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  1. I thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes.... I Just want to say it's a pleasure to belong to such a wonderful and thoughtful community forum. So many great members here willing to help with their knowledge, skills, experiences and advice to those of us needing guidance through our audio journey. I want to Thank everyone and let you know, I can't say enough how grateful I am, for allowing me to be part of what I consider....Family. Take Care and Stay Safe.. ROCK ON!!!!!
  2. Happy B-day, hoping you have a great day, enjoy !!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! Paul.... I hope you had a great day May you have Many,Many more...Keep on Rockin' Brother
  4. TWO TIME GRAMMY-nominated Joe Bonamassa is breaking out the blues-rock power trio in an epic PAY-PER-VIEW CONCERT on Thursday, April 1st at 8PM CENTRAL / 9PM EASTERN / 6PM PACIFIC. https://jbonamassa.com/streaming/acl/?mkt_tok=MTEzLUZMVy04MTQAAAF75oIGuULshvp1rbPlD63J7HjpMo2Ilnqb6CVa6nQlsVDrssfEk26vZAe-7sG1RH_PFzfIk2kZM1gNT6mQkzW7wY3Ap_pAVH0mgASVbF8SjQ
  5. Happy belated Birthday Jenny..... Hope you had a great day.. Keep on Rockin'
  6. Happy Birthday James....Hope it was a wonderful day.. Keep on Rockin' Brother...
  7. Welcome to CS pereiracycles... Good luck on the MHX-2000 rebuild/hack
  8. Welcome to CS Taylor K.... I'm sure you'll find everything you need. Good luck on the rebuild, Plenty of talented members here with the knowledge to steer you in the right direction on your journey.
  9. Happy (belated) Birthday Steve! May you have many more...Keep on Rockin'
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