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  1. I could write about the erosion of the English language full-time, but it's no use. Those who are heard in the media are no longer properly educated, and they just copy each other's mistakes. It seems that their editors don't know or don't care, and now a whole generation copies their sort of garbage, schoolteachers included. Therefore, we are treated (on a daily basis) to sentences such as, "A force of 500 soldiers were sent to quell the uprising". It has reached the point that if you say it correctly, someone will 'correct' you. The misuse of the word 'probable' is rampant, and hilarious ("The police have arrested a probable suspect"). Another example of a favorite is phrase is "multiple persons were injured" (still waiting to see a picture of a 'multiple person'). Every answer or comment now seems to require that it be prefaced by the meaningless word "So...' And every problem now has become an "issue". SO, I've reached the point where I like hope they all like die without issue, know'm sayn'? RobertR
  2. While you all are fiddling with appellations, does anybody remember what the definition of an Audiophobe was, in The $ensible Sound? T$S is now defunct, but I suspect that many 'phobes live on...
  3. News reporting has long since become a corporate money maker, at a number of levels. They used to see us as citizens; now we are treated as consumers. Even PBS takes corporate money now, after their public funding was cut off in the 80's. There are a few non-corporate, non-profit news outlets, but you have to seek them out; their coverage is limited, and largely ignored. That's the way the 1% wants it, and they hardly ever fail to get what they want. RR
  4. Hi Bill, I don't have a TFM-15 for parts - I use mine on a bi-amped system in a very small room, and it works great. Recapped it a couple of years ago - easy job, few caps. Anyhow, both my meters are no good - they sat in a humid environment for a few years, and now they stick - one a lot worse than the other. Is that what's going on with yours? You can always switch them (or their wires) to assure that the amp is providing the proper output to each meter. What I'm suggesting is that a replacement meter might not be the final answer, if my experience is typical. At some point I will try to free mine up, and maybe lubricate them with a microdrop of the right oil. if I learn that it's possible I'll try to describe the procedure. RobertR
  5. You can still get new CF speakers, not kits but assembled and tested, from James Sauter, but they wouldn't be $500 - probably twice that. RR
  6. By "Carver speakers" do you mean Amazings, or Carverfest speakers? RR
  7. I always specify no peanuts/popcorn. Even if the amp survives the trip, the tiniest bits of that crap get everywhere; a real mess. And they certainly can't do those meter movements any good.
  8. Ray - Have you tried them about half that far apart, but with SH? Huge! RobertR
  9. Have a CT-17 in my scrap heap, but the button is gone - guess you''re not the first to wear one out. Can always turn it on via the remote control, of course.
  10. What constitutes a personal attack can depend largely on one's personal point of view. This reminds me of several scenes in the Godfather trilogy, where they machine gun or garrotte somebody, and then always say “It's just business. Nothing personal.'' For the guy who gets whacked, however much he deserved it, it's very personal. So, maybe the original post amounts to a personal attack, even if the intent was, as I'm sure, to inform and alert members about a longstanding situation that not everybody here now knows about. But maybe a bit of personal attack was just what was called for in this situation. Nobody made the guy do shoddy work, buy cheap parts, try to profit off the innovation of others, not correct failures... Decorum becomes excessive when it suppresses historical reality. RobertR
  11. Yeah, Trav - the directions I wrote were useless for those plugs, as the writing was done before I ever saw the plugs. The key solution was to use the smaller alternate plug, the one that was included but not already in place. Even that one was a damn tight fit, but once done they worked very well. They proved how well when they managed to conduct enough wattage to melt the drivers in the famous suicide test at Cabin 7... RR
  12. When shown the M-1.0t MkII, Bob was only interested in the details of the mod - what was done, how much power was gained, how reliable it had proved to be, etc. He had nothing negative to say about it, and not the slightest thought of infringement. And Bob is a guy who has suffered a lot of infringement, and sued a few people about it. RR
  13. Interested, if I can scrape up the dough by Fest time. You didn't happen to save the little xlr plugs, did you? RobertR
  14. Looks like a lot of fun, but what the WAF factor?
  15. My favorite way to do fuses is to solder in a 'pigtail' type. Not convenient to change, and they cost more, but no question about contact. And in normal use I don't think I've blown more than a couple of fuses in almost 60 years. Well, except when working on something that's already ailing - then I solder in a little fuseholder and use the everyday fuses, until the danger is past. RR
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