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  1. Real Estate issue. Just when you think you have all planned out. Get things in place. Everything is going well and then a Twister comes quick and changes what the shelves requirements that I had been working on. For the moment I enjoy them as they lay. I thought with them on the floor enjoying them. Is a much better problem than then not having them. Unplanned but why not it the holiday gift season and who better than me to buy for?
  2. One take a refreshing look at what is meant for you. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with another member about Silver 7t's on eBay. We also both like the ideas with them with blue meters. The 7t's seemed to be alright. Though the age it's time for a refurb. Nothing denoting any abuse and should pass a smoke test with no smoke. I hate bids as one needs to be there on the end. This had 56 minutes left and I was feeling good so I waited as the clock ticked away. With a minute to go I went to refresh the page. My cell crashed and kissed the bid. When this started I wasn't looking for amps as my OCCD provided amp that pleased from other members. Props to the members here. With that I said it wasn't meant to be and not a huge loss. Shortly thereafter frenchguy posted his "thinning the herd". So I sent a query about the pair of Silver 7t's he was selling. Really I was thinking I more curious than diving in. Obviously his are well taken care of.... He adds they have blue meters. I had to wonder if this was some cosmic divine intervention from the audio gods and this journey was meant to be. So I had to take the bite. Now with Silver 7t's to me the reviews were the most polarized zero or 10. The Carver-lash was in full force. Though they were much more respectful with the Silver 9t's. Silver 7t's owners always positive. I have a pair of Martin Logan SL3's with the better they're fed the better they sound. Now most probably would be ready for their arrival and the wonderful timing of not feeling well. All I did was unplugged the mains. I was going the take the speaker cabling from the bedroom and use them in the man-cave. But a later time on those. Now the speakers are only roughly placed. I powered them up and let them get warmed up. Before the delivery I was listening to a live show. So I decided to just repeat it. The sound come up with a instant notice of the fatter sound stage with the volume slightly lower than normal. So now it was time to kick back and listen. With the thought these might be the end of my search ... a strange thought but my primary stereo might be it. I have to get around and figure 5.1 but thats later. I also threw DVD-A's, Blue ray-Audio discs. All thumbs up. I haven't even hit some of my favorites yet on SACD's, Mo-fi or Audio Fidelity. One Mo-fi did make the rotation. I almost forgot. I have therapy tomorrow and Friday so I am excited to re-listen with the proper time once I really can relax to enjoy. Who needs the holidays at year's end when some Carver makes everyday enjoyable. Deep thanks to many here and a double thanks to frenchguy. I have to write a post about the great care with shipping. Something that comes much clearer with pictures.
  3. Some heresy says OCCD is curable. I ask why seek a "cure" or is not having OCCD mark the end of the Age of Reason? It would seem to me having OCCD is the Age of Reason.
  4. Drummer I followed you lead with a DVD-A. I looked and saw 1975, high school was that long ago and so much great music. Dcl, I had my girlfriend's brother tape it as I was attending the one in the Medowlands. Probably called something else. We got there and seated early enough for U2. I can't remember who was before U2. It ended with the Police "Reunion" so much inbetween. We watched the tapes acouple of days later. The Meadowlands was a bit of a hike. On a similar note I did catch Queen on their tour for "The Game".
  5. When I look at hashy picture, I'm not sure why but I only a Sith Audio Temple.
  6. Did anyone see Queen in concert or at either Live Aid?
  7. Methinks I'm not young anymore yet I still do stupid things being here is not one of them. Glad to say that hanging around here and getting some excellent Carver to listen to is such a great part in my life. Welcome and beware of OCCD.
  8. Excellent and have an abundant business. You will be much happier. Besides like others here I have some business that sounds like it's heading in your direction now. I can't wait to send you an inquiry. First I have to take care of something. To empty my slate.
  9. I was running through a few pages of cd's. I noticed one saying MQA, I think it was a Japanese import which means not the double ripoff but a triple (Japanese imports are more expensive. Having just read the piece. it made me laugh after having read the piece by the Bobfather.
  10. Attendee's having been shy about the fest. I can't decide if it's really great to hear. Which it is...... Or, a bummer to have missed it? With a real should've, afterall just hearing afterwards Bob himself would fix the mess I made from building an amp that itself would have alone been worth it. For now I will settle for vicariously living with through others.
  11. MoFi question first do you listen as a cd or sacd? Also if the disc offers surrond sound do you listen as surround or stereo? My first hdcd was an accident as I was looking for the album and grabbed it without a real look at the cover. Cars first for those curious but not asking. It's a shame that Audio Fidelity is closed. They had plenty of titles I would have purchased if not so limited by their runs. The additional cost is a factor that I tend to buy the albums well known rather than one that only offers a song or two. Not that the new-ish XRCD which are Japanese imports doesn't offer much for me but some of you would be right at home with. JVC maximizes the mastering side starting fresh from the master tapes using 20 bit mastering then brings it to 16 bit for Redbook. The their K2 processing involves the ultra high quality of coding for the disc. The few discs I have explains all of the processing involved. I just sprinted through to offer a quick account of them. Interesting how a few mentions of the human element. I mentioned elsewhere how Sgt Pepper a obvious very listen eed to album sound so much better with their most recent remastering. Really gave me a new listening experience. The hearing also offered a better appreciation of George Martins techinical wizardry of the time. After I work out the couple of kinks from listening. I can't wait to hear my system as it should be. It's also funny to me when someone asks about the system and as far as the electronics go aside from the disc player tthe next newest piece is 20 years old. Sometimes one of my neighbors occasionally borrows a disc player since he doesn't have blu-ray yet. I have a Carver CD player among the gear and use that in the interim. Works nicely but starts the skipping every so often. My DVD audio experience has to do with burning a show into that format. One box set offers a DVD audio. To me I see the Blu-ray discs are the ones used for the high-end discs for the box sets. Also the same format not mentioned so far. The consistency of opinion speaks volumes of agreement of the various formats of the members.
