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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Many more to come, Charlie.
  2. Thanks a lot, bros! It feels great to be remembered and I truly appreciate your taking the time.
  3. Thank you very much, brothers, I really appreciate it. I'm still out of the country and I can't wait to get back to the States to check out the Snell Type A-ll's that Kev the Great Enabler pointed my radar to. And I miss my Carver gear very much! Special thank you to Charlie for starting the ball rolling.
  4. In with 49, please. Definitely a streaming neophyte here in for the experience. Thank you for the opportunity, RodH.
  5. Congrats, Carter! It will be awesome when you don't have to set up your alarm clock before you go to bed, lol!
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS!!! Wishing every one immunity to hearing loss, renewed drive and vigor in amassing more totally unnecessary but must-have Carver equipment, and last but not least, may OCCD be with your wives/partners (some of you, anyway)!
  8. A.J., I have a champagne C-4000 and from what I could tell from the picture, I would say the C-500 looks closest to it so it could be a "champagne". I say "could", not "must" as I can't be absolutely sure absent an actual comparison. It possibly could be a bit darker variant of champagne. I don't know the answers to questions 1 & 3 but I know Mr. Z does.
  9. It's been a steady progression in sound quality of recordings of the same old, and occasional newer music, that I listen to. From the lp to the cd to some remastered and sacd versions. Unfortunately, a remaster does not necessarily sound better occasionally. Just bought The Doors' debut album. It sounds harsh to me. But for the most part, my remastered purchases were well worth it.Take for instance my small Fab Four collection. Bought all their lp's when I came to the States and later bought the MoFi boxed collection that mostly remained boxed as the cd soon took over. Excitedly bought the first Beatles cd's on the first day of release and immediately returned them as they were in mono! Bought all cd's when later released in stereo. A few years ago, the remastered boxed collection came out and I of course didn't think twice and pre-ordered it from Amazon. And now, the re-mixes starting with Pepper. Bought the cd of course and love most of the resulting change which I was wishing for years ago. Eagerly awaiting to willingly spend part of my pension for the rest of EMI's remixed gold mine. A holographic version will be the ultimate re-hash and if I'm still around, I'll gladly contribute to EMI's and the Beatles' pot. Yet again. While I'm at this, please allow me to speak my mind further. Aside from a couple of their post Terry Kath lp's, I never bothered with Chicago's music other than the greatest hits. So it's a great pleasure to acquire their Quadio surround boxed set and hear for the first time their early releases. The multi-channel cd's sound, in a word, amazing to these ears. If you're a Chicago fan, IMHO, it's the best bang for the buck available as far as sound quality is concerned. It breaks my heart that the guitar wiz who made those unique but now very familiar wah-wah driven licks left this world at such a young age. So there you go-it's for the increase in sound quality of the same music that I've been listening to since my teens that I mostly spend my dispensable money on. I rarely buy cd's of artists whose music I'm not familiar with and when I do, it's because of their superb sound quality as per feedbacks on Amazon and occasionally, what site members listen to.
  10. This is an easy one....DIGITAL. Vinyl surface had always bothered me (it still does) that trips to Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. to exchange noisy lp's were a regular part of life... until '83. I still have my Sony CDP-302, which was preceded by one whose model number now escapes me. Have since jumped to the oppo bandwagon with the 971, 981, and 83SE, all purchased well beyond their expiry dates. Went through a platoon of portables I listened to at work until I bought a couple of Creative Lab Nomad Zen Xtra mp3 players for the convenience. Haah, no more bagful of cd's to carry around. Got an Audio Technica USB/TT just for the heck of it but vinyl is definitely now just for the nostalgia. Those were the days, my friends....
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