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  1. https://shop.jbonamassa.com/collections/live-at-the-sydney-opera-house
  2. Welcome to the CS, Eric.... Enjoy your stay... you will meet a Great group of knowledgeable Individuals here.. Willing to help out and lend a hand in any way possible... Guaranteed to keep you ROCKIN'
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....DrummerJuice!!!! Have a Great One...
  4. Any Frampton fans.....Just got my copy of his new release...All Blues, some of his favorites 180g 2LP..... Nice pressing..Sounds great Side D has no music.....Etching looks pretty cool
  5. You are correct....Everyone needs to be checked. I was 6 years late on the recommended age for screening. There's something about ANAL and PROBE used in the same sentence, that just sounds wrong. I was violated on the 5th.... The good news is..I'm good for another 5 years.....
  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! ........ The teak and mahogany combo is Excellent, I love it....Hat's off to you and Bruce.....
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