  12. DaddyJT it is obvious with you using the top shelves. We have that advantage. The low shelf would be the problem for me. I notice the right side. Not knowing those were for cd's. Wow you actually have space to have all in one location. I never had a situation like that so a extra cookie for you. Yes I'm envious of that alone. When I was with vinyl I used one room and it was not enough. Discs make it easier though only have a fraction of discs compared to LP's back in the day. DaddyJT Are your cd racks the same size of the video or scaled down to cd size? I like these digipacks/mini-LP there's probably other names depending with the label. Ugh freaking jewel boxes always breaking. I ordered one that came in and of course even though brand new by the time it was delivered the case was with multiple cracks. Also for me those mini-albums really have that album feel. Jewel cases did not have that feeling. I suppose the different pieces of an album as oppose to the gatefold Brian the box sets would fill a regular book shelf right now so really looking for a two or three shelf solution. I'm not counting those more like DVD case size. The big box sets are big so it takes far fewer to fill the shelf. Also each box is for a single album. Most of mine are roughly 12" x 12" size. There is the ones of the book look and for me the binder side is also about 12". Having said that I'm with you with with the sets might be similar in size and 10" box set is included. I should clarify by box sets I refer to the large limited editions usually of a single album. The small boxes having multiple albums of an artist are around cd size. Those I say DVD size are an approximation as those do vary in size. Brian it is funny how inconvenient something could be even though like you a step in a certain way can offer space but making it difficult to reach over does make one not use that like the one in a good location.
  13. Very nice the possibility of vertical display of boxes I had previously done years ago until you just jogged it. There are many sets that are far more DVD box side. For me the non-standardized box sets and other packaging sure does not lend itself alphabetically or uniformity. That is a very nice wall set you made. Very nice indeed I have to kick a friend to motivate him. One in the bedroom would be nice for video. Besides the living room. Nice clean and simple and open to easily read and use. That's the way storage should be. When there are too many piles even after donating books. Besides some people would never understand why one would want to collect. Going high on the wall is so very smart as well. Excellent use of space. Obviously neither of us is short. One general question. Is your music in one location or different places?
  14. We know we are listening great quality equipment. Our source material can be so scattered. We all have our personal taste. Without the over the top audiophile talk. Do people hear try to obtain quality source material? Are there formats you like or dislike? I buy my musical taste and purchase quality the same. Mofi offers SACD for instance. Last week for instance I bought an immersion box set of Pink Floyd Wish you were hear. The box includes DVD audio offers the album in Quad and 5.1 in 2 different bitrates also a LPCM stereo. With among the Blu-ray it also includes the same Quad, 5.1 in HD audio of 96kb / 24 bit. It just arrived so I offer no opinion. If one likes the music and has the equipment this certainly could test some of the fidelity questions. Also I bought Dire Straits Brothers in arms using K2 method. It seems so far all the k2 cd's are Japanese made. The sound is obviously excellent right from the start. That I've played a couple of times and impressed. No definitive opinion. Because another item I purchased was a 20th anniversary edition which offered SACD/SACD Surround and cd on the disk. Does anyone else listen like this? I'm far far the discerning listener. The Beatles Sgt Pepper was like a new listening experience. When the quality jumps out like that I like to hear from others and maybe some general impressions. To me the regular release I thought so impressive when remembering to the vinyl in the 80's. Clarity and so natural without the tape hiss. Much better than the first remastered cd's. The multitracking so clear. I could go on but those interested probably more than experienced this many times over. Anyone else wants to offers their own experiences on this?
  15. Those with LP's won't see the problem. Those of the CD collecting I am asking. I can't be the only one, how? where? Store box sets? I'm trying to be space efficient are stackable LP racks the only real choice. My bookshelves are full of books. I know imagine that. As the space laid out if stackable is the best choice it would be along the wall behind the speaker. I was trying to keep both sides the same behind the SL-3's. Otherwise I believe its across the far end (guessing 24 feet or so). So how far do some travel from music to the stereo? I know some of us don't bounce up like we use to. Of course most would want the music close to the equipment. I'm trying to figure what would work for me and maybe others are curious about storage ideas. Looking at LP's box sets obviously no issue. But CD's and CD box sets are indeed 2 different. I think most would prefer having the music as close as possible even though their size one would not have them stored together. Of course there are huge size differences I think LP size is a good point to approximate with. Others may have better alternatives. Hey ease of comparable storage you preserve A-Z for your collection is another plus for the vinyl.
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