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About Me

Digital sources: Oppo BDP83SE, Oppo BDP83SE NuForce Edition, Oppo HV-970HD, Oppo HV-981HD, Onkyo C-S5VL, Pioneer PDR-W739 CD Recorder

Analog sources: Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4002 TT, Audio-Technica LP-120USB TT

Preamps: Carver C-1(BillD & WRF mods implemented by yourstruly)x2, Sunfire TGP IV, Audio Research SP-6, Carver C-4000

Preamp/tuners: McIntosh MX113, Carver CT-3

Amplifiers: Sunfire 300x2, Sunfire 200x5, Carver M-4.0t, Carver TFM-45, Carver M-1.5t, Carver M-1.ot(x2), Carver PM-1.5, Crown PSA-2D, Rotel RB 1080, McIntosh MC 2105, Audiosource Amp One/A(x2, recapped by yourstruly), Adcom GFA 7400

Processors: C-9(x2, mods by yt), Behringer DEQ2496, Hughes AK100, Rane GE60, Behringer FBQ6200, dbx 10/20, SAE PE2800, BBE 482i, BBE 462, Aphex 204, dbx 4bx, dbx 3bx-ds(x2), dbx 120x-ds(x2), dbx snr-1, Musical Fidelity X10-D clone

Active XO's/RTA: Ashly XR1001, Rane AC22B; RTA: Rane RA27

Speakers: Carver AL-III+es, Dahlquist DQ-10's(2 pairs), Dahlquist DQ-30i's, Vandersteen 2CE Signatures, JBL L-166's, Pioneer SP-BS22-LR's, Spica TC-50's, DCM TF-400's, Magnepan MG-II Improved's, Old Large Advents, ESS AMT-Tower l's, Snell Type A-ll's

Subwoofers: Sunfire TSW MKII, Dahlquist DQ-1W, a/d/s PB-1500/C-1500, Sunfire Super Junior SW, Carver Knight Shadow(recapped by yours truly), Outlaw LFM-l EX

Surge protectors: Tripp-Lite 12-outlet Isobar, Adcom ACE515, Monster Cable HTC3500(for processors/sources only)

I/C's & cables: Monoprice, Steren, & Canare Star Quad 4s11 bi-wire

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