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  1. have 2 pair of XO for carver amazing originals and hybrid (originals with 60" ribbons). both function as they should. hybrid xo's have less than couple hours on them (they are vintage '94ish). $40 plus shipping.
  2. Ray, pontiac! Wow thanks all for the warm welcome! Very impressive compared to other forums ive been involved in. Current main system: Cary 120s tube amp Maggie 1.6, mye stands, modified xo 2x augie 15" subs ob powered by mono anthony gallo sa's Sota star, sme309, hana sl, jc3+ Schiit bifrost multibit, cambridge cxc trans, homemade player running daphile os. Decware csp3 25yr anniversary preamp. And pair of original amazings 2x30" honeycombs that i am trying to straighten out!!! I love mostly classic rock and modern jazz.
  3. hi been at this (audio) awhile but new to carver and my recently acquired amazings (originals). ive always loved maggies and this was a natural choice for me. not sure if i am over my head on this or not. i quickly found out that my cary 120s amp wasn't going to do it. so need some amplification for these. also i purchased a NOS Platinum upgrade kit (got them yesterday) and one of the magnets is loose.... so sounding like a redo on those! urggg not sure i what to go there. the $$$ is already flying. you can see this magnet in my profile pic. i can upload yet...
  4. i am not able to cut/paste or drag jpeg images into my post.... what am i missing?
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