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  1. Thank you guys so much for the kind wishes. I still have a few leg issues, but am doing well and "hunkered" down at present. Thank goodness for android TV boxes with free streaming movies and TV shows!!
  2. All mine generally showed my GF's butt!! ( but it looked just as good both ways.... cheeks were always equal...) BTW... You can take two mirrors touching each other and hold them at the proper angle to make just one image and actually see what others see when looking at us....ie..they then produce a corrected and inverted image of what is in front of the mirrors. Try it...very interesting and fun to do!
  3. They don't flip as we know it... Look at you left hand and then look at it in the mirror. It is still on the left side. What the mirror does is to invert the image front to rear. That is...if we saw the front side of the mirror...( opposite what we are looking at) we would see exactly as things are, but we're not looking at that. We're looking at the back side of that image and therefore the image is reversed...front to rear...not left to right. We're seeing the inverted image, not the reversed image. Make sense? That's the best way that I can explain it. Here's the explanation from Quora: COMMON MISTAKE: MIRRORS DO NOT SWAP LEFT AND RIGHT. This is going to seem like an odd answer - but the fact is that a mirror DOES NOT swap left and right. Yeah, yeah, yeah - you’re wanting to tell me that I’m wrong…OK - well let’s do a couple of “thought experiments” (or you can do them for real). THOUGHT EXPERIMENT #1: Let’s imagine you wear a wrist watch. Let’s all stop calling our hands “Right” and “Left” but instead call them “Watch-hand” and “No-watch-hand”. Now - if you wear a watch on your right wrist - and stand in front of a mirror - then watch-hand is on the right side for both you AND your mirror image. No-watch-hand is on your left - and it’s on the left side of the mirror. See - it’s NOT reversed. Now - before you rush to the comments section to complain… THOUGHT EXPERIMENT #2: We’re going to stop calling “top” and “bottom” by those names too - we’re going to call them “shoes” and “no-shoes” (aka ‘head’). No-shoes is at the top for both you and your mirror image - and shoes is at the bottom for both you and your image. NOTHING WAS SWAPPED!! Watch and no-watch - along with shoes and no-shoes - all behave identically. The position of each object is the same for both you and your reflection. So there REALLY is nothing different about how a mirror reflects vertically and sideways! Whatever is at the top remains at the top - and whatever is on the right remains on the right. ANOTHER WAY TO THINK ABOUT IT: If you’re still not convinced - another way to convince yourself of this is to lay down horizontally in front of the mirror - your feet and head don’t seem to be swapped - even though head is on the left and feet are on the right. If a friend stands normally behind you then you are convinced that the mirror is no longer flipping left and right - but your friend says that it is. This “flip” is a purely mental thing. HOWEVER THERE IS A FLIP - IT’S JUST NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS: The mirror DOES make one flip…it flips front-to back. So if you’re facing North - then your mirror image is facing South. It’s the front-to-back flip that causes our disorientation…in effect it’s like it’s turning us inside out. We don’t ever see front-back flips in the real world - so it confuses us. We imagine our mirror image self simply turned around though 180 degrees - and that’s incorrect. But our assumption is that this is the only possible way for the front/back reversal to have happened because solid objects in the real world can only be rotated 180 - they can’t be turned inside out like that. CONCLUSION: Mirrors DO NOT flip left/right. They flip front-back. This seems to be a weird way of thinking about it - but it’s undeniably true. Sorry....didn't see that you had answered it as well as ask.
  4. I doubt that this is an issue in a crossover.... especially with lower resistance resistors. The inductance issue is generally only evident in higher values where more turns are on the resistor.
  5. I would keep the sand cast resistors. They dissipate heat better than film resistors. They are also wirewound resistors which I read- http://www.aikenamps.com/index.php/resistor-types-does-it-matter -are the most linear for audio use. I doubt that you'd hear any improvement with others. The repair looks easy. I would not resolder the board to the original tabs....rather use a braided copper conductor...much like what is used in solder wick or the wires going to the voice coil of many speakers. It's very flexible and won't come loose with vibration in the future. Find a way to mount the board without using the tabs..(possibly small brackets expoxied to the board and mounting spot....I'm sure there are numerous ways to do it) and then solder the braid to the existing tabs and the board without directly soldering the tabs back to the board. That way they are free to move slightly without breaking again. I've had to do this several times on different occasions and it worked out quite well every time I have done it. I'm sure you can handle it yourself!
