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  1. We just tease each other (@kve777) because we can!
  2. Small world... I was in TAC...crew chief on F-106's stationed in Sault Ste Marie Michigan for almost three years...loved the country...hated the 35 below in the winter and then crewed F-104's and F-100's in Nam. Sounds like your dad had it worse than I did. I came back a little banged up, but lost no friends there...on the other hand...look at what I turned into!lol
  3. @Turbo Your dad was in Viet Nam the same year I was. Do you know where he was stationed? I was at Phan Rang...about 40 miles N of Cam'Rom Bay. I got back in Feb 1970 exactly 4 years to the day from when I enlisted.
  4. Same 302 as my 85 Mustang GT except with 32 valves, all aluminum engine with mechanical fuel injection, 320 some odd HP, perfect 50/50 balance, 5 speed manaul and yes...most consider them muscle cars. Model Guide: The 928, Porsche's V8-powered luxury muscle car .. How many years have you been driving?....how does that work out?.... a car a week? Wow... the paperwork alone would have done me in years ago!
  5. When we were filming "the Green Hornet" we had a new Charger with a hemi and auto trans and a Challenger with a 383 I believe and a 5 speed. The hemi was a bruiser and lightning fast, but the Challenger was more fun to drive...had a a Flowmaster exhaust system on it and sounded really nasty. The stunt driver drove the heck out of it and it went through a set of tires weekly! I loved that car! We also had a modified Lincoln with pop out guns just like those pictured above, but they actually popped out of the doors and fired propane guns that shot fire out of them and sounded exactly like
  6. That's a heck of a success story! 300 HP isn't hard to get out of these...they have 250 stock. I've seen some that were over 600hp, but they're not daily drivers. I never did much to mine....headers, exhaust system...( Ga doesn't require smog checks in my county so no cat converter) and I had a chip replacement. It already handled like it was on rails. I purchased a V-tec controller that allows you to have the V-tec cut in at any RPM, but never installed it. It seems fine at the 6500 rpm the factory has. I considered a supercharger for it when I first purchased it, but I'm at an age now where
  7. I've owned muscle cars ever since I could drive. It started with a 58 Chevy convertible with a tri power 348 in it.. loved that car! I've owned 11 Corvettes..none newer than 1969 454 swap and a tri power 67 with the 427 in it...the rest were from 56 to 64 all with hopped up small blocks....then a 6 pack Cuda, Sunbeam Tiger, 240Z with a Chevy 383 stroker in it, Jag XJ6 with another 383 in it, 928 Porsche with aluminum V-8...and a few others that don't come to mind right now. I ended up with a repo Cobra with a Dart Iron Eagle 351W block bored and stroked to 446 cu in, twisted wedge raised port
  8. Too late now... I should have started drinking 30 years ago!
  9. That seems to be the case lately, but I did see one auction for a beautiful Heathkit EL34 tube power amp that had the original Mullard tubes in it. It was listed at a $250 starting bid. I wrote to the guy and offered him $750 for it and he said he'd rather wait and see how the auction went. He was extremely lucky though...he had a Fleabay "newbie" bidding on the unit.... 5 or more times a day! I thought it was a shill bidder at the time, but I guess not. In any case every time anyone would bid on it this "1 feedback" newbie would come in and up the bid. It had 85 bids on it by the time it had
  10. Wow...your service must really be bad! I have a paltry 6mbs here...the fastest I can get out in the sticks, but even with that I am able to stream 720 easily and in some cases 1080. What I can't stream I can simply download as long as I use a VPN when doing it. Fubo gives me 600 hours of recording with their channels, no VPN needed....the others I can download with the VPN to my Nvidia since it has a 500gb hard drive built in.. I think your Roku has a USB port that will take a stick for downloading.
  11. I've had both services and down by a lake in the woods I only had one small spot in the middle of my tiny yard that would give me service....and yes...every time it would rain or have the wind blowing I would lose service. I finally gave up....said "screw it" and dropped the service. I went to streaming via internet with a Nvidia Shield and Fubo TV service for less than 1/2 the price of either sat service. I also loaded the unit with a number of apps that give me free movies or TV shows and can watch virtually anything for free with them. With Fubo I can watch a couple of hundred channels live
  12. Wow!!! I've been napping most of the day and just woke up to this! Thank you.... What a fantastic father's day gift and great Karma!! This will be a new "wear watch"!
  13. Now a mechanical watch is a different story! Can you put me in for 16:35 please? ( watch photo already posted...)
  14. I'm definitely a watch guy.....been repairing railroad grade pocket watches and mechanical wristwatches for many years. I still have over 20 high end pocket watches and several RR wristwatches in the collection. That's a beautiful watch, but quite possibly way to large for a small boned guy like myself. It's a fantastic karma though and very generous of you to offer it! You said no Mickey Mouse watches...... Circa 1934 and still running!
  15. Thank you guys so much for the kind wishes. I still have a few leg issues, but am doing well and "hunkered" down at present. Thank goodness for android TV boxes with free streaming movies and TV shows!!
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