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  1. There it is....and please know that media isn't the only "show" in Washington. The money wouldn't be there if it weren't for us. Only we can straighten it out by the sheer force from our fingers. Turn it off, vote it out.
  2. That's pretty close Rich but where does that money come from and how is it generated? WE are to blame for accepting it through watching it and buying the products advertised. Union taught me one thing, people have power if they'd care to use it. We allow media to poison us with half truths, avoiding truth(walls don't work- cool let's outlaw all locks and remove ALL walls.)and talking ambiguously. Before political agendas were so heavily involved they reported "alleged" incidents. Bottom line. ..we allow it to be as consumers and voters.
  3. Ah, another hoarderbuy with aspirationsan m1.0ttowards morebuy1gear. We enjoymkll opt.2helping everyonebuyattain whateveran m500t mkllgoal in audiobuythat youa BillD C-1may have. Many herebuycan help youeverythingspend yourCarvermoney and you can evencontact hashylearn to repairimmediatelyyour ownto buyequipmentor repairor the junkbuy more!!you drag homebuybecause ofmy junkhanging around here.
  4. Welcome to the site there Steve! Listen, if I can get this Javier guy to call you do ya think you might want be willing to off load those 2 broke 0.5t's for $100?
  5. Early in the day I put this set up in to play with the Computer//Spoify > Super Dac > C-9 > A2+ > Signature Sub A couple hours later and I'd fallen off the deep end enjoying my love of huge sound, small speakers and near field listening with SH. The system morphed to include an Adcom gfa555 running 2 Polk RM1000 (each wired in mono)and an Audio Alchemy DLC. Then it went all out balls to the wall let's get loud!! The A2+ came out and I added the RM2000 Polk satellites that complete the Polk RM3000 that comes with 1 of the RM1000's but 2 of 'em kick harder so I left them hooked to the Adcom and added an m500t mkll to drive the 2 satellites. Yeah....it rocked pretty hard !!! ?
  6. Thanks a lot Ken, mighty fine of ya to keep everybody else that can't go by the name Ken in line. We're exceptionally special right buddy? Will you be able to hand out medals and badges now? Like, to me? of course.....
  7. Pffft, ?yes. Pindrop Pay no attention to the Avatar....I've learned how to parry.
  8. Daddyjt called and asked me to put this up for him.. Hey!! I got a complaint about that sign in anonymous button....it's faulty.
  9. He knows how to throw a Low Country Shrimp Boil , yep, that kid still knows how to party.
  10. pindrop

    Favorite Pictures

    I just crapped my drawers Rich, THAT floats my boat.?
  11. Why you couldn't help but make the most of it Steve, what with this frigid Florida weather we're having... Happy Birthday?
  12. A psychological disorder endemic of the delivery industry due to the lack of corporal punishment in their formative years in a loveless home for wayward children. Or bad coffee and a case the ass. I believe we all need to be more understanding and try to help them in their troubled times by installing Ring doorbells giving them massive incentive to maintain their current employment.
  13. Perhaps Kev can read and understand all of your story now Rod, thanks for sharing with All of us.?
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