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  1. Happy Birthday HappyTrails wishing you a Fantastic Day.
  2. Great Karma Charlie, I'll sit this one out, don't really have a need. Good luck to all that enter.
  3. I'm sitting this one out, I haven't worn a watch in over 30 years, great karma Rod and good luck to all that entered.
  4. Wow that was fast, good luck on the recovery. I wish my L3-S1 fusion would have went as well. Main thing is we're still on the right side of the grass.
  5. Happy belated birthday Turbo, hope you had a Fantastic Day.
  6. Awesome Karma Kevin, and Congrats going to Rod.
  7. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes, had a pretty good day, spend the day repair an RC plane seeing as it was too cold and windy to fly. Best part of repairing is the great tunes I get to listen too.
  8. Congrats Kevin, you'll enjoy this one.
  9. Awesome Karma Charlie, I'm not in as I already have a 4000t that is just sitting right now. Good luck to all.
  10. Congratulations Dennis.
  11. Awesome Karma Charlie, I'm not in stil have a Canon AE1 program film camera, good luck to all that have entered, and Happy New Years to all.
  12. Congrats OTD enjoy your new Christmas present.
  13. Awesome Karma Charlie, I'm not in, as I could be dangerous with a scope, good luck to all that enter.
  14. I have to do that on my 96 Dodge Ram 1500, fuel pump still works but fuel gauge will read empty when there is still 7/8 ths of a tank of fuel. I have been fueling up by my trip meter, always reset when fueling up.
  15. Thanks for the heads up Greg, wishing for a smooth transition.
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