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  1. We are spared sir from the Flood. . .barely. . . a big sigh of relief. . . but sad for the situation of other which bear the brunt of the flood water. . .
  2. yes sir . . it is a permanent fixture in my sala. . and moving it is out of my capability. . i have to think of securing it not to get wet is my utmost priority now. . . hoping no big typhoon will come again soon. . . it is really traumatic to think about it. . . to bad Philippines is in the typhoon belt. . .and my location is flood prone area just got really lucky that we are spared of flooding. . . where most of the province in the path of recent typhoon was submerged in rooftop flood. . .
  3. Cannot carry the Sub/Base cabinet sir. . .it is made of Marble. . .its more than 100 lbs. each. . so i just cover it with thick plastic and duct tape, the port and speaker terminal. . . once i was away from home. . flood came. . . submerge my speakers and audio equipment. . . a big disappointment . . stop setting up a stereo system for 5 or more years just this covid lock down that i have time and courage to put it all together again. . . now rainy/typhoon season up. . . it is traumatizing . . too bad i live in flood prone area. . .
  4. Ready for evacuation. . . Speaker taped up(Hoping It will held-up if there is flood) . . . Amp, Preamp and Equalizer to the attic. . . 5th storm to hit Philippines in a month. . .
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