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  1. We are going for the retro look in the basement hence the polka dot carpet, goldish light fixture, hideous green curtains, etc.😁
  2. Thank you, the line arrays turned out better than expected. Hope they sound as good as they look.
  3. It's just a ported box but yes the port is massive. The port is 5"t x 22"w x 42" long. Box height is right at 48". Tuned to 21hz, total box volume is a bit over 15 cubic ft. It begins to roll of at 18hz. One of the tech guys at Parts Express calculated the numbers for me.
  4. Lol...I tend to go a bit overboard on just about everything
  5. Sitting in the corner of the basement. Down firing.
  6. Got the big sub box built, painted and sub installed. It's a little over 15 cubic ft. Right now my 625x2 is monoblocked to the sub. Reeealy deep base.
  7. Also found some nice nickel plated binding posts from parts express
  8. Got the ribbons wired up. I found some military grade silver plated copper wire and some NASA space station silver plated copper wire on ebay, so why not. Also found some gold plated connectors.
  9. Thanks everybody, I haven't even got them wired yet and with my limited experience that alone will take a while...lol. the woofer box is sealed so that will cut back on audio aroma 😄. They will be Tri-amped with a 10" sub.
  10. Started putting together a mini line array since I've had a little window of free time.
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