room burst and flooded most of that room. Not only did it ruin the ha
  6. Welcome to the site. If that is your 2 channel system what does your home theater look like? Papajoe
  7. Papajoe


    Brian D. I read your post and thought to myself 'Compression'. You know, I cannot ever remember hearing that term used in terms of 'vinyl' . It seems to me that the 'term' was first used in regards to digital recordings because of the large size of the sound files and the restraints of the recording 'medium' being used. Papajoe
  8. Sounds like you have put all that behind you. But, I think that you should give your system a name. This way, if someone asks what you do with all your money, you can immediately say that you toil at work every day and spend all your free time and money on ___________. Papajoe
  9. Hi Dr. K, You say that you are always looking for improvements to your system. Well, don't stop there continue to the next level, a Surround Sound . Use your present system for the Front Channels and custom building the rest of the 11.1 Surround Sound to match. Think, many more amps and many more speakers. Each one can be an improvement on the previous one. Sound like fun to me. Papajoe
  10. Dr. K.- It is great to see your fantasy system come to fruition. It has to be shared. Do you charge admission for limited discerning audiences to a concert played on your system? Papajoe
  11. I thought the original plans were for a large bullet proof custom built chassis? From the looks of the final product using the Silver 7 chassis, I think that Bob had a great deal of influence on DR. K's project. Smart move on Bob's part. Nothing like having some extensive R and D work done on someone else's dime. LOL Papajoe.?
  12. Daddyjt- Yes, I live in Salt Lake City. Where are you located? Papajoe
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