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  1. As an experiment try moving the ribbons to the opposite sides from each speaker, when they are next to each other they lobe out and cancel each other. Hook up a mic and REW and you will actually see the SPL fall off. Even though it doesn't look as kool you can actually stand them directly behind each other and add a small delay and they will rock. I have 3 pair and have experimented with many different ways and x-overs systems.

    1. 2chGearBuff


      Moved them around and now both ribbons are opposite each other.  Not sure u really am noticing much of a difference.  But you know how our minds are, we can't remember what we heard 5 seconds before!  I will try out the one behind the other at some point!  Just enjoying the incredible sound my system is putting out!

    2. 2chGearBuff


      Well I should say, the are now so both ribbons are toward the center.  Next will be to put them so one is on the outmost end and the  other ribbon will be next to the center (audio rack)!  will be playing with arrangements to figure out what works best in my space!   It is such a horrible problem to have!  LOL!!

  2. I Will Just keep on walkin in a cold November Rain (once a year)
  3. The 300 600 and 625 where the first carver amps that let the user choose between no voicing and tube like sound voicing. Voltage source vs. Current source. Depends on the speakers being used to what one will choose but it is always better to have a choice.
  4. I should have asked are we talking low mass med. mass or high tonearms for the carts?
  5. My favorite is a Shure V-15-II I have a few of the Shure V-15-III with jaco sis and a few others and I should be picking one of them but I like and prefer the v-15-II sound. I think it is because that is what I had in the old days (could not afford the top dog III) and am just used to it?
  6. My First concert was 1975 I was 12 and had a paper route to do in the early morning but took the city bus with 3 others to see lynyrd skynyrd at the seattle coliseum. Pretty rowdy lots of people passed out from drugs all over big huge garbage bins the cops filled with all the stuff they took at the doors. Loved it lol!
  7. Sony HAP Z1ES Player is $1700 and has no Hi Res or Tidal streaming wow!
  8. cuda

    Cudas 3 way 600 System

  9. I just drag or copy paste over the .Flac files to a usb stick and push it in the players usb port it then plays it with its software player. In windows I use dbpoweramp cd ripper (has a small fee) in linux I use abcde but dbpoweramp cd ripper is a good product. And then you can choose the level of flac to use default is level 5 I use 8 or 10
  10. I don't even turn on my trucks radio anymore because it has no comparison to the 2 channel rig at home.
  11. The closest song that comes to mind is "Ride On" with Bon Scott
  12. Welcome what is it you are looking for information wise?
  13. Pretty much the same biggest difference is they are heard best when standing up as opposed to seated, when trying for loud the 2 speakers work like they are one (almost). But if I just want quality I always pick the Plats to go by themselves. Albikes did the previous owner mention if he had come on this forum in the past? Just curious because the xover layout looks like the set up a person did on here before.
  14. I wish I had the room to have no amps in the middle I know I would like the sound better.
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