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  1. If I recall, what I saw under the microscope, the Spin Clean did excellent. Now that is for new vinyl, which I clean before play and mildly dirty vinyl. I'd still tip to US for the nasty stuff. But that is only my opinion
  2. I have several threads on DIY US cleaners as well as some on different cleaning methods before and after under a microscope. Unable to locate those threads right now bc I am at work. Here is the video of mine in action. Works quite well IMO and with some DIY its pretty cheap to build. I know there are several other DIY versions on this BB
  3. I own a set of LRS, but push them with my TFM-45 without issue at any volume. Although most of my listening is not loud. I am running a Jl sub and they sound wonderful. I've had them about a month and they are breaking in nicely and seem to be happy with the space I've provided them on the rear wall. If I recall it was about a 4 month wait on the LRS I currently have these in addition to Klipsch rp600m pushed by the Carver CF18 tube amp. The efficiency of the Klispch with the CF18 will drown out the LRS low efficiency when both sets are on which I knew would be the case. The 600 are used to fill the space (and small house) where as the LRS are for enjoyable, on the love seat listening. I can push the LRS with the CF18 amp but they are much happier with the power of the 45. Paul
  4. Thank You All! Apologies for being "lMIA" The house has occupied 145% of my time, but happily we are in our home as of Aug 1. The list is still very very long but with less stress to complete. Paul
  5. He can be a bit slow to reply, FYI. Good stuff, I have done quite a bit to my 1200mkII with KAB's stuff.
  6. Have you looked at KAB https://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/ttables.htm
  7. RESPECT. Its what I have tried to instill in my son and how I attempt to deal with everyone. We all have different opinions and mindsets on everything in life and beyond. Just respect that.
  8. Oh I forgot my thick fleece robe
  9. I agree with Ray. I did do the microscope test on the SC and it performed quite well. If I recall correctly almost enough for me to not use the DIY ultrasonic setup. Actually, I clean with the US rig first, then use my SC as a rinse then air dry. My biggest issue currently is static, which will soon improve. Carpet, wool socks and me shuffling my feet added to cold temps can send blue flames out my fingertips. It is now common practice for me to discharge before I touch my equipment LOL
  10. HappyTrails: The trails are my happy place. From trail running, backpacking, mtn biking or just on the trails it is where I love. Add my dog Ashe to the mix and it just doesn't get any better. Inside the ultra trail running or just trail running world (no longer an ultra runner), I'm referred to as The Old Crow. I have long had a fascination with crows and ravens, and you see them in many things in my life. Inside the ultra trail world locally, If you were on an adventure run with me, we got lost in the woods and it exceeded 6 hours you received a hat and became part of the "club". There are 5 in that murder and 3 "chicks" That didn't quite make the 6-hour mark, but close. I'm well known for my lack of direction combined with my general lack of concern in being lost. As I am in my Happy Place
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