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  1. Ah, another hoarderbuy with aspirationsan m1.0ttowards morebuy1gear. We enjoymkll opt.2helping everyonebuyattain whateveran m500t mkllgoal in audiobuythat youa BillD C-1may have. Many herebuycan help youeverythingspend yourCarvermoney and you can evencontact hashylearn to repairimmediatelyyour ownto buyequipmentor repairor the junkbuy more!!you drag homebuybecause ofmy junkhanging around here.
  2. Welcome to the site there Steve! Listen, if I can get this Javier guy to call you do ya think you might want be willing to off load those 2 broke 0.5t's for $100?
  3. Thanks a lot Ken, mighty fine of ya to keep everybody else that can't go by the name Ken in line. We're exceptionally special right buddy? Will you be able to hand out medals and badges now? Like, to me? of course.....
  4. Daddyjt called and asked me to put this up for him.. Hey!! I got a complaint about that sign in anonymous button....it's faulty.
  5. He knows how to throw a Low Country Shrimp Boil , yep, that kid still knows how to party.
  6. I just crapped my drawers Rich, THAT floats my boat.?
  7. Why you couldn't help but make the most of it Steve, what with this frigid Florida weather we're having... Happy Birthday?
  8. Would you perhaps have any other qualifiers to suggest?
  9. This site on the other hand is exceptional to your point in that it is entertaining new ideas with willing participants. It is also a site being cared for and moved forward by a great group interested it's continued growth. That this test is being discussed in the open forum shows a growing interest with thought toward interesting ways of expanding to accommodate. I would just not want many to go behind the curtain and talking, while the main page becomes dull to new members or those entertaining membership.
  10. Would this create a loss to the main page topics, I wouldn't want to see it start to go more dormant like the other site.
  11. Happy Birthday Wayne, I hope you find some new music you've never heard today to add to your enjoyment. ?
  12. Maybe just a taste, hey, it's your Birthday!!
  13. Egyptian decent I would assume; but pointed ears or not, he certainly has to be blowing dust out of both sides...... Try to keep reminding yourself how to breathe and that will force the day to be a very Happy day you were born on.
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