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  1. This is a great idea -- I'm always looking for new material ---I would like to nominate a CD from Telarc called "California Project". The recording was done back in 85 and is one of the cleanest, most dynamic and well engineered I've encountered. It's not the original artists, and is the popular tunes of the Beach Boys re-recorded using the latest digital equipment available in 1985. It's been around a long time, and maybe most of you own it already, but if you don't, it's worth checking out.. https://www.discogs.com/Papa-Doo-Run-Run-California-Project/release/3018888 ---Its difficult to pick a song or passage that stands out. All the cuts are great, but my favorites are tracks 6, 7, 10 and 12.... You'll recognize these great tunes, which makes if fun to demo your system to friends. The musicians do a tremendous job replicating the originals. There's great punch in the bass, and the voices seem to penetrate right through you. It also really shows off the Carver sonic hologram feature. I have a few other CD's I'll recommend in another post... That's my two-cents worth.
  2. WOW Thanks to all of you for the kind welcomes! It looks like I found a great place to hang out.... Dennis47 was asking what JBL's I have... Well, I still own a pair of L110's and a pair of 4301's I purchased new back in 1978. Since then, I've added another pair of L110's, a pair of 4312 studio monitors, some L88's (I believe), a pair of L100's. another pair of 4301b's (in work) and a pair of L16's --- so nothing huge (Yet) ... I have a Thorens TD-125 to spin my vinyl, with a Shure SME tomearm and Ortofon cartridge. All pretty vintage stuff from the 70's mostly. I have a same age Nikko pre-amp which drives my Carver 1.5t amp. So that's it in a nutshell. Nothing exotic, but it all works for me! I use a Monster speaker switch to allow me to enjoy four of my sets of speakers in one room. I'd really love to find a deal on a pair of something like some L300's or possibly some 4333's, 4343's or something bigger. to add to my collection. I did find locally a pair of 4645C subwoofers in great shape that came out of a theater. I use one for a table, and the other in the back of my theater/listening room. That's what I use the PM700 for-- Just to drive it when watching movies....Well - That's it in a nutshell...Thanks to all for the welcome, and I'm looking forward to chatting with lots of you!
  3. I've owned Carver amps since the 80's and collected a few used ones over the years. I'm still impressed with the performance and value for the dollar. I'm also a vintage JBL fixer-upper and somewhat of a collector. The combination of Carver and JBL has kept me listening for most of my life. I think they're a great combination. I like to tinker fixing the old gear, having an electronics background. I've been doing it as a hobby and semi-professionally for over 40 years.... ( I'm revealing my age) :-) I've never been part of a forum of any kind, so this is new to me. I thought it would be fun to communicate with some other Carver enthusiasts, and share some expertise. As far as Carver equipment goes that I own, it's mostly amplifiers... I bought an M400t brand new back in about 1985 and a sonic hologram unit. since then, i've also bought used another M400, M1.5, and a PM700 for my theater room. I also own a Carver receiver that I don't know the model of... Funny.. anyway, I built a pretty cool listening room/theater in my basement a couple years ago and now totally enjoy listening to my old vinyl on my vintage setup. I really enjoy seeing pictures of some of your listening setups, and would like to post some pictures of mine sometime. Anyways, it would be great to hear from some of you sometime. Thanks for reading my post.
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