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  1. I have some DQ-20's that are 1987 model. Had to get new foam surrounds a few years back but other than that they sound like brand new. Also had a 1993 Carver amp recapped last month and 99% of everything was still in spec. Glad to have you here!
  2. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    All these pics are seats equipment. Super nice sounding equipment!
  3. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    @Walrus Gumbootnot that I would boast, and not that everyone is tired of my serial number obsession but here is a fun pic for you....lol
  4. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    There are several CF'ers here, not the biggest crowd but everybody having a good time. The Bobfather decided to opt out this year with the whole Kung Flu thing going on. He will probably be back next year. I'll try to get some system pics and just post them here on my page if thats Okay with everybody.
  5. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    Stick around this website Gumboot, the OCCD will overpower all form or fashion of logical thinking and you will wind up with enough equipment to setup a system in every room of your house...LOL
  6. Note to self: MRHP...clean up your shop! That DIY amp and pre amp are some supreme eye candy. Very nice looking work, VERY NICE!!!
  7. Welcome Max! We love to drool over everyone's system so post up them pics friend!
  8. Me: What kind of system do you have? 1.41: Yes So don't leave us hanging here.....tubes, cables, we need information man!
  9. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    I have those ricked up like firewood...lol So which amp(s) out of my selection would you recommend? I've wondered how the Cherry's would sound on the stat panels. Are they powerful enough?
  10. MRHP

    MrHP product's

    Went all in on some tubes for the 275. E81CC Valvo Siemens pinched waist gold pins and Mullard MC1 E83CC. This combo really sounds great thru the Bozak 302a speakers.
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