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  1. SteveK


    Ha... and how do you maintain the proper 6 foot social distancing if you are bumping elbows? Steve
  2. SteveK


    The religion is Technology, it demands progress. To point out the major flaws in their 'progress at any cost' model is to be labeled a heretic. We knew that our overuse of antibiotics and other drugs was going to eventually create Super Bugs that we would not have a defense against. But faith that technology would provide a solution over ruled common sense. In Wuhan and Italy traveling along with Covid-19 was/is a particularly virulent Super Bug that is decimating the lungs. From the beginning of the crisis in Wuhan it was reported that doctors were desperately resorting to cancer drugs, aids drugs and toxic drug cocktails in an attempt to save people. Why do this? because none of the conventional therapies for Pneumonia were working anymore. The high priests of technology are still confident that they will find an effective toxic cocktail.... Until the next super bug evolves. Steve
  3. SteveK


    So this is how democracy dies... one quarantine at a time. The powerful New York City Media hasn't been beaming Vice President Cuomo's many news conferences nationwide? They are flooding the tri-state area with them. Cuomo has been panicking daily and today has been panicking about his need for 30,000 respirators and only receiving 400. As a politician he doesn't realize that those 30,000 machines must first be built and tested. Unless according to his need he expects all other governors to send him their idle respirators. Will your governor agree to that? https://www.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-n-y-astronomical-surge-121859774.html Hysterical headlines today about an "astronomical surge" in cases. Doesn't mention that the surge in positives is to be expected because there is also an astronomical surge is testing being done. On a positive not there has not been an astronomical surge in deaths. Steve
  4. SteveK


    Cities have always been disease breeding grounds with rapid spreading due to close contact much like the close quarters in the army camps. The Wuhan Flu victims are dying mostly when the disease progresses to the lungs and causes Cytokine/Pneumonia issues. So it is about how you treat your body. Do you smoke or live in a polluted city. Both will weaken your lungs. Wuhan is one of the extremely polluted Chinese cities and 80% of Chinese men smoke. Smoking is why more men than women have died in Wuhan. Two reasons why I don't believe Wuhan Flu will be as bad in the US. Our air is much cleaner and fewer people smoke. Steve
  5. SteveK


    When they get back to their towns the people at risk for death will be the elderly, sick, obese and smokers. (as they are for every circulating bug) Most everyone else will get the flu to some degree and then enjoy lifetime immunity to Covid-19. For the elderly it is part of getting old, for the others, most are bad lifestyle choices. Wuhan population 11 million. Ball park for a circulating flu virus is 20% of the population, say 2 million. 3,200 people have died from Covid-19 in Wuhan. MSM says 80,000 of those with severe flu symptoms have tested positive for Covid-19 in Wuhan. Panic Americans by reporting a 4% death rate in Wuhan. But if 2 million people have Covid-19 and 3,200 died then the death rate is .16, which is sad but no need to panic people. (this is an estimate, you would have to test a large sample of Wuhan residents to verify this) (My goal is to keep my health and immune system working at peak efficiency via natural means. I don't go looking for bugs, but every cold or flu I contract I welcome as exercise for my immune system (even though I am miserable). Much like pumping iron exercises my muscles.)
  6. SteveK


    Covid-19 virus has probably been with us for awhile. (attempting to build a path through fake news and Chi Com propaganda) Patient 0 in Wuhan China is the first patient identified with Covid-19 virus. There was probably something in his/her symptoms (extreme reaction?) that triggered an investigation (Wuhan has high air pollution, 80% of Chinese men smoke (risk factors)) and a corona virus mutation was discovered, named Covid-19. Then a flu cluster occurred in the Wuhan market that was identified as Covid-19. This, and other clusters, eventually led to a Wuhan shut down. There are always many (100s) of viruses circulating in the general population, most neutralized by a robust immune system. Flu vaccine manufacturers attempt to predict the next years dominant strain to vaccinate against it. But there are always 3 or 4 minor strains circulating (and 100s of smaller strains). But when you are diagnosed with the flu there is (usually) no specific test for the strain you have contracted. Until now with Covid-19 tests. Patient zero was just the first 'Chinese' Covid-19 sufferer. But patient 0 had no contact with Wuhan market and there is no evidence that this is the first ever Covid-19 case. Most probably Covid-19 was one of the smaller strains circulating worldwide. (Chi Coms say that Covid-19 arrived in China during the Wuhan Games) So in the US we don't know when Covid-19 arrived, and we don't know how many have died from Covid-19 this season. But we blew up the financial system and partially quarantined the population. This winter season approx, 25,000 people (US) have died from the flu. Over a 5 month winter season this is about 5,000 a month. Many of these could be Covid-19 related but we don't know because we don't test for specific strains. (until 3 weeks ago when we started testing for Covid-19) About 5,000 dead in the last 30 days from normal flu vs 150 dead in 3 weeks from Covid-19. So the obvious question for the experts at the CDC. Did we see a spike in flu deaths over the last 3 weeks? It doesn't seem so. But I can't find any stats online. Is this worth shutting down the economy?? $100 million or maybe $500 million per life saved???
  7. SteveK


    "The coronavirus, in my opinion, is going to wake people up about their wellness, their habits and how many people around them are chronically ill and shouldn't be." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't know. Most 'New Years Resolution' health club memberships go unused after the first month. ... and there is a vaccine on the way.
  8. Sad news. One of the good ones. My privilege to have known him. 😥 RIP
  9. Rum Jumbie, a Rum liqueur. Straight up, chilled in the refrigerator and served in a chilled cup. Can be hard to find. Steve "Rum Jumbie Liqueur is an exotic blend of aged Caribbean rum with hints of tropical orange, lemon, and passion fruit; accented by delicate spices. Rum Jumbie originates from an old Caribbean recipe that spent many years hidden in the remote caves of a sugar plantation. The recipe was safe there, for the residents feared entering the dark alcoves in belief that celestial spirits or,"Jumbies," were trapped inside. Legend says that these,"Jumbies," were believed to inhabit those who enjoyed rum, hence the name, "Rum Jumbie." These boisterous individuals were famous for dancing to the beat of the conga drums until dawn. Today, Rum Jumbie Liqueur pays homage to Jumbies and conga drummers with its unique sculpted figurine bottle that contains this harmonious tropical spirit."
  10. David, It was a pleasure meeting you. Always great to see new faces at Carver Fest. Steve
  11. I mix Turmeric in with my eggs a few times a week. Steve
  12. OldCarGuy’s Retirement Toy Shop on the Practical Machinist forum are my favorite shop pictures. Would love the machines and the knowledge to use them and I like the cars too. My thing would be restoring antique motorcycles. Next time around maybe. This is in the middle of the thread. Shop pictures are on the bottom of the page. Steve http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/member-and-shop-photos/oldcarguy-s-retirement-toy-shop-124958/index6.html
  13. SteveK


    FYI http://www.fredericksburg.com/news/local/spotsylvania/woodford-man-dies-after-motorcycle-crashes-in-spotsylvania/article_5e8a40ca-bab3-5487-8040-bf773ac59f8f.html
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