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  1. In 1970, I came here with my father to visit my sister in San Francisco and bought myself a Panasonic RE-7800 AM/FM/8-Track Multiplex receiver as pictured below. Enjoyed listening to Santana's first two lp's, CSN&Y's Deja Vu, lots of Temptations and Simon & Garfunkel, all transferred to 8-track tapes at a neighborhood record shop for a small fee. Had fun with it for a few years in my little apartment. When I migrated permanently to the U.S. in '76, I bought a real system as soon as I found a job-McIntosh MX113, Mc MC2105, B & O Beogram 4200 TT, JBL L-166. Still have it. Don't know whatever happened to the poor Panasonic.
  2. The Beatles. July 4, 1966, Manila, Philippines
  3. Aja is one of my all-time favorite album and have been listening to its seven-odd tracks at least once week since '78 when I first heard it on my brod-in-law's system. Still have my vinyl, regular cd, and a remastered cd. I can't imagine how the sound could be improved any further given its already excellent sound but if prices of ultra-hi def versions become more affordable, I won't hesitate to go for one. It has become to me like The Beatles' Rubber Soul where I already could hear in my mind the first notes of the next track. You folks know what I mean. Steve Gadd's short pause on the drums highlight of "Aja" track is one good example of what Kev calls negative space where all players stop playing for a sec and then continue playing. Shows who's in control of the tempo and adds a little drama to that section of the song. Same with Jim Keltner's pauses on "Josie". I love all the songs but I seem to listen closer every time with " I Got The News". I don't know the proper description for them but I just love Victor Feldman's occasional piano embellishments. Kind of out of tune but not exactly. The sound quality is up there with the best of them as is the playing by numerous studio players most of whom have continued or proceeded to make high quality music on their own. Personally, Two Against Nature, a follow-up album after like twenty years is not on par with Aja's easy to hum-along melodies of the songs and hardly see action on my systems. I often wonder how the album would sound if it were recorded with today's technology but with everything else exactly the same. There goes my non-technical appreciation of Aja, Kev and don't start me with Rush's Moving Pictures.
  4. Happy Birthday, Kev. Wishing you many more years of audio nirvana. Have a great day!
  5. 🧨 ✨ 🎆🎇 🎄 ✨ 🎄✨ 🍹🍸 HAPPY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!🥂
  6. Welcome to the Carver site, kababayan! Good to know a fellow Pinoy Carver fan. It would be nice to have more Pinoys who enjoy this wonderful hobby hanging out in this fun site. Do you have your gear running on 110v. with a stepdown transformer? I have my system there hooked on a 3K Watts Meiji AVR , an over-kill but better safe than sorry. I'll probably take my M1.5t with me when it's safe to visit again. As you probably have found out already, there's a lot of info on your amps in the site. Lots of nice and knowledgeable folks, too. Enjoy but let me forewarn you of this highly contagious virus in the site called OCCD. No vaccine and not deadly but hard to control.
  8. Thank you very much, my dear friends! I've been celebrating the day looking for some gremlin on my BillD C1 mod, lol! Been getting plenty of clues from the maestro himself - Wayne(wrf). Gain jumps when SH button is pressed. Thanks for all the good wishes!
  9. Warm welcome from warm, er.....SoCal! If you're into this "thing of ours", there's no better place to be. But beware: if you haven't seen it on CNN, there's a site-grown malaise called the OCCD virus that is much more virulent than that less contagious -19. In fact, the CDC and Dr Fauci have raised the white flag and accepted defeat-no vaccine in sight for at least 100 years. Makes your immune system totally ineffective against enablers like kve777, Daddyjt, Sk1Bum, and other hopeless carriers. No economic stimulus will help maintain peace with the wife, either. ***** Breaking News ***** The CDC just announced that the OCCD virus actually helps prolong life, if you're lucky to make it past your wife.
  10. Was it Mr. Jimmy, Greg? Those guys are fantastic! I haven't heard them live but watching their You Tube videos will tell you why the original Jimmy is a fan himself. And their frontman has Robert's range and voice quality. Since they try to, and are capable of playing the songs note for note like the original, they indeed would make you think they're better than the Zep. To be fair, the latter as far as I could tell,, didn't really play their songs live as they recorded them.
  11. Congrats, Carter! It will be awesome when you don't have to set up your alarm clock before you go to bed, lol!
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS!!! Wishing every one immunity to hearing loss, renewed drive and vigor in amassing more totally unnecessary but must-have Carver equipment, and last but not least, may OCCD be with your wives/partners (some of you, anyway)!
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