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  1. Real Estate issue. Just when you think you have all planned out. Get things in place. Everything is going well and then a Twister comes quick and changes what the shelves requirements that I had been working on. For the moment I enjoy them as they lay. I thought with them on the floor enjoying them. Is a much better problem than then not having them. Unplanned but why not it the holiday gift season and who better than me to buy for?
  2. One take a refreshing look at what is meant for you. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with another member about Silver 7t's on eBay. We also both like the ideas with them with blue meters. The 7t's seemed to be alright. Though the age it's time for a refurb. Nothing denoting any abuse and should pass a smoke test with no smoke. I hate bids as one needs to be there on the end. This had 56 minutes left and I was feeling good so I waited as the clock ticked away. With a minute to go I went to refresh the page. My cell crashed and kissed the bid. When this started I wasn't looking for amps as my OCCD provided amp that pleased from other members. Props to the members here. With that I said it wasn't meant to be and not a huge loss. Shortly thereafter frenchguy posted his "thinning the herd". So I sent a query about the pair of Silver 7t's he was selling. Really I was thinking I more curious than diving in. Obviously his are well taken care of.... He adds they have blue meters. I had to wonder if this was some cosmic divine intervention from the audio gods and this journey was meant to be. So I had to take the bite. Now with Silver 7t's to me the reviews were the most polarized zero or 10. The Carver-lash was in full force. Though they were much more respectful with the Silver 9t's. Silver 7t's owners always positive. I have a pair of Martin Logan SL3's with the better they're fed the better they sound. Now most probably would be ready for their arrival and the wonderful timing of not feeling well. All I did was unplugged the mains. I was going the take the speaker cabling from the bedroom and use them in the man-cave. But a later time on those. Now the speakers are only roughly placed. I powered them up and let them get warmed up. Before the delivery I was listening to a live show. So I decided to just repeat it. The sound come up with a instant notice of the fatter sound stage with the volume slightly lower than normal. So now it was time to kick back and listen. With the thought these might be the end of my search ... a strange thought but my primary stereo might be it. I have to get around and figure 5.1 but thats later. I also threw DVD-A's, Blue ray-Audio discs. All thumbs up. I haven't even hit some of my favorites yet on SACD's, Mo-fi or Audio Fidelity. One Mo-fi did make the rotation. I almost forgot. I have therapy tomorrow and Friday so I am excited to re-listen with the proper time once I really can relax to enjoy. Who needs the holidays at year's end when some Carver makes everyday enjoyable. Deep thanks to many here and a double thanks to frenchguy. I have to write a post about the great care with shipping. Something that comes much clearer with pictures.
  3. Some heresy says OCCD is curable. I ask why seek a "cure" or is not having OCCD mark the end of the Age of Reason? It would seem to me having OCCD is the Age of Reason.
  4. So this means Rod H is the kid today or the dude? Duderino? Can we have multiple dudes on the same day? Confused methinks but always have the true knowledge. The Dude Abides
  5. What doesn't kill ypu makes you stronger. So have another drink or two. Really whatever number pleases you. Afterall its your BIrthday When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter Thompson
  6. Drummer I followed you lead with a DVD-A. I looked and saw 1975, high school was that long ago and so much great music. Dcl, I had my girlfriend's brother tape it as I was attending the one in the Medowlands. Probably called something else. We got there and seated early enough for U2. I can't remember who was before U2. It ended with the Police "Reunion" so much inbetween. We watched the tapes acouple of days later. The Meadowlands was a bit of a hike. On a similar note I did catch Queen on their tour for "The Game".
  7. When I look at hashy picture, I'm not sure why but I only a Sith Audio Temple.
  8. Happy Birthday I few a few beers here for you. Though if you don't come soon they may be gone. I raised a toast in your honor. (It wasn't one of yours)
  9. Did anyone see Queen in concert or at either Live Aid?
  10. Methinks I'm not young anymore yet I still do stupid things being here is not one of them. Glad to say that hanging around here and getting some excellent Carver to listen to is such a great part in my life. Welcome and beware of OCCD.
