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  1. The Phase Linear Dual 500 got a new face lift today.
  2. Got the needles bouncing hard on the Lightstar and crystal clear sound with no ear fatigue at 30mins of listening. Even though I had it really turned up it didn't really sound all that loud. Just clean smooth music.
  3. Close up of the cart on a Denon "S" tone arm.
  4. Running through a Denon DP-62L with a Zu Audio modified MC Denon103 cart
  5. Thanks to Nahash I have sweet sounding phono section in my Sunfire vtcc. After a couple bugs quickly worked out by Greg it sounds just supreme, like no other phono preamp I've ever heard. Dead quiet and low surface noise which I've always experienced with other phono pre's.
  6. Sweet setup and that phone is awesome!
  7. Thanks @Dadvw ....hey you make a good point, on more reason to buy more tube amps! Gotta keep the wife happy...😆
  8. Had a little time to play with the open baffle setup. Cherry 180's running the open baffles. 625x2 running the Bozak 12" subs 78hz down low. Having fun. Lightstar preamp do'in work and sounding supreme!
  9. Welcome Charles! And get busy obtaining novice status......We want pics of that system!!!!😁
  10. I have a Denon-103 cartridge. Where do I find info on cartridge loading? Or does anyone know off the top of your head what it needs to be set at. I'm playing with my fresh Nelion recapped Sunfire vtcc with a sweet new Nelion phono board. The options are 22, 47, 150, 470, 47k. I'm going to make a post with pics and give a review coming up soon.
  11. Great looking system! I think the Sunfire series 2 is actually rated at 325x2 or at least some of them were. It is a semi rare amp. I'd like to add one of those to my list someday. Once again Sweet Setup!
  12. MRHP

    Too much?

    Would love to hear them CJ's....just once. They have to sound incredible!
  13. Getting things in place to setup a drive rack and start tuning. Machine shop has me buried right now but once the shop job is complete I'm really looking forward to playing with this system!
  14. I have some DQ-20's that are 1987 model. Had to get new foam surrounds a few years back but other than that they sound like brand new. Also had a 1993 Carver amp recapped last month and 99% of everything was still in spec. Glad to have you here!
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