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  1. For all the Blues fans here .....A great list of musicians old and new... maybe worth a listen..... https://www.jbonamassa.com/newsletter/2020-22/index-send.html
  2. Excellent setup.... Tubes and Vinyl, Doesn't get any better.....😁
  3. I would like to nominate @Brian_at_HHH for the Enabler and or Samaritan, for his selflessness in helping with my OCCD, Especially during these trying times.... Without hesitation, possibility of contact with the Infectious Disease and putting himself in grave danger, Ventured out to purchase some Carver gear on my behalf.... Maybe a new one ...... Call it....Helping A Brother Out....😁
  4. Brian We are praying for your healing, comfort, strength and peace during this painful time. Deeply sorry for your loss... Take care Brother, Be safe
  5. Boston....... Here's one for you.....
  6. Joking & Jamin' with Joe........
  7. Hey everyone, Hearing from members and friends makes me feel grateful for being a part of this wonderful community Turning a year older seem a little less sucky! Your birthday wishes really meant a lot to me. Not as much as some Carver gear or cash, but a lot. Thanks, You guys......Rock... Doug
  8. OMG!!!.....That SUUUUUUCKS!!!, Sorry for your loss my friend..... I am so glad that you and the rest of the family are safe and unhurt, but I am sorry about what happened to the barn and "Good Stuff". If you guys need anything, give a shout.....Take Care Brother
  9. No problem, let me know.
  10. Thank You for another AWESOME KARMA, You ROCK.... Charlie Not in......Doesn't quite match my decor... Good luck to all participants.....
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