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  1. Warm welcome from warm, er.....SoCal! If you're into this "thing of ours", there's no better place to be. But beware: if you haven't seen it on CNN, there's a site-grown malaise called the OCCD virus that is much more virulent than that less contagious -19. In fact, the CDC and Dr Fauci have raised the white flag and accepted defeat-no vaccine in sight for at least 100 years. Makes your immune system totally ineffective against enablers like kve777, Daddyjt, Sk1Bum, and other hopeless carriers. No economic stimulus will help maintain peace with the wife, either. ***** Breaking News ***** The CDC just announced that the OCCD virus actually helps prolong life, if you're lucky to make it past your wife.
  2. Really??? Wow, this is awesome! The last time I won something, I think I was in 4th grade, lol! Thanks for the very nice karma, Charlie. And thanks to all of you gents for your gracious congratulations! All suggestions on how to use it are welcome, lol!
  3. In with 89, please. Very nice karma, Charlie.
  4. In with 10, 16, 22, 25, and 27, please. Thanks for the chance to own my first receiver, Kevin.
  5. I never win at anything but I'm pig-headed so count me in with 22. Thanks for the chance to replace my Canon A95, Charlie.
  6. Prayers for your son, for you and your family, Charlie. Miracles happen. Let us all pray for one.
  7. Was it Mr. Jimmy, Greg? Those guys are fantastic! I haven't heard them live but watching their You Tube videos will tell you why the original Jimmy is a fan himself. And their frontman has Robert's range and voice quality. Since they try to, and are capable of playing the songs note for note like the original, they indeed would make you think they're better than the Zep. To be fair, the latter as far as I could tell,, didn't really play their songs live as they recorded them.
  8. In with 96, please. Thanks for the awesome karma, Charlie.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Many more to come, Charlie.
  10. Thanks a lot, bros! It feels great to be remembered and I truly appreciate your taking the time.
  11. Thank you very much, brothers, I really appreciate it. I'm still out of the country and I can't wait to get back to the States to check out the Snell Type A-ll's that Kev the Great Enabler pointed my radar to. And I miss my Carver gear very much! Special thank you to Charlie for starting the ball rolling.
  12. In with 49, please. Definitely a streaming neophyte here in for the experience. Thank you for the opportunity, RodH.
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