  11. Excellent and have an abundant business. You will be much happier. Besides like others here I have some business that sounds like it's heading in your direction now. I can't wait to send you an inquiry. First I have to take care of something. To empty my slate.
  12. I was running through a few pages of cd's. I noticed one saying MQA, I think it was a Japanese import which means not the double ripoff but a triple (Japanese imports are more expensive. Having just read the piece. it made me laugh after having read the piece by the Bobfather.
  13. Andrew was a total loss at Homestead its landfall. I was there 6 months afterwards debris followed the sidewalk 5-6 feet high. So uniform it resembled trench warfare. Someone asked me about it after I came back I just said downtown Beirut. With Katrina it hit Florida as a cat3 I think and moved fast for a hurricane it gained strength once it hit the gulf. It grew into a monster. Thinking what I saw from Andrew and knowing New Orleans is below sea level. I can't even know how people endured through it. I'm still here, I'm flexible if a opportunity came up. Or the water level. South Florida has no natural hills. Landfills are the local hills. If something happened quickly it would be devastating. I haven't up to the border in a few years. I seem to remember taking 6-7 hours to get there. 95 turns downsizes into 2 lanes. One can't dwell on things like that. How could one live in San Francisco if it decides to slide into the Pacific? Katrina survivors were place in temp housing around the country. Which included down here. They left New Orleans with only the clothes they were wearing. Back to Andrew, Each and every home was gutted out. By that I mean Andrew itself emptied sheetrock, doors and anything the winds could gather from inside the homes. As if each home was a wind tunnel. Every "shell" of the home that stood all had one thing in common. On each spray painted had two lines of information. The top line was the insurance carrier the second line the policy number. House after house, being 6 months afterwards was the shock for me. The zoo down im Miami let animals out of cages. There was survivors lived have settled in the swamp inside Florida. Of course gators make home there and wander onto peopleland every so often. This obviously is not hurricane related but between them and the free running jungle critters makes me a bit shy for any swamp incursion. Yellowstone would be one place to spend a few days at. As long as the politicians dont sell to the Corporate interests. If public land was put into trust I don't understand how it could be sold so fast. Then again look how one Republican steps into the FCC deems Net Neutrality to be over. Even though American Tax Dollars were used to develop an idea. This same guy can freely hand our Internet into Corporate hands for no cost? Sorry for the sidetrack but those events sure go against the betterment of our country and people. Getting back to mother nature something could happan anywhere at any moment. I think most don't get preoccupied. In most cases a better side of humanity shows. Not in all but certainly many.
  14. 4krow It's all good thought about Colorado a few ago. Weather usually is a safe topic for anyone to chime in on. Your same thought could be said about earthquakes. They have said statistically speaking Florida has a 25% chance of getting hit be a major hurricane. What me worry? Alfred E. Newman approah of life. Now I have never been to Saskatchewan. Though I believe safe to say there is a 100% chance of cold. The Northern lights would be something that I want to see. I just haven't made it north enough yet to be in the sky. That eerie horizon glow is all I have seen. I've lived in Zoo York, spent formative years in Jersey. An old movie in its background plot had a "Dallas" type of Soap Opera with something of a tagline New Jersey not just a state, it's a state of being. At least the concept was along those lines. Florida how would put it's weirdness? When I first came down I would just say it has it's own time zone. Not talking about time either. Years ago the MajorGeeks site has a Florida Friday section which usually cover something true and bizzare. For example http://m.majorgeeks.com/news/story/florida_friday_even_dogs_are_weird_in_florida.html
  15. I saw something last year. I should have made a video. During the rain and wind of one , a hooker was walking up and down the street. Didnt matter that not one car was driving by. They're don't walk where I live but only so often. What prompted that one I have no idea. I suppose like the postmen they have to work no matter the weather.
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