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  1. Well, thanks @pindrop. I certainly am a hoarder. It’s good to be in supportive company. I’d include a photo of my room full of broken gear and unused stuff but it’s embarrassing, even here. Cheers J
  2. Thanks, everyone. Looking forward to exploring the site.
  3. Grand Royal Sampler cassette. Starts off with brilliant Liquid Liquid track.
  4. Thanks for the offer @pindrop, but I hope to get the amps freshened up some day. The dream was to put them in a quad system with my Pioneer QC-800 preamp and Klipsch Cornwalls. Some day...
  5. Howdy. I’ve enjoyed Carver gear for a while, and a couple M-0.5t amps helped start a larger journey into audio gear 20 years ago. I have a Phase Linear 1000, two Carver M-0.5t, a MXR-130 and a CT-30x preamplifier/tuner. Unfortunately, the 0.5s both have strong hums so I don’t use them. I’ve never tried the 1000 but hope to put it in a system someday. The CT-30x is new to me and waiting for a turn. The receiver I use everyday with a pair of JBL L-100 Century listening to cassettes, 8 tracks or the iPod on my basement rig. It sounds strong and musical. Love it. I also have three NAD 925THX amps. I’m sure most here know they are Carver AV-705x with a toroidal transformer and were built and supported by Carver. In fact mine have back and top covers from 505/705 and the fronts are from AV-505x. They are partially assembled but I’m excited to get them rolling soon. Anyway I have lots of gear in various states of repair and love listening to all kinds of music on whatever assemblage of hardware happens to be working that day. Glad to be here. J
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