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  1. cuda

    Cudas 3 way 600 System

  2. Welcome what is it you are looking for information wise?
  3. Pretty much the same biggest difference is they are heard best when standing up as opposed to seated, when trying for loud the 2 speakers work like they are one (almost). But if I just want quality I always pick the Plats to go by themselves. Albikes did the previous owner mention if he had come on this forum in the past? Just curious because the xover layout looks like the set up a person did on here before.
  4. I wish I had the room to have no amps in the middle I know I would like the sound better.
  5. Hope for a quick stay Wayne
  6. you also add an extension to lightning that allows you to change your google calendar in realtime while in the Thunderbird app. Works well in Linux and windows
  7. I have a buddy that works at UPS and some of them take out all of the troubles in their personal life on the packages Oh the stories I have been told of destroying stuff on purpose
  8. I bought a Ashly 4x8 protea xover. I have been through a lot of different active xovers trying to find the best one for my amazings. I started with the Ashly xr1001 analog (which in most situations is still the best) then some yamaha digitals, a old but nice peavy cex-4l which really opened my ears up to going digital the delay is a much needed feature, minidsb was tried it was ok. Now the Ashly Protea I was trying not to buy it because I know which dsp I want but it cost $1300 and was trying to hold off so the Protea will have to hold me over for awhile.
  9. at low to moderate volumes, the stock xover takes away alot of the power available to the speaker. If you crank it up too much clipping or protection mode will happen. Just hook it up and find the best spot. The problem is not really watts it is current so even a higher rated watts amp can't supply the needed current. Amps that have worked well for higher volumes are Sunfire 300 or 600, carver mono blocks, high end carver tfm-75 or better. And I have always heard mixed reviews on the carver 500 series and tfm 45 and the 1.5. Unless the amp is designed as a mono-block it is usually best not to use it as one and if it doesn't have the high current we are right back at the beginning again. There are a lot of amps I have never tried and not listed that could work, and some of the ones I listed as marginal people use and say they are fine but it is best to bite the bullet and buy what will for sure drive the difficult load speakers. If you want tubes with ribbons the new Carver amps may work but I would bet it would have to be the higher series rather than the lowest one.
  10. cuda

    Cuda's System

    IR_2260.jpg Flir e60 camera. Amps are being used pretty hard and the temps stay low even the sunfire sub woofer is working harder and it isn't doing much compared to the 600's
  11. Yea I did it up on Tidal to give it a listen, not my music really but it did sound good on SH
  12. cuda

    Bob and MQA

    Tidal HiFi and my oppo-105 are a perfect match it does not have the MQA setting as an option but on my PC Tidal app it is there, I never use it though.
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