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  1. This is the shelf I am using. https://www.swamp.net.au/swamp-1u-19-rack-mount-sliding-shelf I have seen exactly the same shelf available in the US. It is rated for 20kg / 44lb distributed load so it should comfortably hold the 11kg / 24lb of my Thorens turntable. I have tested it and it did not appear to droop at all. I was thinking of gluing the pictured foam rubber to the MDF to reduce vibrations transferring into the turntable.
  2. System update. After thinking about it for a while, I worked out a way to have better access to my turntable. Unfortunately it means putting my unused Carver amps into storage. I have added a 19" rack mount sliding shelf to my system stand. This way the turntable can be stored neatly out of the way then pulled out for use. I still have to purchase a suitable piece of MDF board for the turntable to rest on but we are currently in lockdown so it may take a few weeks to get it. I will cover the MDF with felt contact and also cover the stands uprights to prevent the turntable getting scuffed
  3. I recommend listening to the CD or hi-res digital of this. The album 'Liberty' is an audiophile quality recording with an excellent soundstage:
  4. The Doug Anthony Allstars being serious for a change
  5. Cover of a Tim Buckley song
  6. A cover of Erasure's 'A Little Respect'
  7. I purchased an Aircom T9 online and it arrived today. Update: The Aircom wobbled a little (not sure if it was the Aircom or the top of the Marantz that is not level) so I put 4 layers of tape under the offending foot. I also read a review that pointed out that the gap between the Aircom and the AV receiver reduces its efficiency and suggested sealing that gap. I used some foam sealing tape and I can now really feel the air being drawn into the Marantz. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I was hoping somebody with musical training could explain what is going on with the beat in this song (I have zero musical talent). Is the beat shifting or is it some sort of auditory illusion?
  9. The Real Thing by Russell Morris (originally released 1969, 2007 live performance)
  10. Thanks The arrangement is watched and unwatched DVDs. Initially I had unwatched DVDs standing up but sticking out a bit. Then one day a visitor decided to start pushing them in so I laid them down after that. As for organizing categories, those in the photo are English language movies & TV series. I have another shelf for German DVDs (my wife is Austrian). Music DVDs are in a cupboard with my CDs. Documentaries are in another room and I have a lot of anime shelved in the corridor to the bedrooms. I used to take advantage of the annual Right Stuf anime sales. This and the German
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