  6. I've been considering selling all of them for years. I've had them for more than 15 years. I got them in a rental locker sale that was abandoned by a film producer who had just gone through a divorce and his ex failed to tell him when the rental was due. I got thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the locker and owned an eBay consignment store at the time. I purchased it all to sell from the store. I kept the video discs though. He had quite a collection of cartoon discs, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, many hard to find B grade horror movies and all of them had been played just once. ( I met the guy later as I began selling the stuff and he purchased all that was remaining to get it back and even though I had only paid a small amount for the locker and offered it back to him for what I paid he insisted that I take 10 times what I paid for it for me returning it to him). He was one of the main cartoonist on Roger Rabbit and had his own show called "Eek the Cat" or something like that. He told me to keep the discs....they had all just been played one time only and then stored away. In the past year I've sold 4 or 5 of them and received up to $80 per disc for some of them. Many are rare and hard to find...others are parts of pretty complete collections. I also have a black rubber rat signed by Ann Rice! My daughter also has a big box full of cartoon cells that he had collected and saved from his work. Anyway... I was going to sell them all for about $1-$2 per disc to anyone who wanted all of them and I think anyone getting them could easily sell them for 5-10 times that amount if sold individually. They'd make one heck of a collection. It also includes music video discs although I sold the Beatles Anthology and a few others. I never realized that the sound on a laser disc is analogue and needs no dac to sound great! I have the Isle of Wight festival from 1970 among some of them... The Doors and others as well. There are some of almost everything included, but most are ones that are slightly harder to find than you mostly see on fleabay. I had them shipped tome when I moved back here and media mail sends them for $29 a box that weighs 75 lbs. I have three or four full shipping boxes of them! I also have a disc player that has one large tray with a smaller tray built into the larger one....plays both laser discs and DVDs. Haven't used it in years, but aside from probably needing new belts at this point it was working great when I stored it away almost 10 years ago.
  7. Beautiful setup!!! I still have those 400 new laserdiscs sitting here waiting for you!lol
  8. What a great deal... put me in at 9 please!
  9. Interested in the 12" Solitare Sub... PM sent.
  10. All and any rap, hip hop, heavy metal, ultra modern progressive jazz....and oh yes...Taylor Swift! ( Gosh, I'm picky!)
  11. If Kevin doesn't want it I would take it. Zippo lighter fluid also removes marker quite well and easily. I have a clean top unsigned here that I was going to take to the fest this year. Although tooth paste does work it also has a slight abrasive to it.
  12. Sorry... The custom cables are back ordered right now. I hope to have more soon! You have to be careful to interweave them exactly as shown to get the best results from them though!
  13. Not all items that have outward bad appearances have been mistreated. JG and I just picked up a Mac Mc-240 yesterday from a really old guy who has been saving a rack of vintage McIntosh and other gear for years. His health is failing and he had a neighbor selling some of his equipment. He's been storing all of it in climate controlled conditions since he purchased it long, long ago. The outward appearance of this amp is bad to say the least, but almost all older Macs have pitted chrome chassis regardless of how they were cared for and after examining the flawless and unmolested underside and carefully measuring many of the caps and resistors we discovered them all to be in excellent condition and well within tolerance. It also sported a matched quad of black plate RCA 6L6GC power tubes and all original Telefunken 12AX7's and 12AU7's...only the 12BH7's were not Tele's, but I don't recall that they ever made them. These were USA tubes though and matching. After lugging it home and slowly resurrecting it with a variac it proved to be an incredible sounding amp. I've owned several of these in the past and according to Mac followers the 3 best sounding amps Mac ever produced were the MC30 monoblocks, the MC-225 and the MC-240. This one is no exception. I'd forgotten over the years just how great these sound! It's ugly, but if I ever want to really get crazy with it I can jack it up and change out the chassis for a new one! Another case of "no sub needed" with this and the Altec 19's! I still miss my Mk4 MC275, but in all honesty this one sounds better despite having a much lower output. If your speakers are high efficiency then the old faithful 6L6 is still a great tube! I'll post photos of the ultra clean wiring and bottom later.... ( I'm still listening too much to tear it down to photograph!) ( notice my exotic high end speaker leads!)
  14. I grew up with my dad in public relations and advertising. One of the things I remember most from him helping me with any kind of public speaking was that rather than saying "um" or "ah" when you were giving a presentation or even just speaking with someone was not say anything at that point until you knew what came next.....simply pause for a moment. Not only does it sound more professional than a lot of "ahhs" and "ums"....it demonstrates that you are actually thinking about what you are saying and makes you appear more thoughtful with your speech or presentation than having to interject meaningless words for lack of the next correct ones. PS... My daughter went through the "like" stage in high school for a year or so. She's now a PHD, voted "Educator of the year" for the state of Washington last year and a professor at Seattle university. She gives presentations all around the country and some worldwide. The "like" thing disappeared years ago! Did I "browbeat" her about it?...absolutely, with little effect, but it just faded away on it's own after a while.
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